Adventures in Babysitting

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Two teen rival babysitters, Jenny and Lola, team up to hunt down one of their kids who accidentally ran away into the big city without any supervision.


Comedy, TV Movie

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John Schultz

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Adventures in Babysitting Audience Reviews

AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Borserie it is finally so absorbing because it plays like a lyrical road odyssey that’s also a detective story.
Ezmae Chang This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
KukuiSeedButter First off, this remake was completely unnecessary, but EVERYTHING has a remake/sequel now, so yeah. The Disney Channel has been playing a heavily censored version the original 1987 film for years now, so I guess it was time to make their own G-rated "updated" version with cell phones and all that. They throw in quotes ("I'll guard her with my life") and scenes (like singing rap instead of blues on stage) from the original.Whether comparing it to the original or as a stand-alone TV flick, it is still lackluster in every way. The characters are such clichéd, forgettable cookie cutters that you can see everything coming from lightyears away. The two babysitters are total opposites, but oh no, will they have to learn to get along for the kids, then end up becoming buds and taking selfies together at the end? Will they each get a BF with zero development and personality? Will the emo girl also get a generic BF and stop being an emo because she has a "deep" 20 second talk with him? Will the JonBenet Ramsey wanna-be have to do the babysitter's hair at the end to impress a guy?Of course. I rolled my eyes so many times I lost count. Sure, the plot of the original was far-fetched, but this one is so unbelievable it's almost Spongebob. I know it's intended for kids, but that doesn't mean we should treat them like idiots and spoon feed them pandering, predictable crap.The original balanced both dark and lighthearted scenes, so it's entertaining for a wider audience. This one, however, caters to only the youngest viewers, making it intolerable for anyone over the age of 7. As if the characters and plot aren't bad enough, there are a lot of loud obnoxious scenes filled with childish humor that will make it that much more grating for parents to have to listen to. I gave it 2 stars because the only use this movie has is to babysit your 4 year old for 90 minutes while you do house chores. Aside from that, the only people I see enjoying this are tweens who are fans of the two lead actresses and their previous Disney Channel roles. They do try, but they're not given good material to work with.For everyone else: stay far away from this one, ESPECIALLY fans of the original. It will do nothing but annoy you.
Ddey65 Some might find it shocking to believe that it's possible to like both the original movie, and the remake. As the days approaching the release of this DCOM were fading away, I read posts by people who thought this was an attack on their childhood memories of the original, as well as those who were against all remakes no matter what. My childhood was long over when this came out, so that didn't bother me, and even if it wasn't I wouldn't have taken any offense to the remake's existence.Sabrina Carpenter plays the new version of Chris Parker, named Jenny. She and Lola Perez (Sofia Carson), are artistic photographers competing for an apparently exclusive internship. During this interview both girls bump into each other and get their cell phones mixed-up, in a scene right out of "Stuck in the Suburbs." After they're done, Lola gets a parking ticket (one of many), from a rookie traffic cop who she develops a crush on. Desperate for cash to pay for that ticket, she accepts a babysitting job that was supposed to be offered to Jenny. Lola's charges turn out to be roller derby fan AJ Anderson, would-be pre-teen chef Bobby Anderson, and unknowingly teenage would be rebel Trey Anderson.Former Miranda Cosgrove look-alike Nikki Hahn plays Emily Cooper, a 14-year-old emo girl who is determined to either shave her hair off or dye it green just to be noticed. She's the complete polar opposite of her 7-year-old sister Katy, who makes Quinn Morgendorffer look like the biggest bull dyke in the Bedford Hills Women's Prison. These two end up with Jenny as their babysitter, and when she calls up Lola's kids to check on her phone just as chaos is breaking out there, she drives the Cooper kids to the Anderson house hoping to intervene.The runaway here is not frantic nerdy friend Brenda, but semi-cool rebellious teen Trey, who escapes from his room just as Jenny and her charges arrive, and unlike Penelope Ann Miller's character just wants to score some concert tickets. The girls look at his laptop and find out he was getting them from a pawn shop in the "big bad city," and decide to drive off in the GMC Yukon XL owned by the Anderson matriarch. When they arrive at the pawn shop, they find the owner is dealing with a stolen rare Saphire Ferrett, which Bobby Anderson spooks and accidentally lets loose in the store. Lola loves the commotion and takes pictures of the incident leading to a big chase in the city which is compromised by having that SUV towed away. Most of the chases with the bad guys have been compared to "Home Alone," and justifiably so. When they finally arrive at the pizza restaurant Trey loves, Lola talks him into giving away his tickets so she can scalp it and use the money to get Mrs. Anderson's SUV out of the impound. Emily isn't so happy when she finds that Trey and her friends are all ga-ga over Jenny. From this we can conclude that Trey Anderson is a combination of both Keith Coogan's character and Penelope Ann Miller's. After another chase, Lola tries to scalp the tickets but gets caught by the cops. A.J. Anderson's "Thor" is Roller Derby girl "Jailer Swift," and she meets her idol while her team and their rivals get busted for fighting outside of the rink. When they finally let Lola go, and the two roller derby teams get into another fight, the cops send them outside, right into the hands of the crooked pawn shop employees, and another chase begins.Instead of stumbling into a blues night club and being forced to sing the blues, Jenny is forced to rap at a night club by a DJ, and Emily encourages Lola to turn it into a rap battle. Despite the fact that they both trash each other on stage (although the trashing is nowhere near as fierce as in "Let it Shine"), they actually bond with each other. Between the two of them Sofia Carson is the better dancer. Is it because she's older, taller, and more developed than Sabrina Carpenter? Maybe... or maybe not. Either way, most of the kids are impressed with both of them, except for Emily, who Jenny tries to cheer up before they finally find a way to get the money for the same towing company (albeit different driver), that towed the Anderson's SUV to the impound in this movie, as the one that towed the Buick Electra Estate Station Wagon through Chicago in 1987.Fans of the original SHOULD see the remake. They should look for every contemporary version of the original scenes, and not just the rap battle between Carpenter and Carson replacing the Albert Collins-Elizabeth Shue concert. None of the girls are mistaken for playboy models, but horny guys will enjoy Sofia Carson in a one-piece bathing suit to make up for it. Nobody gets stuck on the ledge of a building or gets sidelined to the friend zone at least for that long. There's also no "Lords of Hell," to mess with, or any cheating boyfriends. Likewise, kids who would only know of the remake should see the original, if they haven't already. I almost considered listing scene comparisons and contrasts between the two versions as my review, but I changed my mind. Though it's more adventure than comedy, I got a big kick out of it, and I just think purists who are fans of the original shouldn't be dissuaded to see the new version due to a knee-jerk aversion to remakes and give it a break.
Pumpkin_Man As a kid of the 90's, I grew up with the original Adventures in Babysitting. It has become a cult classic to me and I was kinda skeptical when I first saw the trailer for this new version. I watched it on TV, and I really quite enjoyed it. It'll never beat the original, but I thought it was fun and adorable and a decent movie to itself, but with a few references to the original. The character of Chris Parker is now Jenny Parker, an up-tight by the books teen with a passion for art. Her world soon collides with Lola Perez, a fun loving rule breaking teen who also shares a love for art and photography. During an interview, they accidentally switch cell phones. Lola gets a call on Jenny's phones and says she'll pay double for a babysitter. While babysitting, the house almost catches on fire and one of the kids sneaks out to go see a concert. When Jenny realizes they switched phones, she shows up and takes control of the situation. Instead of a Playboy with notes about stolen car parts, the kids are soon chased by bad guys because they took a picture of them with a rare Ferret that they stole. The bad guys are really dumbed down, like in the later Home Alone sequels. They chase them all night, which leads into the most iconic scene from the original film (Nobody leaves this place without singing the Blues) However, in this version, it has been upgraded to a babysitting rap battle between Jenny and Lola. Something I always love in movies is when two people start out on the odds with each other, then they slowly become friends as the movie progresses. This one does that pretty well. If you're expecting it to be a scene-by-scene remake with all the character names as the original, you'll be disappointed, but if you're open minded, you might enjoy it. I would definitely recommend ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING!!!
Reno Rangan Now its Maya's (Sabrina Carpenter) turn after Riley's (Rowan Blanchard) 'Invisible Sister'. I'm referring the two best friends from 'Girl Meets World'. This film saw a delayed release and initially it was said to be a sequel to the 80s film of the same name, but now it stated as an official remake. The basic theme was retained and the rest was modified to the present trend. They aimed for G and/or PG, not anything above that, so they had to give up those risky stuffs from the original, hence became a simple one night adventure.The 100th film under the Disney channel's belt. I neither liked nor disliked it. It's a mixed feeling to me, but if you had loved the original film, which was for all ages, most certainly you won't enjoy this. This film is for those who had not seen the old version and it specially targeted for the little kids and tween audience. The main issue was the film characters doubled with the two babysitters and their two sets of children to be taken care, which means the adventures drastically shrunk.There's no innovation and those altered scenes didn't do anything to lift the spirit of the narration. Especially the rap song was a disappointment compared to the 'Babysitting Blues' and also weak negative characters let the film down. But the display from the cast was amazing, if only they had refined story upto 60-70% new ideas, it had a good chance to impress the viewers. Overall, as a television film it did fared decently, but only when compared with the original, it goes stumbling. 5/10