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  • | Documentary, News, | 05 April 2013 (USA)
  • Shozo Iizuka | Kaneto Shiozawa | Tomomichi Nishimura |
  • Vice is a documentary TV-series created and hosted by Shane Smith of Vice magazine. Produced by Bill Maher, it uses CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria as a consultant, and covers topics such as political assassinations, young weapons manufacturers, and child suicide bombers using an immersionist style of documentary filmmaking. It aired on HBO in April 2013. Rolling Stone wrote that the show "feels a little like your buddy from the bar just happened to be wandering through eastern Afghanistan with a camera crew."

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Season 6 6 Full Episodes
Episodes 6 : VICE 89
May 11, 2018
Episodes 5 : VICE 88
May 04, 2018
Episodes 4 : VICE 87
Apr 27, 2018
Episodes 3 : A Revolution in Ruins & New Kids on the Blockchain
Apr 20, 2018
Season 5 29 Full Episodes
Season 4 18 Full Episodes
Episodes 18 : The New $pace Race & Closing Gitmo
Jul 01, 2016
Episodes 17 : Student Debt & Fecal Medicine
Jun 24, 2016
Episodes 15 : Flint Water Crisis & Libya on the Brink
Jun 09, 2016
Episodes 14 : Heroin Crisis & New Age of Nukes
Jun 03, 2016
Season 3 14 Full Episodes
Episodes 6 : The Post-Antibiotic World & Indonesia's Palm Bomb
Apr 17, 2015
Episodes 5 : Synthetic Drug Revolution & Transsexuals of Iran
Apr 10, 2015
Season 2 12 Full Episodes
Episodes 12 : Surveillance City & The Forgotten War
Jun 13, 2014
  "Surveillance City" (correspondent: Vikram Gandhi) - Camden, New Jersey is one of the poorest and drug-ridden cities in the country, and its murder rate is 12 times the national average. In 2011, the city cut its police force almost in half, with nearly 80,000 residents regularly being policed by 12 cops at a time. The state stepped in to overhaul the department, introducing an experimental "Metro" security apparatus equipped with futuristic technologies like gunshot detecting, triangulation microphones, and automatic license-plate readers. As similar surveillance systems are implemented across the country, Vikram Gandhi goes to Camden to see how these tactics are working, how residents feel about their loss of privacy, and what the future of policing might be. "The Forgotten War" (correspondent: Ben Anderson) - A decade ago, the crisis in Darfur was a cause celebre. American politicians, activists, and celebrities took to the media to condemn Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for his brutal genocide, and to send out a call for justice and aid his victims. Yet today, world attention has waned, despite the fact that President Bashir remains in power. People continue to die, and millions of refugees remain in overburdened camps filled with malnourished children. Without sufficient aid from the international community, Sudanese rebel groups are stepping in to fight for justice on their own terms. Ben Anderson goes to the refugee camps in Chad and Sudan to meet the victims the world has forgotten, and the rebels poised for civil war.
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Episodes 7 : The Pink Gang Rebellion & Genetic Passport
May 02, 2014
  “The Pink Gang Rebellion” - The brutal details of a 2012 gang rape on a Delhi bus focused international attention on India’s rampant rape issue. Inept law enforcement, the social stigma associated with rape, and a patriarchal social structure have allowed sexual assaults to plague Indian women. Delhi’s police department has vowed to hire more female officers and set up a help desk, but these measures are hardly a solution. Rapes in Delhi doubled in 2013, and as bad as it is in Delhi, the Indian countryside is even worse. Instead of investigating rape cases, rural police officers often ignore victims and their families. But one woman, Sampat Pal, has galvanized a group of rural women into the Gulabi Gang, or Pink Gang, to combat the injustice of sexual assault. Gelareh Kiazand heads to rural Indian to investigate the issue and embed with this revolutionary gang. “Genetic Passport” - From 1949 to 1989, the Soviet Union, determined to prepare for nuclear warfare, detonated more than 450 nuclear bombs in an area of Kazakhstan known as the Semipalatinsk Test Site. For hundreds of thousands of Kazakhs, radiation not only surrounded them, but became part of their DNA. In an effort to curtail the birth of a new generation of deformed children, a Kazakh doctor recently tried to implement a mandatory “genetic passport” allowing people to know if their genes were damaged by radiation. Thomas Morton goes to Kazakhstan to learn more about this controversial initiative.
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Season 1 10 Full Episodes
Season 0 24 Full Episodes
Episodes 22 : VICE Special Report: Fighting ISIS
Jan 31, 2016
Episodes 18 : The Hosts Extended Featurette
Feb 18, 2014
Episodes 1 : What is VICE? (Extended)
Mar 25, 2013


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