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Buck and the Preacher
  • Buck and the Preacher (1972)
  • Action, Comedy, Western,
  • A wagon master and a con-man preacher help freed slaves dogged by cheap-labor agents out West.
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Buck and the Preacher 1972
Kid Vengeance
  • Kid Vengeance (1977)
  • Western,
  • One of Cannon Films' two 1976 Italian-Israeli co-productions starring Lee Van Cleef and Leif Garrett (Gianfranco Parolini's Pistola di Dio was the other), this spaghetti western was actually shot in the Middle East by American director Joseph Manduke. Pop star Garrett plays Tom, a teenager who teams with a black gunfighter named Isaac (Jim Brown) to avenge his family. The culprit was McClain (Van Cleef), a sadistic outlaw who carried out the brutal rape-massacre, but his role is minor, as most of the film deals with Tom's maturation and coming to terms with his feelings. Omnipresent 1970s character actors Glynnis O'Connor and John Marley co-star. If there is anything remarkable about Kid Vengeance, it is Francesco Masi's fine musical score, but the film is otherwise anemic.
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Kid Vengeance 1977
Canyon Passage
  • Canyon Passage (1946)
  • Western,
  • Businessman Logan Stuart is torn between his love of two very different women in 1850's Oregon and his loyalty to a compulsive gambler friend who goes over the line.
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Canyon Passage 1946
Dark Command
  • Dark Command (1940)
  • Drama, Western, Romance,
  • When transplanted Texan Bob Seton arrives in Lawrence, Kansas he finds much to like about the place, especially Mary McCloud, daughter of the local banker. Politics is in the air however. It's just prior to the civil war and there is already a sharp division in the Territory as to whether it will remain slave-free. When he gets the opportunity to run for marshal, Seton finds himself running against the respected local schoolteacher, William Cantrell. Not is what it seems however. While acting as the upstanding citizen in public, Cantrell is dangerously ambitious and is prepared to do anything to make his mark, and his fortune, on the Territory. When he loses the race for marshal, he forms a group of raiders who run guns into the territory and rob and terrorize settlers throughout the territory. Eventually donning Confederate uniforms, it is left to Seton and the good citizens of Lawrence to face Cantrell and his raiders in one final clash.
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Dark Command 1940
No Horse With a Name
  • No Horse With a Name (2016)
  • Drama, Comedy, Western,
  • Two brothers traverse a desolate frontier, finally confronting the unspoken rift between them.
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No Horse With a Name 2016
  • Vendetta (1971)
  • Drama, Western,
  • Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa is double-crossed in an arms deal planned by his comrade Scotty. Villa and Scotty plot a raid on a U.S. cavalry fort in retaliation.
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Vendetta 1971
  • Hellgate (1952)
  • Western,
  • Man is framed & sent to toughest prison in the territory.
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Hellgate 1952
  • Snowblind (2010)
  • Western,
  • A lone gunman gets a last-minute pardon from death row, with the mission to deliver a woman of mysterious powers to an evil Governor. Against the backdrop of a frozen, inhospitable earth, Snowblind fires up the classical love triangle with smoking barrels and a ton of red-hot bullets.
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Snowblind 2010
Streets of Laredo
  • Streets of Laredo (1949)
  • Western,
  • Texas, 1878: cheerful outlaw-buddies Jim, Lorn and Wahoo rescue spunky orphan Rannie Carter from rustling racketeers, then are forced to separate. Lorn goes on to bigger and better robberies, while Jim and Wahoo are (at first reluctantly) maneuvered into joining the Texas Rangers. For friendship's sake, the three try to keep out of direct conflict, but a showdown begins to look inevitable. And Rannie, now grown into lovely young womanhood, must choose between Lorn and Jim
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Streets of Laredo 1949
Tension at Table Rock
  • Tension at Table Rock (1956)
  • Western,
  • When the owner of a stagecoach station is killed, a gunman takes his place.
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Tension at Table Rock 1956
Wild Women
  • Wild Women (1970)
  • Western,
  • Five female convicts are recruited to secretly transport arms into Mexican-held Texas in 1840
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Wild Women 1970
Billy the Kid Trapped
  • Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)
  • Western,
  • Stanton breaks Billy and his two friends Fuzzy and Jeff out of jail. He wants them free so three of his men can impersonate them for the robberies and murders he has planned.
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Billy the Kid Trapped 1942
Hondo and the Apaches
  • Hondo and the Apaches (1967)
  • Western,
  • Two episodes from the TV series "Hondo" edited together and released as a feature.
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Hondo and the Apaches 1967
The Cimarron Kid
  • The Cimarron Kid (1952)
  • Western,
  • Audie Murphy comes into his own as a Western star in this story. Wrongly accused by crooked railroad officials of aiding a train heist by his old friends the Daltons, he joins their gang and becomes an active participant in other robberies. Betrayed by a fellow gang member, Murphy becomes a fugitive in the end. Seeking refuge at the ranch of a reformed gang member, he hopes to flee with the man's daughter to South America, but he's captured in the end and led off to jail. The girl promises to wait.
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The Cimarron Kid 1952
The Weight
  • The Weight (2012)
  • Western,
  • A gunfight between a fomer Confederate soldier and a former Union soldier.
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The Weight 2012
The Writer
  • The Writer (2012)
  • Western,
  • The writer is ALL POWERFUL in this meta-western animation.
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The Writer 2012
Hell Bent for Leather
  • Hell Bent for Leather (1960)
  • Western,
  • When Clay Santell stops in the town of Sutterville after having his horse stolen, he is mistaken by townspeople for a murderer named Travers. The townspeople capture Santell, and turn him over to lawman Harry Deckett. Deckett, who is tired of chasing the real Travers, decides to kill Santell and pass him off as Travers. Santell escapes from Deckett, taking lovely Janet Gifford hostage in the process. Janet comes to believe Santell's story, and helps him in his struggle to prove his real identity.
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Hell Bent for Leather 1960
They Call Me Lucky
  • They Call Me Lucky (1974)
  • Western,
  • Lucky's band of outlaws holds a rich girl for ransom and plans a new series of robberies. Meanwhile, a peasant who was widowed by one of Lucky's men teams up with a Preacher/Bounty Hunter to plot a premature end to Lucky's lucky streak.
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They Call Me Lucky 1974
  • Atkins (1985)
  • Western,
  • A Western set in the US around the turn of the century. Atkins leaves the city to return to the valley where he formerly lived. There he meets Native Americans who learn to trust him. They ask Atkins to buy weapons for them. On his journey Atkins meets Morris, whose interest in mineral resources puts Atkins loyalty to the Native Americans to the test.
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Atkins 1985
Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die
  • Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (1971)
  • Western,
  • Durango, a debt collector, arrives in the town of Tucson, where he is hired by a bank director called Ferguson, who refuses to pay him his fee afterwards. Durango is thrown in jail on a false accusation but manages to escape and teams up with a Mexican bandit to get even with Ferguson, who has concocted a complicated plan to rob a shipment of gold belonging to the people of Tucson.
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Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die 1971
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