Die Hard: With a Vengeance

1995 "Think fast. Look alive. Die hard."
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Released: 19 May 1995 Released
Producted By: 20th Century Fox
Country: United States of America
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Official Website: https://www.foxmovies.com/movies/die-hard-with-a-vengeance

New York detective John McClane is back and kicking bad-guy butt in the third installment of this action-packed series, which finds him teaming with civilian Zeus Carver to prevent the loss of innocent lives. McClane thought he'd seen it all, until a genius named Simon engages McClane, his new "partner" -- and his beloved city -- in a deadly game that demands their concentration.


Action, Thriller

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John McTiernan

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20th Century Fox


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Die Hard: With a Vengeance Audience Reviews

Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Fairaher The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.
Siflutter It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
stormhawk2018 "Die Hard with a Vengeance" was the first "Die Hard" I saw in the theater and it's my favorite of the sequels. John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back and this time he's not in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's the right man, being targeted by a terorrist bomber named Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons), Hans' brother, who wants to play a game of "Simon Says". If McClane doesn't do as he says, then he will blow up anything from a subway to a school in New York. McClane gets help from Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) a guy who saves his life in Harlem, and they try to stop Simon and find out why he is doing all this. John McTiernan was the director of the first movie and this is the only sequel he came back for, probably why it's the best. The action is phenomenal, the story is exciting, and Irons' Simon is the best of all the villains in the series, besides Hans Gruber. There are some scenes that are very over the top, but this is probably the most grounded of the entire series. Great movie, and if your looking for a roller coaster ride of a movie, then pop this bad boy back in.
akgonen60 This movie was off the chain crazy i seen part 1 and part 2 and 1 was the best hands down part 2 was garbage and boring to me this movie blew my mind action packed with good cast i thought it was awesome and just got it on blu ray to add to my collection 10/10 from me
morganstephens512 This film probably had the best acting, effects, characters, and action in the entire series. The more that I think about it, I think it is the best Die Hard movie, especially with the ending. But on the other hand, it is hard to watch due to the fact that it came out like at the same time as a terrible terrorist attack which makes it hard to see. This was the highest grossing movie of the year and I can see why, it was just in general a good movie.
Filipe Neto This is the third film in the series "Die Hard", which runs around the character of John McClane. In this film, he will face a terrorist group seeking revenge on him, specifically, by placing bombs in several places of New York. Directed by John McTiernan, the film has a screenplay by Jonathan Hensleigh. Bruce Willis takes the lead role.This film marks the return of McTiernan to the director's chair and managed to be different from the previous films. Addressing racial issues with humor, the film has good comic moments between McClane and Zeus, a seller from Harlem that takes racism too seriously and, eventually, become the main sidekick of McClane.Bruce Willis managed to shine again in a role that he knows well, but the spotlight was also turned on Samuel L. Jackson (who played Zeus) and Jeremy Irons, who gave life to the main villain. The eloquent and precise combination of the three actors was very important to the success of the film. The script also deserves congratulations: besides introducing humorous moments with great intelligence, also fled the pattern marked by two films, where Willis worked alone and out of his jurisdiction, to save his wife and the other people who were with her in danger. The time element is crucial to the film: with McClane working against the clock, the adrenaline flows freely and quickly infects the audience, which is attached to what is happening on the screen. The special, visual and sound effects are good, the picture is also positive.