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Akiva Goldsman Movie List

Title Job Year
Transformers 7 Producer 2019 Try Prime Free >
Rings Screenplay 2017 Free Watch now
Stephanie Director 2017 Try Prime Free >
The Dark Tower Producer 2017 Try Prime Free >
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Producer 2017 Free Watch now
Transformers: The Last Knight Producer 2017 Free Watch now
The 5th Wave Screenplay 2016 Free Watch now
Insurgent Screenplay 2015 Try Prime Free >
Winter's Tale Producer 2014 Free Watch now
Lone Survivor Producer 2013 Try Prime Free >
Jonah Hex Producer 2010 Free Watch now
Paranormal Activity 2 Executive Producer 2010 Try Prime Free >
Angels & Demons Screenplay 2009 Free Watch now
Hancock Producer 2008 Free Watch now
I Am Legend Screenplay 2007 Free Watch now
Poseidon Producer 2006 Try Prime Free >
The Da Vinci Code Screenplay 2006 Free Watch now
Cinderella Man Screenplay 2005 Free Watch now
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Producer 2005 Try Prime Free >
Constantine Producer 2005 Free Watch now
Mindhunters Producer 2004 Free Watch now
Starsky & Hutch Producer 2004 Try Prime Free >
I, Robot Screenplay 2004 Free Watch now
A Beautiful Mind Screenplay 2001 Free Watch now
Deep Blue Sea Producer 1999 Try Prime Free >
Practical Magic Screenplay 1998 Free Watch now
Lost in Space Producer 1998 Try Prime Free >
Batman & Robin Author 1997 Free Watch now
A Time to Kill Screenplay 1996 Try Prime Free >
Batman Forever Screenplay 1995 Free Watch now
The Client Screenplay 1994 Free Watch now
Silent Fall Screenplay 1994 Try Prime Free >

Akiva Goldsman


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