The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
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Released: 15 April 1951
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Country: United States of America
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The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok is an American Western television series which ran for eight seasons from 1951 through 1958. The Screen Gems series began in syndication, but ran on CBS from 1955 through 1958, and, at the same time, on ABC from 1957 through 1958.

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Seasons & Episodes

  • 8
  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

EP1 Marvin's Mix-Up

EP2 Spurs for Johnny

EP3 Monkeyshines

EP4 The Runaway Wizard

EP5 Meteor Mesa

EP6 Town Without Law

EP7 The Sheriff of Buckeye

EP8 Clem's Reformation

EP9 Jingles on the Jailroad

EP10 The Daughter of Casey O'Grady

EP11 The Angel of Cedar Mountain

EP12 The Good Indian

EP13 The Counterfeit Ghost

EP1 Halley's Comet

EP2 Blind Alley

EP3 The Great Obstacle Race

EP4 The Kangaroo Kaper

EP5 The Missing Diamonds

EP6 Jingles Gets the Bird

EP7 Wild Bill's Odyssey

EP8 The Bold Raven Rodeo

EP9 The Rainmaker

EP10 The Iron Major

EP11 Jingles Wins a Friend

EP12 The Gatling Gun

EP13 The Steam Wagon

EP1 Outlaw's Portrait

EP2 Buckshot Comes Home

EP3 The Music Teacher

EP4 The Golden Rainbow

EP5 Old Cowboys Never Die

EP6 Blake's Kid

EP7 Treasure Trail

EP8 Battle Line

EP9 Ambush

EP10 The Hideout

EP11 Ghost Town Lady

EP12 The Mountain Men

EP13 The Return of Red Hawk

EP1 The Maverick

EP2 The Kid from Red Butte

EP3 Masquerade at Moccasin Flats

EP4 Stolen Church Funds

EP5 Ol' Pardner Rides Again

EP6 Gorilla at Owlhoot Mesa

EP7 Superstition Stage

EP8 Cry Wolf

EP9 The Boy and the Hound Dog

EP10 The Sheriff's Secret

EP11 To the Highest Bidder

EP12 Sundown Valley

EP13 Sagebrush Manhunt

EP1 Grandpa and Genie

EP2 The Nephew from Back East

EP3 Wagon Wheel Trail

EP4 Heading for Trouble

EP5 The Young Witness

EP6 Chain of Events

EP7 The Doctor Story

EP8 The Indians and the Delegates

EP9 The Sheriff was a Redhead

EP10 Hands Across the Border

EP11 The Avenging Gunman

EP12 The Right of Way

EP13 The Monster in the Lake

EP1 Civilian Clothes Story

EP2 Medicine Show

EP3 Blacksmith Story

EP4 Mexican Gun Running Story

EP5 School Teacher Story

EP6 Vigilante Story

EP7 The Professor's Daughter

EP8 Photographer Story

EP9 The Outlaw's Son

EP10 Savvy, the Smart Little Dog

EP11 Ghost Rider

EP12 Wild White Horse

EP13 Lumber Camp Story

EP14 The Trappers Story

EP15 The Boy and the Bandit

EP16 A Joke on Sir Anthony

EP17 Wrestling Story

EP18 Jingles Becomes a Baby Sitter

EP19 The Fortune Telling Story

EP20 A Close Shave for the Marshal

EP21 Prairie Flats Land Swindle

EP22 Marriage Feud at Ponca City

EP1 The Boulder City Election

EP2 Pony Express vs Telegraph

EP3 The Lady School Teacher

EP4 Outlaw Flats

EP5 Silver Stage Holdup

EP6 Mexican Rustlers Story

EP7 Masked Riders

EP9 Border City

EP10 Ex-Convict Story

EP11 Papa Antonelli

EP12 The Slocum Family

EP13 Lost Indian Mine

EP1 Behind Southern Lines

EP2 The Rock Springs Rustlers

EP4 The Dog Collar

EP5 Silver Mine Protection Story

EP6 Indian Bureau Story

EP7 Indian Pony Express

EP8 The Tax Collection Story

EP9 Widow Muldane

EP10 Ghost Town Story

EP11 Yellow Haired Kid

EP12 Johnny Deuce

EP13 Homer Atchison

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