• Deadly Intent (2016)

  • Don't let him into your head
  • NR | en | 1h22m | Drama, Horror, Thriller | More Info
  • Starring: Gus Barry | Lara Lemon | Rebecca Reaney
  • After the tragic death of her husband, a soldier posted to Afghanistan, Bryony tries to build a new life for herself and her young son, James. Struggling with her own grief she fails to notice that James has become secretive and withdrawn, spending hours alone playing out death scenes with his toys. When things start to go missing and furniture is smashed Bryony blames James but when she confronts him she finds herself facing a reality more terrifying than any nightmare. As her world crashes around her Bryony realises that unless she can find a way to reconnect with her son she and James will be separated for ever.

Deadly Intent

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Rebecca Reaney as Bryony
Gus Barry as James
Lara Lemon as Lisa

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