The Big Question (1)

Release Date: 0001-01-01
Rated : 0.00
Production Companies:
Stars: Kerry Shale   James McCaffrey  

The Big Question Summary:

The Big Question is a five-part science documentary television series broadcast in the United Kingdom on the Five channel, beginning January 2004 and continuing into 2005. In the North American market, it has been re-released on the Discovery Science network. Each half-hour episode is hosted by a renowned authority, and examines the following provocative questions: ⁕Part 1 - "How Did the Universe Begin?" presented by Stephen Hawking ⁕Part 2 - "How Did Life Begin?" presented by Harry Kroto ⁕Part 3 - "Why Are We Here?" presented by Richard Dawkins ⁕Part 4 - "Why Am I Me?" presented by Susan Greenfield ⁕Part 5 - "How Will It All End?" presented by Ian Stewart The series attracted controversy and criticism from creationists, as well as praise from other reviewers.

The Big Question Cast

  • Kerry Shale
  • James McCaffrey

The Big Question Seasons

Season 1 Season 1 1900-01-01

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