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Released: 16 February 2000
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Country: United States of America
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Diary is an American documentary television series that premiered February 16, 2000, on MTV. The show's opening titles begin with the slogan "You think you know ... but you have no idea."

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Seasons & Episodes

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EP1 Diary of Angelina Jolie & Dr. Jeffrey Sachs in Africa

EP2 Diary of Gideon in Pakistan

EP3 Diary of Tom Cruise and Sway

EP1 Diary of Gideon Yago in Iraq

EP1 Diary of Kobe Bryant

EP2 Diary of Jessica Alba

EP3 Diary of Beyonce

EP4 Diary of SUM-41

EP5 Diary of Julia Stiles

EP6 Diary of Seann William Scott

EP7 VMAs 2003 Special

EP8 Diary of American Idol: Kelly Clarkson

EP9 Diary of Britanny Murphy

EP10 Diary of Jason Kidd

EP11 Diary of Nick Cannon

EP12 Diary of Hilary Duff

EP13 Diary of Will Ferrell

EP14 Diary of Jack Black

EP1 Diary of Bow Wow

EP2 Diary of Alicia Keys

EP3 Diary of Serena Williams

EP4 Diary of Ja Rule (2)

EP5 VMAs 2002 Special

EP1 Diary Of Korn

EP2 Diary Of Pink

EP3 Diary Of Nas

EP4 Diary of Busta Rhymes

EP5 Diary of Ashanti

EP6 Diary of Adam Sandler

EP7 Diary of Enrique Iglesias

EP8 Fight For Your Rights - Diary of Bono & Chris Tucker

EP9 Diary of Drew Barrymoore

EP10 VMA 2001 Special

EP11 Diary of DMX

EP12 Diary Green Day & Blink-182

EP13 Diary of Christina Aguilera (2)

EP14 Diary of Ashton Kutcher

EP1 Most Memorable Moments

EP2 Diary Of Brittany Spears

EP3 Diary of Chris Rock

EP4 Diary of Nelly

EP5 Diary Of Incubus

EP6 Diary of Jennifer Love Hewitt

EP7 Diary of The Rock

EP9 Diary of Aaliyah

EP1 Diary of Celine Dion

EP2 Diary of DMX

EP3 Diary of Tommy and Pamela Lee

EP4 Diary of Korn

EP5 Diary of Eve

EP6 Diary of Marilyn Manson

EP1 Diary of Facebook

EP2 MTV's Top 10 Most Outrageous Sex Myths

EP3 Lady GaGa: Inside the Outside

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