Coming 2 America

2021 "A sequel is in the heir."
6.8| 1h50m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 05 March 2021 Released
Producted By: Paramount
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Prince Akeem Joffer is set to become King of Zamunda when he discovers he has a son he never knew about in America – a street savvy Queens native named Lavelle. Honoring his royal father's dying wish to groom this son as the crown prince, Akeem and Semmi set off to America once again.

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Craig Brewer

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Radcliffe Way too much time passed wherein this could have made any experience. The authentic film was notable and they wrecked it for me. End while you in advance ! Flat out too many cheap CGI effects. Tale line sucked ! Watch it if you need to waste your time.
Eileen It is not funny at all. Nothing comparing to the original movie. Jokes are stupid.
Rob1980 Best thing about this movie is that it brings back all of the actors. Worst thing about this movie is the movie. Great idea but horrible storyline.
Michelle This one was not funny. The only funny thing is they had 30 years to come up with something funny and this is the result.
lougheed1970 This film is 'comedy' for anyone who thinks Mc Donalds is food.
sama I will not comment on this film other than it's an embarrassing, unnecessary and stupid sequel.
Mr. Pachino Let's be honest Coming to America is way better than Coming 2 America
Amani Y’all I’ve watched Coming 2 America 2 100 times Face with tears of joy I just love it and shoulda been in it
Paul Just watched Coming2America and gotta say what a great sequel