DC Batgirl selected the heroine, Zhao Ting served as the main contest judge of the Venice Film Festival

01.DC "Batgirl" heroine confirmed

DC's new film "Batgirl" is determined to star, and African-American Latin actress Leslie Grace ("In the Heights") will play "Batgirl" Barbara Gordon. The film will be played by Adil El Abi and Bilal Farah in "Jedi Men: Chase", and "Bumblebee" screenwriter Christina Horson will be responsible for the script. It is reported that the film will be launched directly on HBO Max.

As a popular heroine in DC comics, the true identity of Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham Police Chief Gordon. This role has appeared in the film and television works of "Batman" many times, and served as the animation "Lego Bat The heroine of "Xia Da Movie" has never had her own independent movie.

02. Johnson responded to Van Diesel's "severe love"

After the release of "Fast and Furious 8", it is no secret that Van Diesel and Dawn Johnson, who are the lead actors and producers, had a tense relationship. Van Diesel had previously criticized "Fast and Furious 9" when he promoted "Fast and Furious 9". "Men's Health" explained that he has "severe love" for Johnson. In response to this, Johnson responded in an interview with the "Hollywood Reporter": "I laughed and laughed miserably. I think other people will laugh at this, so let's stop here."


 Johnson’s response also hinted that he would not return to the next sequel of "Fast and Furious", he said: "I wish "Fast and Furious 9" well, wish "F 10", "F 11" and everything else I did not participate in. "Fast and Furious" is good fortune." At the same time, an interview with Emily Blunt said: "Thank God, Van Diesel helped you through the difficulties." Johnson said: "Yes, Fellini !"