A Collection of Love Romantic Movies-

Love is an eternal topic of human beings. Love romantic movies are also the type that audiences never tire of seeing.The director use exquisite techniques, and the actors use touching performances to make the audience fall in love deeply during the 1-2 hours , feeling the heart moving, romantic, sweet, passionate, sad, even painful. Whether it's valentine's day or just an ordinary day, whether you're alone or both, watching a  romantic movie is always a comfort.

After Before Sunrise had passed 9 years, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reunited for a dream-parade in Paris. What would happened ? The Princess Bride  is a perfect romantic movie for a man because it celebrates virtues that are important to the man, as well as the woman. It 's about 15 film for you today, including Pride And Prejudice, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Princess Bride, Before Sunrise's, The Notebook and so on.

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Release Date
  • Rate : 5.5
  • Production Companies :
  • Director : Andrew Black,
  • Stars : Orlando Seale,Kam Heskin,
  • Pride & Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy is a 2003 independent film adaptation/updating of Jane Austen's novel, set in modern-day Provo, Utah, at Brigham Young University. The characters are Latter-day Saints (LDS).
Release Date
  • Rate : 8
  • Production Companies : Anonymous Content, This Is That Productions, Focus Features,
  • Director : Mary Cybulski,
  • Stars : Jim Carrey,Kate Winslet,Elijah Wood,
  • A man, Joel Barish, heartbroken that his girlfriend Clementine underwent a procedure to erase him from her memory, decides to do the same. However, as he watches his memories of her fade away, he realizes that he still loves her, and may be too late to correct his mistake.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.60
  • Production Companies : Act III Communications, The Princess Bride Ltd., Buttercup Films Ltd.,
  • Director : Ceri Evans,
  • Stars : Cary Elwes,Robin Wright,Mandy Patinkin,
  • In this enchantingly cracked fairy tale, the beautiful Princess Buttercup and the dashing Westley must overcome staggering odds to find happiness amid six-fingered swordsmen, murderous princes, Sicilians and rodents of unusual size. But even death can't stop these true lovebirds from triumphing.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.80
  • Production Companies : Warner Bros., Detour Film Production,
  • Director :
  • Stars : Ethan Hawke,Julie Delpy,Andrea Eckert,
  • A dialogue marathon of a film, this fairytale love story of an American boy and French girl. During a day and a night together in Vienna their two hearts collide.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.60
  • Production Companies : Castle Rock Entertainment, Detour Film Production, Warner Independent Pictures (WIP),
  • Director :
  • Stars : Ethan Hawke,Julie Delpy,Vernon Dobtcheff,
  • Nine years ago two strangers met by chance and spent a night in Vienna that ended before sunrise. They are about to meet for the first time since. Now they have one afternoon to find out if they belong together.
Release Date
  • Rate : 6.90
  • Production Companies : Walt Disney Pictures, Mandeville Films,
  • Director : Bill Condon, Kim Armitage, Cathy Doubleday,
  • Stars : Emma Watson,Dan Stevens,Luke Evans,
  • A live-action adaptation of Disney's version of the classic tale of a cursed prince and a beautiful young woman who helps him break the spell.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.70
  • Production Companies : Summit Entertainment, Mr. Mudd Production,
  • Director : Diane H. Newman,
  • Stars : Logan Lerman,Emma Watson,Ezra Miller,
  • A coming-of-age story based on the best-selling novel by Stephen Chbosky, which follows 15-year-old freshman Charlie, an endearing and naive outsider who is taken under the wings of two seniors. A moving tale of love, loss, fear and hope - and the unforgettable friends that help us through life.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.90
  • Production Companies : Warner Bros., Annapurna Pictures,
  • Director : Tracy Scott,
  • Stars : Joaquin Phoenix,Scarlett Johansson,Rooney Mara,
  • In the not so distant future, Theodore, a lonely writer purchases a newly developed operating system designed to meet the user's every needs. To Theordore's surprise, a romantic relationship develops between him and his operating system. This unconventional love story blends science fiction and romance in a sweet tale that explores the nature of love and the ways that technology isolates and connects us all.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.60
  • Production Companies : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation,
  • Director :
  • Stars : Johnny Depp,Winona Ryder,Dianne Wiest,
  • Edward Scissorhands is a classic Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film about a small suburban town that receives a visit from a castaway unfinished science experiment named Edward. A satire on the normality of Middle-America and their fear of outsiders. A magical fairytale story of loneliness, learning, and love; that will make you laugh, curse, and cry.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.40
  • Production Companies : Columbia Pictures, Merchant Ivory Productions,
  • Director : James Ivory, Christopher Newman, Diana Dill,
  • Stars : Anthony Hopkins,Emma Thompson,James Fox,
  • A rule bound head butler's world of manners and decorum in the household he maintains is tested by the arrival of a housekeeper who falls in love with him in post-WWI Britain. The possibility of romance and his master's cultivation of ties with the Nazi cause challenge his carefully maintained veneer of servitude.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.40
  • Production Companies : Summit Entertainment, Samson Films, RTE,
  • Director : John Carney,
  • Stars : Glen Hansard,Markéta Irglová,Geoff Minogue,
  • A vacuum repairman moonlights as a street musician and hopes for his big break. One day a Czech immigrant, who earns a living selling flowers, approaches him with the news that she is also an aspiring singer-songwriter. The pair decide to collaborate, and the songs that they compose reflect the story of their blossoming love.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.80
  • Production Companies : New Line Cinema,
  • Director : Nick Cassavetes, Melinda Taksen,
  • Stars : Rachel McAdams,Ryan Gosling,Gena Rowlands,
  • An epic love story centered around an older man who reads aloud to a woman with Alzheimer's. From a faded notebook, the old man's words bring to life the story about a couple who is separated by World War II, and is then passionately reunited, seven years later, after they have taken different paths.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7.60
  • Production Companies : Fox 2000 Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment, TSG Entertainment,
  • Director : Josh Boone, Luca Kouimelis,
  • Stars : Shailene Woodley,Ansel Elgort,Nat Wolff,
  • Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a patient named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.
Release Date
  • Rate : 0
  • Production Companies :
  • Director : Joseph Megel,
  • Stars :
  • A short film about love, loss and letting go. A young man, raised by his father after the death of his mother, finds himself stalled in his life and unable to pursue his dreams of pursuing an acting career. Performing in a play in his hometown, he meets an older actress who acts as a catalyst, changing everything.
Release Date
  • Rate : 7
  • Production Companies : The Weinstein Company,
  • Director : Karen Golden, Xanthus Valan, Michele Ziegler,
  • Stars : Bradley Cooper,Jennifer Lawrence,Robert De Niro,
  • After spending eight months in a mental institution, a former teacher moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.