2014 "Keep up the good work."
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Ogden Confer is a community college student living with his parents and dealing with the recent loss of his best pal, Rose, when he foils the suicide effort of a mysterious young lady, Beth, who proceeds to make him pay for not minding his own business.

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Tenney Fairchild

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FeistyUpper If you don't like this, we can't be friends.
Claysaba Excellent, Without a doubt!!
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
BelSports This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
John Doe This movie sucked so much I don't even know where to begin. It honestly has no story at all, and no character development none at all either. I rented this mess of a movie only because Analeigh Tipton was in it and it was not what I thought her character was supposed to be. The acting is OK but there is no story and doesn't go anywhere. The story is really weak and the ending is a total rip off and is a total waste of your money so go burn this instead of watching it OK? This movie currently has a 4.4 on IMDb and it deserves it cause it should be lower. I give Buttwhistle a 2/10 (the extra star is for Analeigh Tipton).
Paula Jansen First of all, I have a great appreciation for this film, even though I don't entirely understand it. It has a very unsatisfying ending, however.I can't explain everything, but I'll broach a few of the overall themes I do think I have a handle of ...Beth was abused and neglected; if you watch for it, there are clues to this throughout the movie. In the end, Ogden imagines Beth as the happy daughter of his parents ... he sees that things could have been different for her, that her world and circumstances brought out the worst in her. He tries to bring out the best of people and of himself.The film contrasts love and hate, different ways of looking at and interacting with the world and the people in it. I don't think the message is that we should be like Ogden of the present, or that we should not follow his example, either. I think it's just acknowledging a reality of the world ... that you can't help everyone, and that you will suffer for trying. Ogden knows this. He warns Roadcap, "Yank the thorn out of the critter's foot, doesn't mean he's not gonna eat you." Later, when freeing the parrot, you can see he's afraid of getting pecked by his bird beneficiary. Later yet, Ogden explains that a dog craps on a rug because it's a dog and can't help it, not because of any malice. Ogden understands the risks, the nature of people. He doesn't feel that everyone should take those risks, but he feels that he must "to make (him) feel better about (himself)".Ogden had more hate in his past and made mistakes. He took his anger out on someone who probably didn't deserve it. Rose may have been his savior. Ogden wants to help Beth in the same way that Rose helped him. Ogden sees some of himself in Beth. He acknowledges that he was once "the new kid" too, a point Beth seemed to use as an excuse for her meanness.Bonus: There seems to be an Easter egg in the scene with the Nazi flag hanging above the porch ... in the background there's someone dressed in a purple dinosaur suit. This might be a reference to Trevor Morgan's role in "Barney's Great Adventure".
zif ofoz I watched this movie twice. First watch left me cold. Second watch I felt I developed some insight to Ogden because everything important in this story revolves around him. So here's my take on Director Fairchild's movie.Ogden is living his daily life with a more positive attitude than he had when his best friend Rose was alive. Enter Beth, she is bitchy, rude, demanding, insulting, and domineering. Beth is a projection of Ogden's thoughts on how he treated Rose. (I say this because there is a scene in the story where Beth jumps on Ogden's back screaming "Let me go!") Beth is an element of Ogden's personality that he is examining thinking it had something to do with Rose's suicide. Thus when he saves Beth from falling to her death it is actually Ogden realizing he hasn't been so nice to Rose and he wants to consider the consequences of his bad attitude. Rose occasionally shows up giving Ogden advice and insight. Here he is remembering the best of Rose. As most of us do when someone loved dies.At the story's end Beth is released and is no longer a part of Ogden. Ogden then sees a girl that looks like his idea of Beth but she is just a stranger on the street. Ogden has grown emotionally - his life continues.
Brian Bishop Once in a while, a movie comes along and just breaks everything you thought you knew about movies. Buttwhistle is not an "ordinary" movie and I don't think many people will find interest in it. It doesn't have huge actors with million dollar paychecks. It doesn't have special effects that make your eyes drool. It doesn't have big lows followed by gigantic highs. And really, this movie sorta divides it's audience. It asks you, are you feeling cerebral tonight..? Buttwhistle is like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, crammed into a clear plastic ziplock bag. If you have the time and the desire, you can dump those pieces on your mental workspace and try to find a few that will fit together. But without a "box" or a cover, you have no idea what you're building so things soon become rather confusing. Why is the sun where the ground should be, there can't be dirt where the sky should be. Can there..? We struggle to see the relationships between the characters because again, no cover, no image of our puzzle to copy from. This movie has surprising moments of humor laced throughout and it might be said that that's the only thing keeping you from pushing this puzzle off your space. There are also some truly beautiful female actresses, some scenes with gorgeous boobs so that might also keep you motivated. But the big surprise doesn't smack you in the face at the end. It doesn't show you where the last piece fits. It lets you struggle, much like the lead character, even when there's only one piece left and you're sure it simply has to fit. And it's this "use a hammer to make it fit" mentality that stunned me for after it appeared before me, puzzle complete, I could finally see what it was that I had been building. And wow, have you ever seen something that you just couldn't get out of your mind, like, forever..?