American Pie Presents: The Book of Love

2009 "It's the hottest slice yet!"
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Released: 22 December 2009 Released
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Ten years after the first American Pie movie, three new hapless virgins discover the Bible hidden in the school library at East Great Falls High. Unfortunately for them, the book is ruined, and with incomplete advice, the Bible leads them on a hilarious journey to lose their virginity.



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John Putch

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American Pie Presents: The Book of Love Audience Reviews

Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
Fairaher The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.
Philippa All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
overlord_olsen Q: How many scenes with bare tits did we have on the number 6 of the American Pie squeeze-out? A: ehrm, five, mister money-making producer. Then make it seven in this thing! And make up something that can justify that we call it American pie!And so it were. A truckload of breasts (not bad for a teen movie, I must admit. And I'm glad to see how they parted from the apparent"silicone only"-track from the earlier movies). And some vague connection to the infamous "Book of Love" and Jim's farther, the untireable Eugene Levy. But what a weak film. Not worthy of the name, I must say. The laughs are all of the over-the-top style, which is very different from the earlier films, which were much more embarrassment-based, thus creating laughs alongside with building sympathy for the main characters. This is completely lost, and makes for 1 ½ hours + with seldom laughs and characters you don't care about. Even spiked with a load of boobs, it's a cocktail not worth drinking.
Jason Evans Seriously, who is paying to watch these things? This is the seventh American Pie film - despite the fact that any humour, charm or originality that the original had had run out about halfway through American Pie 2. The soft-core porn element is totally defunct in the internet age, and the plots have come to resemble episodes of Skins written by a Barbary macaque. In fact, Skins is worth mentioning - as it shows that teen comedies can actually be funny, well-written and intelligent. Compared to that, tripe like American Pie 7 is just insulting to teenage boys. Surely, this has to be the last of this franchise - I cannot understand why anyone would be paying money to watch or rent this tosh.
boonzeet I'm disappointed in this movie.main reasons: First 45 minutes of film can be skipped as the plot only starts strengthening towards the end Stupid, unfunny and needlessly sexual 'daydreams' of one of the characters. Characters names easily forgotten as barely mentioned. Stifler's actor did not understand what it was to be a Stifler. Stiflers are lovable idiots who have obvious flaws, this one was just a complete and utter arse and wasn't even remotely funny. Lines like "how about you blow me in (store name)", and the girls reply "sure", are just absolutely stupid.Stifler got raped by a moose. The girl's logic for nearly sleeping with Stifler was completely ridiculous, and Bug's character's ability to just accept this equally ridiculous. It just wasn't funny. Did I mention Stifler. Got raped. By a moose. Then released a song on iTunes named 'Moose D***'. Noel's role was pretty stupid and how he ditched his job to repair the book of love. Trying to be the same plot as the first film, sucking quite bad. The first film allowed you to connect with the characters and actually like them. I did not like any of these stupid characters.Stupid garbage and a taint to the series.Pros, and the bits I did like:The plot was actually a bit better towards the end There were 1 or 2 laughs. Seeing the credits roll made me very happy. It was nice having a non-American, the British girl. At least it had Noel Levenstein.Unless you're a real American Pie fan, don't bother seeing this.
redmer456 Yesterday I saw the first and the second film of American Pie, and I saw the movie alone and I had to laugh all the time.. Today I saw the latest film of American Pie; book of love, seriously I haven't laugh one time.. The only thing I did liked was that Eugene Levy was playing in the film again. The actors were playing bad, the movie was so unreal (in the other American Pie movies there were situations that could happen to myself, in the book of love it was all fake) and things like Stifler got anal by a bad animated elk isn't funny at all. I hope there will be a new American Pie movie only they should hire good actors who make movie funny, they have at least to make one other movie of American Pie to make good the book of love. So my hint is to not waste your time and money to this movie, it's a worst of the American Pie series.