Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

2005 "For the women of Europe... The price of love just got a lot cheaper."
4.7| 1h23m| en| More Info
Released: 12 August 2005 Released
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Deuce Bigalow goes to Amsterdam after a little accident including two irritating kids and a bunch of aggressive dolphins. There he meets up with his old friend T.J. Hicks. But a mysterious killer starts killing some of Amsterdam's finest gigolos and T.J. is mistaken for the extremely gay murderer. Deuce must enter the gigolo industry again to find the real murderer and clear T.J.'s name.

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Dorathen Better Late Then Never
TaryBiggBall It was OK. I don't see why everyone loves it so much. It wasn't very smart or deep or well-directed.
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Jenni Devyn Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.
BA_Harrison Heart-broken after the tragic death of his one-legged wife Kate, male gigolo Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schneider) is talked into taking a trip to Amsterdam by his ex-pimp TJ (Eddie Griffin), where the pair become involved in the hunt for a serial killer targeting the city's man-whores.I loved the first Deuce Bigalow for its unashamedly tasteless low-brow humour, but this sequel tries too damned hard, not to just match the original, but to outdo it; as a result we get loads of extremely OTT and very puerile gags, few of which actually hit the mark.Where the first movie saw Deuce's services hired by a tall woman, an obese woman, a narcoleptic, and a Tourette's sufferer, this one has the reluctant man-whore meeting an OCD sufferer, a babe with a serious hygiene problem, a 'big bitch' with a baby fetish, a hunchback, a lady with a tracheostoma, another with unfeasibly huge ears, and a Russian woman with a penis for a nose and who sneezes jizz!!!.There are a few giggles to be had with all this nonsense, but most of the jokes are too far-fetched and fall flatter than a Dutch landscape. There is also an over-reliance on repetitive gags, especially the use of ridiculously named sex acts such as Turkish Snowcone, Belgian Steamer, Portuguese Breakfast, Chili Rainbow etc. (which are funny the first time, but soon become tiresome).Part of me would love to believe that the film will grow on me with successive viewings, but I'm not even sure if I'm willing to test that theory.I rate Deuce Bigelow European Gigolo a disappointing 3 out of 10, but add an extra point for lovely Kelly Brook (as the woman in Deuce's pot-induced hallucination), gorgeous Hanna Verboom as Deuce's new squeeze Eva, and the use of The Pixies on the soundtrack.
pepe4u22 What a waste of time to me this movie took an amusing little movie and made a sequel which basically was a mishmash of ideas and reusing the same jokes from the first. The acting was bad, the premise was absurd and basically it took a five minute sketch and stretched it out for 90 minutes yecch. Basically Deuce has to get back to man whoring to save his old pimp Tj in Amsterdam of all places. This movie used old stereotypes plays on the supposive ignorance of Americans abroad and basically reaches for something funny. All the characters are shallow and silly and it was a wreck...Rob Schneider can be good in small roles but he can not carry a film the new actress who's name i cannot remember basically is your new blonde goddess who falls for about not happening in real life.
jts0405 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo was a funny movie that really was a break out role for Rob Schneider. Then after several years when I heard of a sequel being made I thought that it would be worth checking out since the first one was really funny. It started off slow and really killed off Kate pretty quickly. The movie basically had nudity, which the other did not have, yet it still wasn't worth the time or money. Rob Schneider is known for making pointlessly bad comedies, but this took it to a new low. This was even worse than The Animal and that was a bad movie. So please don't waste your time with this movie, because it really sucks.1/10
kfthompson1 Terrible, I can't believe how many 10s this has been given. It is not funny, some comedies can take on risky subjects in a humorous way, this can't and appears to just be offensive to many people. I am not saying this because I don't have a good sense of humour, but because I do.If you see this film is on, the only reason I would suggest watching it is if you want something to complain about, and sorry if you have actually paid money for this film. It cannot even be seen in the way that it is so bad that it's good, despite the suggestions of others. I do not normally leave reviews but was driven to it by seeing the surprisingly high score it had received.