The new film of Jason Stanson starring WRATH OF MAN box office and reputation performance

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The new action film with Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie, WRATH OF MAN box office and reputation performance.

Last night, North American weekend box office list was announced, and WRATH OF MAN won 8.1 million US dollars in the first weekend, and the film was easily climbed to the film. In addition, 9 markets outside North America have harvested $ 17.6 million in the first week, 8 of which won the championship. The Russian box office received $ 10 million, 3.2 million US dollars in Oceania, and 1 million US dollars in China. WRATH OF MAN The first week of the world's first week reached 25.6 million US dollars.

WRATH OF MAN Reward Since 2004, the French movie "escort" (carnivol car) starring Du Yaldan. The main story, in a full-deputy armed carnivir robbery, Mr. Mussen Steinnon's son is killed by the winger of the case. Mesi burned in anger is the enemy of the report, and the incarnation is becoming a car security, trying to find the robbers who killed his son and the security company with the robbers.

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Director Cover Ridge uses segmented models to express different perspectives of various forces, and the action drama is clean and profitable. After reading, many fans have been summarized: Following the daughter of Mnisen, don't kill John Wick's dog, "Jianghu" will not kill the son of "Guo Tastamon" ...

In addition to Jason Stanson, Hote McCani, Josh Hart, Roch Williams, Scott Isterwood, "Malone" Post Malone and so on also join the film . Wrath of man's word of mouth is also very good, Douban rating 7.1, IMDB Rating 7.5, far super "escort".