Turtle: The Incredible Journey (2009)

Release Date: 2009-10-01
Rated : 0.00
Production Companies: Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Allegro-Film, Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF),
Director: Nick Stringer,
Stars: Miranda Richardson / Daniel Braga / Hannelore Elsner /

Turtle: The Incredible Journey Summary:

TURTLE: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY is the story of a little loggerhead turtle, as she follows in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. Born on a beach in Florida, she rides the Gulf Stream up towards the Arctic and ultimately swims around the entire North Atlantic across to Africa and back to the beach where she was born. But the odds are stacked against her; just one in ten thousand turtles survive the journey. She faces many hazards, her siblings are lost in the doldrums of the Sargasso Sea, she comes face to face with creatures of the deep and nearly dies at the hands of fishermen. She travels up north but she drifts from her life current, the Gulf Stream, into dangerously cold waters.

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Turtle: The Incredible Journey Cast

  • Miranda Richardson
  • Hannelore Elsner