Movies about the Moon(Non-fiction)

By Helene - 27 September 2021
Apollo 13 still

Apollo 13 (1995)

On July 20, 1969, American Neil Armstrong landed on the moon aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft, taking a giant step for mankind. Meanwhile, veteran astronaut Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) and his family and friends watched the historic moment closely on television. Jim flew to the moon on Apollo 8 and hopes to land on the moon in his lifetime.

That moment comes soon enough. Three months later, Jim is named commander of Apollo 13 and will blast off to the moon with fellow astronauts Fred Dehans (Bill Paxton) and Jack Swiggett (Kevin Bacon). They were full of hope, but they did not know that the untold trials awaited them...

In addition to Armstrong, who is remembered in history, there are many heroes who have made great efforts to realize the dream of human landing on the moon. Apollo 13 tells the story of one of the most successful failures of space exploration. Nominated for best Picture at that year's Academy Awards, it is a must-see feature film about the moon landings.

Shadow of the Moon (2007)

Plot: The Apollo program opened the eyes of mankind to what the moon really looked like, and led the space industry into another realm. In order to remember this great moment, the British director seized the opportunity to find a group of astronauts, recorded their personal experience and life transformation.

For a true history of the moon landings, documentaries are certainly better than feature films. The Apollo program, launched in the 1960s, opened up new frontiers for the space industry and the world. This documentary interviewed a number of astronauts who personally landed on the moon, leaving a very precious image data.

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