Battle: Los Angeles

2011 "It's not war. It's survival."
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Released: 08 March 2011 Released
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When once distant UFOs become a terrifying threat attacking Earth, a Marine staff sergeant and his team take it upon themselves to face the enemy and protect what remains of the planet.

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Jonathan Liebesman

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TinsHeadline Touches You
Lawbolisted Powerful
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Suman Roberson It's a movie as timely as it is provocative and amazingly, for much of its running time, it is weirdly funny.
yuengling215 It really wasn't what I expected! It was a lot slower paced than I thought it was gona be. Aside from The cheesy wanna be soldiers & marines it was a o.k. Movie. They kept spelling out F.O.B. Instead of saying FOB. It just sounded weird... And there were a lot of corny moments as well. It def wasn't what I expected out of an "Invasion" movie. And did have some bad acting... So overall it wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't a great movie either.. If your bored and have nothing better to do give it a shot...
James Jonathan Liebesman's "Battle Los Angeles" now has 7 years on it, but it will reward newcomers in the way that, like the go-anywhere heroes it portrays, it hits the ground running and never loses its pace or ENTIRELY authentic look.Of course, this film exists out in the real world to do more than tell an alien invasion story, but the willingness of the USMC and others to cooperate pays its dividends. Large-scale, multi-chopper scenes apparently featuring hundreds of personnel give way effortlessly to claustrophic street-by-street, building-by-building fighting, and many of the small touches look right (not least when a ***t-scared Marine gets jumpy when a washing machine clicks to the end of its cycle and in his startled moment, he ends up with a bag of washing powder falling all over him). It's that kind of film, and for me that's just right.The start, which sees the crisis unfold from "unexpected meteor shower" to "alien invasion" is also tense and again looks right, with curious TV reporters maintaining their professionalism until terror takes over quite abruptly.Acting is a kind of question mark, except that Eckhart, Rodriguez ... and Rodriguez, Rothhaar,Pesi, Parrack and co. all do ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH with their dialogue and actions to convince us that they ARE military personnel; and we can't really ask for more than that, can we?So this is basically a fighting Marines film with a well-told alien invasion story tacked on to it. Mostly, it delivers what it was made to deliver and it's both convincing and enjoyable.
Ian Kane Why, this must be Johnathan Liebersman's 2-hour long graduation project for the Micheal Bay School of Bland Action Movies! Gaze in awe how he uses the camera to make every single action scene in this movie completely unfocused and entirely drained of any impact on the viewer. Let's try not to forget the characters that done their damnedest to be forgotten as soon as you finish watching either. What else? Oh yeah, those aliens. They are probably the blandest the human imagination could've thought up.With this movie, he's sure to pass with flying colors. Let's hope he never makes another movie again, or at least makes a better one.Final Score: 31/100 (Plastic Medal)
Matt McWhirter When I went to go see it the first time opening night, had I wrote my review then, I might of given it 9 stars. Simply because the trailer made me think it was going to be a cheesy, unrealistic sci-fi film such as what Michael Bay and Emmerich put out. I'm going to try not to spoil anything...but as some of the things I'm about to write were things I had no idea would even be in the movie; I'm going to assume, in some degree, they could be 'Spoilers', so with that, consider it a fair spoiler warning.After reading many of the 1 star reviews, it seems the 'between the lines' reason is that they hate the military and any movies that attempt to portray it realistically. If this describes (you), I would advise skipping this review. -- Yes I served. And if that alone makes you hate me, whatever makes you happy. Moving on with the review:Ironically, I served in the same battalion and regiment featured in this movie (2/5 1st Mar Div). I happened to enjoy it the first time simply because I wasn't expecting any of the details that they did get right. Correct unit/rank structure, correct uniforms (mostly), correct terminology. It was the first time hearing any of it in an alien film. And it made the invasion threat feel that much more real. The language in the opening newscast was as real as it gets. -- But it wasn't enough to cover its shortcomings.I also rated the movie soundtrack by Brian Tyler 10/10 stars. It's so good, one can close their eyes and imagine the movie this should have been. Which brings me to my criticisms...The 'shaky cam'...I have to agree with the critics. While combat is indeed a chaotic environment, I'll cite the beginning of Saving Private Ryan as an example of how to do it....without overdoing it. Same with Black Hawk Down...and imho, they should of asked Ridley Scott's help in making this.Regarding what else the movie was trying to be, which was a decent attempt at an authentic war movie focused on a single platoon... they could of did a better job with a 10-16 episode TV series like Band of Brothers, Pacific or Six. When it comes to war movies that start and end in under 2 hours...there's no real way to avoid pacing and character development that feels rushed. The only other criticisms are extremely minor. As someone who served in 2/5...we don't go around yelling "retreat hell" everywhere we go. Everything from how the Chinooks flew over enemy-held territory with anti-air (when they didn't have to) and how the platoon walked into several ambushes they way they killed the suspension of disbelief that these were supposed to be trained 0311 and 0331 Marines. Even someone like 2nd LT Martinez would of known better than to maneuver out in the open, behind enemy lines. SSGT Nance...while he has the correct rank for a platoon sergeant, anyone with close to 20 years in Marine Corps would likely be at least an E8 than an E6. -- Again, these are minor details.I appreciate what the movie was trying to do, which is why I give it 6 stars; but with a bit more effort this could have been a movie worthy of 10. Military accuracy might not mean anything (or might anger) others that didn't serve or hate the military, but I happened to appreciate it and wish more movies would make the effort.