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Support Your Local Sheriff
  • Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)
  • Comedy, Western,
  • A quick-witted drifter wanders into a lawless town in the midst of a gold rush. Shocked by the prices of food and meals he reluctantly takes the job of sheriff by amazing the Mayor with his lightning quick, dead eye pistol accuracy. He makes the town council know that he is really just passing through on his way to Australia and he will pull up and leave anytime he chooses (including at the first sign of real trouble). His first day on the job he takes on the biggest, meanest ranching family and meets his klutzy love interest.
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Support Your Local Sheriff 1969
  • Blackthorn (2011)
  • Adventure, Action, Western,
  • In Bolivia, Butch Cassidy (now calling himself James Blackthorne) pines for one last sight of home, an adventure that aligns him with a young robber and makes the duo a target for gangs and lawmen alike.
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Blackthorn 2011
Guns of the Magnificent Seven
  • Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)
  • Adventure, Drama, Action, Western,
  • In this third remake of legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's hugely influential The Seven Samurai, the seven gunslingers (George Kennedy, Michael Ansara, Joe Don Baker, Bernie Casey, Monte Markham, Fernando Rey and Reni Santoni) liberate Mexican political prisoners, train them as fighters and assist them in a desperate attack on a Mexican fortress in an attempt to free a revolutionary leader.
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Guns of the Magnificent Seven 1969
  • Keoma (1976)
  • Action, Western,
  • Half-breed Keoma returns to his border hometown after service in the Civil War and finds it under the control of Caldwell, an ex-Confederate raider, and his vicious gang of thugs. To make matters worse, Keoma's three half-brothers have joined forces with Caldwell, and make it painfully clear that his return is an unwelcome one. Determined to break Caldwell and his brothers' grip on the town, Keoma partners with his father's former ranch hand to exact violent revenge.
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Keoma 1976
Dawn Rider
  • Dawn Rider (2012)
  • Action, Western,
  • A gripping story of vengeance and passion set in the American West. When the father of gunslinger John Mason (Slater) is shot to death by masked bandits, Mason sets out with guns blazing to track down those who killed him. During his quest, he finds himself involved in a grim love triangle when he falls for Alice, the determined and beautiful woman also adored by John’s best friend. Based on the timeless John Wayne adventure, Dawn Rider is a riveting saga of retribution, duty and valor in the American West.
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Dawn Rider 2012
The Villain
  • The Villain (1979)
  • Comedy, Western,
  • Handsome Stranger has agreed to escort Charming Jones to collect her inheritance from her father. But Avery Jones wants the money, and hires notorious outlaw Cactus Jack to ambush Charming. However, Cactus Jack is not very good at robbing people.
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The Villain 1979
Lightning Jack
  • Lightning Jack (1994)
  • Action, Comedy, Western,
  • Lightning Jack Kane is an Australian outlaw in the wild west. During a bungled bank robbery he picks up mute Ben Doyle as a hostage. The two become good friends, with Jack teaching Ben how to rob banks, while they plan Jack's last heist.
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Lightning Jack 1994
  • Hombre (1967)
  • Drama, Action, Western,
  • John Russell, disdained by his "respectable" fellow stagecoach passengers because he was raised by Indians, becomes their only hope for survival when they are set upon by outlaws.
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Hombre 1967
The Burrowers
  • The Burrowers (2008)
  • Horror, Action, Western,
  • It is 1879 in the Dakota Territories, a band of men who set out to find and recover a family of settlers that has mysteriously vanished from their home. Expecting the offenders to be a band of fierce natives, but they soon discover that the real enemy stalks them from below.
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The Burrowers 2008
Love Comes Softly
  • Love Comes Softly (2003)
  • Drama, Western, Romance,
  • Marty is a 19 year old pioneer woman, recently married. She goes west with her husband Clem, hoping to start a new life. But Clem unexpectedly dies, and Marty finds herself alone, two months pregnant. Clark Davis, a widower, offers her a marriage of convenience: she needs food and money, and he needs someone to take care of his daughter Missie. She accepts his proposal as a temporary solution.
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Love Comes Softly 2003
3 Godfathers
  • 3 Godfathers (1948)
  • Drama, Action, Western,
  • Three outlaws on the run discover a dying woman and her baby. They swear to bring the infant to safety across the desert, even at the risk of their own lives.
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3 Godfathers 1948
Bite the Bullet
  • Bite the Bullet (1975)
  • Adventure, Action, Western,
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, a newspaper organizes an endurance horse race : 700 miles to run in a few days. 9 adventurers are competing, among them a woman, Miss Jones, a Mexican, an Englishman, a young cow-boy, an old one and two friends, Sam Clayton and Luke Matthews. All those individualists will learn to respect each other.
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Bite the Bullet 1975
  • Hondo (1953)
  • Western,
  • Army despatch rider Hondo Lane discovers a woman and her son living in the midst of warring Apaches, and he becomes their protector.
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Hondo 1953
  • Chisum (1970)
  • Action, Western,
  • Cattle baron John Chisum joins forces with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett to fight the Lincoln County land war.
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Chisum 1970
Angel and the Badman
  • Angel and the Badman (1947)
  • Western, Romance,
  • Notorious shootist and womanizer Quirt Evans' horse collapses as he passes a Quaker family's home. Quirt has been wounded, and the kindly family takes him in to nurse him back to health against the advice of others. The handsome Evans quickly attracts the affections of their beautiful daughter, Penelope. He develops an affection for the family, but his troubled past follows him.
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Angel and the Badman 1947
One-Eyed Jacks
  • One-Eyed Jacks (1961)
  • Action, Western,
  • Running from the law after a bank robbery in Mexico, Dad Longworth finds an opportunity to take the stolen gold and leave his partner Rio to be captured. Years later, Rio escapes from the prison where he has been since, and hunts down Dad for revenge. Dad is now a respectable sheriff in California, and has been living in fear of Rio's return.
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One-Eyed Jacks 1961
A Man Called Horse
  • A Man Called Horse (1970)
  • Adventure, Drama, Action, Western,
  • In 1825 an English aristocrat is captured by Indians. He lives with them and begins to understand/accept their lifestyles. Eventually he is accepted as part of the tribe and becomes their leader.
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A Man Called Horse 1970
Calamity Jane
  • Calamity Jane (1953)
  • Action, Western, Music,
  • Doris Day and Howard Keel fuss, feud and fall in love as Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. At first curvaceous Calamity is too durned busy fighting Indians and cracking a bullwhip to pay mind to such girlie what-alls as dresses and perfume. She soon changes her mind when Katie Brown arrives in town.
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Calamity Jane 1953
The Man from Snowy River
  • The Man from Snowy River (1982)
  • Drama, Action, Western, Romance,
  • Jim Craig has lived his first 18 years in the mountains of Australia on his father's farm. The death of his father forces him to go to the low lands to earn enough money to get the farm back on its feet. Kirk Douglas plays two roles as twin brothers who haven't spoken for years, one of whom was Jim's father's best friend and the other of whom is the father of the girl he wants to marry.
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The Man from Snowy River 1982
Man of the West
  • Man of the West (1958)
  • Action, Western,
  • Heading east to Fort Worth to hire a schoolteacher for his frontier town home, Link Jones is stranded with singer Billie Ellis and gambler Sam Beasley when their train is held up. For shelter, Jones leads them to his nearby former home, where he was brought up an outlaw. Finding the gang still living in the shack, Jones pretends to be ready to return to a life crime.
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Man of the West 1958
The Naked Spur
  • The Naked Spur (1953)
  • Adventure, Drama, Action, Western,
  • Stewart is a bounty hunter in Colorado territory after killer Robert Ryan. Stewart's efforts to bring in Ryan and collect the reward are compromised by the presence of Ryan's loyal girl friend Janet Leigh and Stewart's two disreputable sidekicks, wily prospector Millard Mitchell and disgraced Union-officer Ralph Meeker.
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The Naked Spur 1953
Heller in Pink Tights
  • Heller in Pink Tights (1960)
  • Adventure, Action, Western, Romance,
  • Nineteenth century Wyoming: the wild West. Mild-mannered Tom Healy has a two-wagon theater troupe hounded by creditors because Angela, his leading lady and the object of his affection, constantly buys clothes. In Cheyenne, they meet with applause, so they hope to stay awhile: the theater owner likes Angela, and she keeps him on a string. She's also the object of the attentions of Mabry, a gunslinger who's owed money by the richest man in Bonanza. Complications arise and the troupe heads for Bonanza, through hostile Indian territory. Is the troupe doomed to a peripatetic life, is Mabry in danger, and does Tom stand a chance with Angela, a hellion in pink tights?
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Heller in Pink Tights 1960
American Outlaws
  • American Outlaws (2001)
  • Action, Western,
  • When a Midwest town learns that a corrupt railroad baron has captured the deeds to their homesteads without their knowledge, a group of young ranchers join forces to take back what is rightfully theirs. They will become the object of the biggest manhunt in the history of the Old West and, as their fame grows, so will the legend of their leader, a young outlaw by the name of Jessie James.
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American Outlaws 2001
Soldier Blue
  • Soldier Blue (1970)
  • Drama, Action, Western, Romance,
  • After a cavalry group is massacred by the Cheyenne, only two survivors remain: Honus, a naive private devoted to his duty, and Cresta, a young woman who had lived with the Cheyenne two years and whose sympathies lie more with them than with the US government. Together, they must try to reach the cavalry's main base camp. As they travel onward, Honus is torn between his growing affection for Cresta.
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Soldier Blue 1970
  • Apache (1954)
  • Action, Western,
  • Following the surrender of Geronimo, Massai, the last Apache warrior is captured and scheduled for transportation to a Florida reservation. On the way he manages to escape and heads for his homeland to win back his girl and settle down to grow crops. His pursuers have other ideas though.
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Apache 1954
Cheyenne Autumn
  • Cheyenne Autumn (1964)
  • Action, Western,
  • A reluctant cavalry Captain must track a defiant tribe of migrating Cheyennes.
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Cheyenne Autumn 1964
Chato's Land
  • Chato's Land (1972)
  • Adventure, Action, Western,
  • A posse pursues Pardon Chato (Charles Bronson) a mestizo indian after he killed a US marshal in self-defense. As they get deeper into Indian territory, just who is hunting who.
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Chato's Land 1972
Valdez Is Coming
  • Valdez Is Coming (1971)
  • Action, Western,
  • A Mexican-American sheriff must resort to violence against a powerful rancher in order to get just compensation for the pregnant Indian widow of a wrongly killed black man.
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Valdez Is Coming 1971
Ride the High Country
  • Ride the High Country (1962)
  • Action, Western,
  • An ex-lawman is hired to transport gold from a mining community through dangerous territory. But what he doesn't realize is that his partner and old friend is plotting to double-cross him.
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Ride the High Country 1962
The Valley of Gwangi
  • The Valley of Gwangi (1969)
  • Fantasy, Action, Western, Thriller, Science Fiction,
  • A turn of the century wild west show struggling to make a living in Mexico comes into the possession of a tiny prehistoric horse. This leads to an expedition to the Forbidden Valley where they discover living dinosaurs. They capture one and take it back to be put on display, leading to inevitable mayhem.
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The Valley of Gwangi 1969
Lucky Luke
  • Lucky Luke (1991)
  • Comedy, Western,
  • Lucky Luke becomes the Sheriff of Daisy Town and runs out all the criminals. Then the Dalton brothers arrive and try to get the Indians to break the peace treaty and attack the town.
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Lucky Luke 1991
Yellow Sky
  • Yellow Sky (1948)
  • Action, Western, Crime,
  • In 1867, a gang led by James "Stretch" Dawson (Gregory Peck) robs a bank and flees into the desert. Out of water, the outlaws come upon a ghost town called Yellow Sky and its only residents, a hostile young woman named Mike (Anne Baxter) and her Grandpa (James Barton). The story is a Western adaptation of William Shakespeare's The Tempest.
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Yellow Sky 1948
7 Faces of Dr. Lao
  • 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964)
  • Fantasy, Drama, Action, Western, Science Fiction,
  • An old Chinese gentleman rides into the town of Abalone, Arizona and changes it forever, as the citizens see themselves reflected in the mirror of Lao's mysterious circus of mythical beasts.
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7 Faces of Dr. Lao 1964
The Long Riders
  • The Long Riders (1980)
  • History, Western,
  • The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of revenge.
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The Long Riders 1980
The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
  • The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973)
  • Western,
  • Western based on the novel by Marilyn Durham. A defiant wife who leaves her husband to take up riding with outlaws.
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The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing 1973
Star in the Dust
  • Star in the Dust (1956)
  • Western,
  • The sheriff of Gunlock is planning to hang Sam Hall, who shot three farmers found on cattle land, at sundown. At the casino, betting is 8 to 3 he won't make it. The cattlemen are set to rescue Sam; the farmers hope to lynch him before he can be rescued; and Hall schemes for escape with his girl Nellie. But Sheriff Jorden is most concerned with finding out who hired Hall: a leading suspect is the sheriff's future brother-in-law.
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Star in the Dust 1956
  • Tombstone-Rashomon (2017)
  • Western,
  • The Gunfight at the OK Corral only happened once, but has been tirelessly recreated in films, television shows and western towns ever since. No one has a monopoly on truth, and in Tombstone Rashomon, the truth is shared by six conflicting, yet historical perspectives. In doing so, the film’s narrative becomes prismatic and the result is perhaps the most comprehensive telling of the most important gunfight in American history.
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Tombstone-Rashomon 2017
Honkytonk Man
  • Honkytonk Man (1982)
  • Drama, Comedy, Western, Music,
  • Young boy leaves the Oklahoma farm to travel with his country musician uncle who is trying out for the Grand Ole Opry. Set during the Great Depression.
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Honkytonk Man 1982
True Women
  • True Women (1997)
  • Drama, History, Western, Romance, War,
  • True Women is a sweeping saga of love, war and adventure. Spanning five decades from the Texas Revolution through the Civil War, Reconstruction and beyond, True Women is the story of the love, friendship, survival and triumphs
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True Women 1997
Red Hill
  • Red Hill (2010)
  • Action, Western, Thriller,
  • Young police officer Shane Cooper's first day on duty, after relocating to the small town of Red Hill, rapidly turns into a nightmare. News of a prison break, involving convicted murderer Jimmy Conway, sends the local law enforcement officers - led by the town's ruling presence, Old Bill - into a panic and leads to a terrifying and bloody confrontation.
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Red Hill 2010