Quiet Place 2 Behind the scenes production special, a breathtaking immersive experience

Authorized by ChiliMovie

On May 28th, the sequel to the phenomenal thriller masterpiece "Quiet Place 2" produced by Paramount Pictures officially landed in over 710 IMAX theaters across the country, gaining a Douban score that surpassed the predecessor with its upgraded audiovisual presentation and thrilling experience. Today, IMAX released a special feature behind the scenes of the film. The lead creator Qi came out to interpret the film’s ultimate horror effect. The heroine Emily Blunt praised that the film was born for the big screen. The lead actor Kylian Murphy even recommended "I must go to the IMAX version", in an immersive Experience the power of silence in the movie environment.

Director John Krasinski said that in "A Quiet Place 2", "we explored the horror effect of silence more extreme, which is a big step forward than the first movie." The ideal effect he envisioned is to make the audience feel as if they are right next to the character and face the crisis together with the character. This is the purpose of shooting with a long lens. The superior sound and picture effects of IMAX and the three-dimensional wrapped audio-visual environment are creating conditions for this extreme immersion to occur. IMAX’s indomitable super-large screen and subtle and detailed effects allow the vast apocalyptic world to be fully and vividly unfolded in front of the audience. Under the silent background setting, the protagonists have contributed god-level acting skills, especially in facial expressions. In terms of change, let the audience empathize in every minute and face the crisis together with them, so that the audience can truly be on the scene and experience this silent journey of extreme escape in the last days.

Emily Blunt even more special "Amway" IMAX sound system for film sound effects: "Due to the meticulous design of the movie, you will feel the sound effects surround the IMAX theater", the thrilling sound effects of monster attacks are shaken by IMAX The earth-shaking sound system infinitely amplifies the stimulation of the auditory level, bringing the audience "a breathtaking and shocking experience". When the horror suspense blockbuster "Quiet Place 2" meets IMAX, no matter the creation of the horror atmosphere or the two-way impact of the sound effects of the scene, the collision produces a wonderful movie-watching experience, which is an unmissable trip to the big screen to "cool off".

In 2018, the first "A Quiet Place" was launched and it became popular all over the world. The setting of a silent world created a peculiar cinema viewing experience. The sequel, which returned after three years of shock, can be said to be an escalation of the plot. Unknown monsters, mysterious survivors, and conspiracy suspense followed one after another. The protagonist's family went from blindly escaping and hiding to survive to meeting more survivors. Gradually realized that perhaps taking the initiative is a better way to save themselves. In the previous game, Reagan and Marcus, who were still under the protection of their parents, also began to shoulder the responsibility to face the crisis alone. "Quiet Place 2" has high energy and no urine points throughout the whole process, approaching step by step, sudden fatal crisis, intense excitement, ups and downs of the apocalyptic journey of survival, through IMAX, the immersive and extremely immersive movie-watching atmosphere is created, and the film is passed on to The audience's sensory stimulation and mental shock are all doubled, giving the audience an unforgettable experience of extreme horror.