Barbershop: The Next Cut

2016 "Everybody's back for a fresh cut"
5.9| 1h52m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 15 April 2016 Released
Producted By: New Line Cinema
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To survive harsh economic times, Calvin and Angie have merged the barbershop and beauty salon into one business. The days of male bonding are gone as Eddie and the crew must now contend with sassy female co-workers and spirited clientele. As the battle of the sexes rages on, a different kind of conflict has taken over Chicago. Crime and gangs are on the rise, leaving Calvin worried about the fate of his son. Together, the friends come up with a bold plan to take back their beloved neighborhood.


Drama, Comedy

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Malcolm D. Lee

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New Line Cinema


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Barbershop: The Next Cut Audience Reviews

Actuakers One of my all time favorites.
Mjeteconer Just perfect...
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
Zlatica One of the worst ways to make a cult movie is to set out to make a cult movie.
Seth_Rogue_One It's an alright third part of the (now) Barbershop trilogy.Not that very many people actually asked for a third one but yeah it didn't turn out too bad, not as good as the first (which to me is a borderline classic) but slightly better than the second (which to me was just okay).Not tremendously many surprises to be found, mostly consisting of people discussing various topics in a barbershop per usual. This time though often in a more serious tone as opposed to the previous films where it was mostly about the jokes (and yes black lives matters etc are covered in the topics but not to the point that it gets exhausting they do mix it up a bit).Most of the old cast have been replaced with new characters, Ice Cube, Cedric and Eve are the only barbers to return in this movie.Troy Garrity and Sean Patrick Thomas does both show up but they've left the barbershop and only serves as cameos this time around.Michael Ealy and Leonard Earl Howze (African dude) are nowhere to be found.The newer recruits are mostly okay though albeit can't really fill the big shoes the original gang left, Common might be an exception though, always found him to be one of the better rappers turned actors. Nicki Minaj mostly serves as eye-candy but it works.Also JB Schmoove replaces DeRay Davis (who has said not even to been asked to return) as the 'hustle guy', I don't think they are the same character per sé but they don't really differ a whole lot.Tyga who I'm not really much of a fan of I must admit is pretty good as a gang member in this.Anyway overall, watchable for sure but if they do a fourth one they have to switch things up a bit more.
geiserstone This movie was supposed to be a comedy but quickly turned into garbage. Loved the first movie and had high hopes for the sequel and then this crap comes out. Getting tired of seeing all this BLM stuff on TV and how racism is still alive and effecting our communities but it's OK to promote and advertise that same garbage in movies. Want to overcome racism, try not promoting it and reminding everybody every second of the day about it. I'm by no way in hell a racist, so please let's not jump to conclusions. This movie has to be the worst piece of garbage Ice Cube's been in. There is nothing comedic about this movie. The movie is pure propaganda. Sadly disappointing
David Every now and then my mother and I go to the movies because she enjoys it. One day she asked me if I wanted to see Barbershop: The Next Cut at the dollar movies. I had overheard from a few acquaintances that it was a decent movie, and I couldn't find anything more interesting showing so I decided to see it with her. I had never seen any of the prior Barbershops so I didn't know what to expect. I figured why not, I had nothing better to do and thought maybe I would watch a decent movie and get a few chuckles in. Boy oh boy was I asking for too much.Right away within the first two minutes I knew the kind of nonsense I would have to sit through. It starts off talking about how awesome of a president Barack Hussein Obama is, and how black people are oppressed and blah blah blah (let it be known that I am not white. Sorry to disappoint you race-card players). I figure, "whatever, it won't last", but silly me. As the first few minutes played out, every liberal progressive talking point gets thrown in my face so fast I feel like I'm watching CNN. With horrendous acting, the illiterates working at the barbershop (which is co-ed, because you can't forget "gender equality") ramble on about how white man is so bad, and that the white man is the reason for their failures and shortcomings and how they need to take back power, how guns and cops are evil, black lives matter, and how the gangster Michael Brown was a victim despite the fact that other races are killed more frequently. I mean, people talk like Brown was walking home from Med School when he was shot. The list goes on and on. Amidst an argument among the illiterates about the tyrannical Caucasian race, the token Middle Eastern of the diverse group says, "Look guys, I don't like white people either". Can you imagine if a white person said that about black people? But this is different so it gets a pass i guess. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this stuff being brought up other than to appeal to the brainwashed population that eats this stuff up. The camera has an annoying tendency to make sure that the "NO GUNS ALLOWED" sign is always clearly visible in the background, and when our beloved protagonist Ice Cube apprehends a gun, he looks at it like he never saw one before. I'm not even 15 minutes into the movie and I feel pathetic just being in the same room. Here you have a bunch of millionaire actors pretending to be oppressed and poor and crying like victims, only to cash their million dollar checks and go back to their lavish lifestyle.The movie at times will take a break from it's communist agenda (but not really) to develop its plot, which is so hilariously sad that I have every reason to believe that these script writers belong in strait jackets. When two members of rival gangs have an altercation in the barbershop, the illiterates decide that it's time to take action! Let's do something to stop the gun violence! YEAH!! So what do they do to try to stop violence in the neighborhood? FREE HAIRCUTS! What better way to stop bloods and crips from murdering each other than free haircuts?! OMG Why has nobody thought of this before?!! If only every neighborhood in America with a high crime rate gave out free haircuts to its people then we wouldn't have this senseless gun violence guys! It's so obvious!! It's so sad seeing how out of touch with reality some people are.I apologize if my review was too political, but that's exactly what this movie is; too political, with not even an iota of intelligence involved with it. I would have walked out of the movie if I was not with my mother. If you have the slightest bit of self-respect, do not see this movie. Do not support the Hollywood idiots that are so out of touch with reality.
Tony Heck "Barbershop used to be a place of peace." Chicago is in a bad way. The violence has begun to take over and it finally hits the area around Calvin's (Cube) barbershop. When Calvin's son becomes involved in gang violence he has to once again wonders if the best course of action for his family is to close the shop. This series has been very strange. The first one was funny but didn't think it needed a sequel. The second one was really bad and I didn't like it at all. This one though I thought was the best of all 3. That being said that all pretty much have the same plot. This one has nothing all that original and the movie is fairly predictable but the reason to watch isn't for the plot. This movie has a great and very timely message. It was a little strange to see the guy responsible for F the Police to have such a strong anti-violence movie…but that actually adds a little to the impact of it. Overall, the best of the series with one of the best messages of any movie in the last few years. I actually recommend this for that, and the laughs. I give this a B.