The Fate of House Stark was rooted from which Episode?

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From the curse of King Robert

Back to episode #1, Season 1 of Game of Thrones, everything is fine and everyone is there. Ned Stark is having a good time with his wife and children, preparing to welcome King Robert Baratheon's visit.

King Robert and his wife Cersei (with her adorable blonde hair) enters, shakse hands with his longtime friend Ned Stark.

It seems like a really normal scene, right? However, some fans have pointed out the "abnormality" in it by paying more attention. There is some terrifying truth, just like King Robert Baratheon's curse.

Whoever having touched King Robert ends up dying. You don't believe it?

How about the kids who Robert didn't touch? Robert asked Arya: "What's your name?" and everyone knows her troubles with her name later.

Robert Baratheon even praised Bran, saying that he would become a warrior in the future. In fact, Bran loses the use of his legs, later. He also said some words to Sansa, telling her she is a beautiful lady, and her future doesn't really agree with it.

However, when all the characters that Robert made physical interaction with died already, it also means that his curse might have ended.

To other crazy theories about House Stark

Although their flag is flying in Winterfell, Sansa and Jon walk its halls in their glorious furs, we can't help worrying about the fate of this House when most of its members are dead.

“There must always be a stark in winterfell” is another curse.

One theory suggests that the same magic the Children of the Forest put in the Wall to repel the White Walkers and keep them out is also tied to Stark blood. The reason the White Walkers have been advancing, then, is because there hasn’t been a Stark in Winterfell for too long. Some even think the Children of the Forest put a curse on the Starks that postulates a Stark must remain in Winterfell if they want to maintain their fortune. In other words, when Sansa tells Jon “We never should have left Winterfell” she’s even more right than she knows.

Another theory suggests that deep within the crypts where Stark ancestors are buried, with poor Rickon being their newest addition thanks to his inability to run in a zig-zag; you had one job, kid!, the bodies are all wights or Others waiting to rise. If this theory is true, it means forget Lady Stoneheart or even Benjen Stark: We could potentially get confirmation on Jon Snow’s mother right from Lyanna Stark herself. Some suggest this bond between the Starks and the Others exist because the first Others were Starks, it would fit with the Night’s King’s backstory, and Jon will need to go down to the crypts and turn into an Other in the end. That would explain why he’s always dreaming about the crypts in the books.

The craziest and most fun theory is that there is a dragon beneath Winterfell. If you think that sounds nuts, there is precedent in the books. From The World of Ice and Fire:

Yet the smallfolk of Winterfell and the winter town have been known to claim that the springs are heated by the breath of a dragon that sleeps beneath the castle.

This dragon would also be tied to another theory, resurrected Jon as the rebirth of the legendary hero Azor Ahai, and the dragon would be his sword Lightbringer. Given how elaborate it is, this theory is unlikely at best, but it sure would be cool.