Nina 2016
The Last Laugh
  • The Last Laugh (2016)
  • Documentary
  • Feature documentary about humor and the Holocaust, examining whether it is ever acceptable to use humor in connection with a tragedy of that scale, and the implications for other seemingly off-limits topics in a society that prizes free speech.
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The Last Laugh 2016
  • Adulterers (2016)
  • Drama Thriller Crime
  • A man who returns home to find his wife cheating on him on their anniversary. He holds her and her naked and humiliated lover captive at gunpoint while he decides whether or not he's going to kill them. The story, inspired by true events, takes place over one day and is set in New Orleans during a stifling heat wave.
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Adulterers 2016
#Lucky Number
  • #Lucky Number (2015)
  • Comedy
  • Made for TV movie based on a true story, an aspiring New York City sportscaster's life is on the slow track until he serendipitously gets the old cell phone number of a basketball superstar. Will the number be his ticket to success or a path to destruction?
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#Lucky Number 2015
Breaking a Monster
  • Breaking a Monster (2015)
  • Documentary
  • Breaking a Monster begins as the band members of Unlocking The Truth are all in 7th grade, spending their weekends playing metal music in Times Square - often to substantial crowds. They take on a 70-year-old industry veteran manager. With his guidance they are soon on their way to a $1.8M record deal with Sony Music. Anything feels possible, and the eyes of the world are upon them. The boys are coming of age, not only as they become professional musicians, but also as they transcend childhood and step into adulthood. The sudden breakout of any band, let alone one of pre-teens, is an extremely narrow and specific period in time - Breaking a Monster is the story of this rapid transformation
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Breaking a Monster 2015
Teeth and Blood
  • Teeth and Blood (2015)
  • Horror
  • A beautiful diva is murdered on the set of horror director Vincent Augustine's latest film "Chapel Blood." Somewhere between the crime scene and the coroner's van, the body mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, the city's supply of donated blood is being dangerously depleted. Suspecting a connection between the events, detectives Mike Hung and Sasha Colfax go undercover at the studio to investigate. Their attempt to crack the case quickly turns into a desperate battle for survival when they uncover an age-old war between rival vampire covens that threatens to consume humanity in a final, grisly assault of Teeth and Blood!
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Teeth and Blood 2015
Club Dead
  • Club Dead (2015)
  • Horror
  • After many a nights of failed attempts, a group of friends obsessed with Hollywood's hottest night spot finally make it in with the help of their new friend Judy. The hot music, beautiful people and open bar lead the gang to believe this will be the best night of their lives. But, it doesn't take long until they discover that Club Dead has a dark secret- it's run by the undead and those that get in aren't meant to come out "alive"! Judy discovers why she was chosen- Madame has a unique destiny in mind for the pure young beauty. When Judy and her friends discover the truth, chaos ensues as the group is desperate to find a way out of... Club Dead.
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Club Dead 2015
  • Curveball (2015)
  • Drama
  • Smart, popular and star pitcher of his high school team, Nolan tries to put his troubled childhood behind him with the help of the two things he could always depend on: his love of baseball and his best friend, Sam
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Curveball 2015
The Sin Seer
  • The Sin Seer (2015)
  • Drama Thriller
  • Rose Ricard has a gift, she can see into your soul. She can discern the truth from a lie and sometimes, she can perceive the very thoughts before they are formed in your mind. She uses these gifts to solve unsolved cases and bring closure where there is none. Her most recent case, unwittingly opens the doors to her own past and that of her new partner Grant Summit.
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The Sin Seer 2015
Gary Owen: I Agree With Myself
  • Gary Owen: I Agree With Myself (2015)
  • Comedy
  • Fearless and happy-go-lucky stand-up comedian Gary Owen flips every accepted, politically correct approach to family, race, gender and politics in his hilarious comedy special.
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Gary Owen: I Agree With Myself 2015
Playin' for Love
  • Playin' for Love (2015)
  • Comedy
  • Coach Banks (Robert Townsend) is used to calling all the shots for his championship high school basketball team and in his own love life. But that’s about to change when he meets, Talisa McCoy (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), the mother of a star player, new to Jackson high. She’s a beautiful, strong-willed single mom, with her own ideas on a winning team…and the perfect man. Now, this coach will have to learn a few new plays if he’s going to stay in the game.
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Playin' for Love 2015
Second Coming
  • Second Coming (2014)
  • Drama
  • A married, middle-class London couple (Nadine Marshall and Idris Elba) are shocked when they seem to have been blessed — or cursed — with an immaculate conception, in the provocative second feature by award-winning British playwright Debbie Tucker Green.
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Second Coming 2014
91 Bullets in a Minute
  • 91 Bullets in a Minute (2014)
  • Documentary
  • The world watched in horror as the NYPD was put on trial for the shooting of Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo. The chants of "no justice," "no peace" were heard around the world, but in the end was justice served? In this sequel to IF I DIE TONIGHT, the story continues and follows the next seven years of this case of police brutality. It presents both sides in an effort to find the truth after the culminating trials. This riveting documentary continues to ask the question, "how far has our country actually come?" Features Al Sharpen, Rudy Giuliani, and Eliot Spitzer.
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91 Bullets in a Minute 2014
Four of Hearts
  • Four of Hearts (2014)
  • Drama Romance
  • Like many couples, April and Derrick feel like the spark is missing from their marriage. With the demands of work and their hectic schedules, they find themselves in a six-month dry spell. Desperate to shake up their love life and rekindle their passion for each other, they decide to share a steamy night with their free-spirited friends, Christy and Matt. Soon after, April and Derrick find themselves dealing with unexpected feelings and must find a way to let go of the mistrust and fall in love with each other all over again.
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Four of Hearts 2014
Chasing Ghosts
  • Chasing Ghosts (2014)
  • Drama Comedy Family
  • Lucas Simons has become obsessed with death following the loss of his older brother. A shy child, Lucas spends most of his free time filming funerals in an attempt to understand what happens when we die. When Lucas accidentally captures a mysterious presence in one of his films and posts it online, he inadvertently becomes a YouTube phenomenon and the target of media speculation. Suddenly, he and his grief-numbed parents find themselves thrust into the spotlight, shaking them out of their complacency while complicating their relationship. Lucas's quest for answers leads him toward an unlikely friendship with Chris Brighton (Tim Meadows), a local author who died for nine minutes and lived to tell about it. As Chris takes on a mentor role to Lucas, he helps him navigate the fame while teaching him how to embrace life again and live larger than the shadow of death. (from Nashville Film Festival)
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Chasing Ghosts 2014
  • Blackbird (2014)
  • Drama
  • Seventeen-year-old Randy tries very hard to be a good person. Since his father left, Randy takes care of his emotionally disturbed mother, and he's the kind of friend all of his classmates can depend on. As strong as he seems on the outside, Randy is hiding a secret inner struggle and denial of his true self. It's not until he opens himself up to love that he discovers that becoming a man means accepting who you really are.
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Blackbird 2014
Black Coffee
  • Black Coffee (2014)
  • Comedy Romance
  • Robert picked the wrong time to meet his soul mate! After being fired from his own father's company, he feels like his luck has run out - until Morgan enters into his life.
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Black Coffee 2014
Love the One You're With
  • Love the One You're With (2014)
  • Romance TV Movie
  • The Wright sisters have made a solemn pact never to let a man stop them from achieving their dreams, but that's easier said than done! Diane's (Nadine Ellis) new interior design business leaves no room for her husband and their dreams a having a baby. A shot at fame for solid gold diva Miki (Kiki Haynes) may have her new boyfriend, Jeremy, walking off stage. And heartbreak won't stop Sky (Kelly Jenerette) from becoming an author, but she just might be writing love out of her life for good. Also starring D.B. Woodside, Carl Payne, Brad James and Ronreaco Lee, this story of three strong women walks the path between following your passion and learning to Love the One You're With.
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Love the One You're With 2014
  • Evidence (2013)
  • Horror Thriller Mystery
  • Detectives use clues from various recording devices to piece together events surrounding a massacre involving bus passengers at an abandoned gas station.
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Evidence 2013
Deceitful 2013
The Colony
  • The Colony (2013)
  • Horror Action Science Fiction
  • Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature.
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The Colony 2013
The Love Section
  • The Love Section (2013)
  • Drama Comedy
  • Ali (LAWRENCE ADISA), is a struggling real estate agent and ladies man who has never desired to commit to anyone or anything. One night while out with his buddy Chris (OMAR MILLER), Ali meets and falls for Sandrine (DAVETTA SHERWOOD), a single mother who works hard and is looking for love. Ali’s best friend Joel (BRIAN HOOKS) and his wife (TANGI MILLER) are happy to see Ali cut off his line of women, while Sandrine’s best friend Steph (TEYANA TAYLOR) is unenthusiastic about Sandrine welcoming a man into her home to meet her son and mother (KELLITA SMITH). With a declining real estate career and issues with his new relationship, Ali starts questioning just how committed he’s willing to be. One important meeting with real estate mogul James Johnson (MEKHI PHIFER) could change his life for forever. For the first time it looks like Ali may make a transformation if he can steer clear of obstacles. In the end will love conquer all? Or will broken hearts be all that’s left of their romance?
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The Love Section 2013
Homecoming 2013
So This Is Christmas
  • So This Is Christmas (2013)
  • Drama Comedy Romance
  • Eighteen-year old Ashley's life is headed in the wrong direction. She's been hanging out with a bad crowd and seeking an escape from the drama at home. Everything begins to change when a handyman working on the family's house encourages her to volunteer for a Christmas play with underprivileged children. Ashley finds purpose by helping people in need and uses that to help heal her troubled family. Together, they discover the impact one person can make through the gift of giving.
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So This Is Christmas 2013
Home Again
  • Home Again (2012)
  • Drama
  • Returning to a "home" they hardly know after being deported from their adopted countries for minor criminal offenses, three people from very different backgrounds try to make a new life for themselves, in Jamaica in this gutsy drama from writer-director Sudz Sutherland. (TIFF)
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Home Again 2012
One in the Chamber
One in the Chamber 2012
D.L. Hughley: Reset
  • D.L. Hughley: Reset (2012)
  • Comedy
  • If you like your comedy served up raw, tasty and wicked-funny, D.L. Hughley is your kind of stand-up guy. One of the most popular comedians of film, TV and radio unleashes a hilarious display of stand-up comedy genius in this uncut Showtime special taped before a wildly enthusiastic live New Jersey audience. It's comedy that'll re-boot your entire sense of humor: D.L. HUGHLEY: RESET!
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D.L. Hughley: Reset 2012
Note to Self
  • Note to Self (2012)
  • Comedy
  • Curtis King, a handsome and popular student athlete, may know his way around the court, but his heart still needs a game plan. When he decides to keep a journal to give his life a new direction, the path leads him straight to the love he needed most.
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Note to Self 2012
Fast Girls
Fast Girls 2012
Phunny Business: A Black Comedy
  • Phunny Business: A Black Comedy (2012)
  • Comedy Documentary
  • A bittersweet valentine to All Jokes Aside, a little known, but extremely influential, black-owned Comedy Club. Comedy, race and Chicago politics collided at this cultural gem and we hope our humorous telling of this story will provoke discussion, and in some small way, promote a greater understanding between the races.
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Phunny Business: A Black Comedy 2012