Digimon: The Movie

2000 "New Monsters. New Battles. Now on the Big Screen."
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Released: 06 October 2000 Released
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The first story focused on Tai and Kari Kamiya four years before their adventure in the Digital World. It shows their first encounter with Digimon and what happened to them (as well as the other children). Tai and Kari wake one morning to find a Digi-Egg that came out of their computer the night before and the egg soon hatches, revealing a Botamon. The Digimon then evolves into Koromon and then Agumon (not the same one that became friends with Tai in the series, and yet, somehow, both Koromon and Kari remember each other), who then goes out and unintentionally destroys a good part of the neighborhood with Kari riding on his back. A second Digi-Egg appears in the sky to reveal an evil digimon, Parrotmon. Agumon then Digivolves to Greymon but isn't strong enough to beat Parrotmon and is knocked out. Tai grabs Kari's whistle and wakes up Greymon, who defeats Parrotmon and disappears with him.

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Steineded How sad is this?
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
GazerRise Fantastic!
Kirandeep Yoder The joyful confection is coated in a sparkly gloss, bright enough to gleam from the darkest, most cynical corners.
Python Hyena Digimon: The Movie (2000): Dir: Mamoru Hosoda, Minoru Hosoda, Shigeyasu Yamauchi / Voices: Lara Jill Miller, Joshua Seth, Bob Glouberman, Brian Donovan, David Lodge: Mirror image of Pokemon and frankly both films should be tossed in a trash compactor and forgotten. Digimon regards our world (which is a world uninhabited by the creators of Digimon) and the digital world. It opens with an egg hatching over the Internet and becoming a furry little creature that gets bigger and fights other Digimon creatures. Eventually the whole Internet is threatened by furry creatures chewing phone line data. Why do people create such junk and call it entertainment? Even the animation is about the lowest level of garbage that is just above drawing stick figures. There is absolutely no reason to see this film or allow your children to be subject to its bullshit. It is basically candy-coated violence aimed at children whose naïve parents are busy protecting them from films like American Psycho. It is always hilarious when conservative actions ignore violence packaged in these Pokemon rehashes. They are obviously lacking in media influence if they believe that this is harmless kids entertainment. It is aimed at the lowest common denominator written as a predictable and mindless farce and dreadful animation that should be flattened under a ton of bricks. Score: 0 / 10
David D Eval Well, it's hard to say if this movie is just awesome, just good or awful. It fully depends on what you like, and don't forget it's an animated movie. I first watched this movie about 8 years ago (I'm still pretty young). Back then I couldn't review it, but after seeing it again, I think I can.It surprises me how well this is animated. Seriously, it was almost scary how detailed it was. Almost every move had a different detail, like when Omnimon was fighting Diaboromon. Maybe that's a bad example, but I couldn't think of others. Although I must admit the graphics self were a bit simplified, like the shading, the animation totally made up for it.As for the soundtracks, they were quite the same as the music from season 1 and 2, well, mostly season 2. There may be one or two tracks who were new, but I can't recall. At least the music was good and it all fit well together.Alright, now for the movie itself (yup, I'm not done), and I mean the script and stuff. Man, that's really hard. The main reason is that it's quite different from the original series. Not that the story has changed, maybe slightly, but it's a lot more dramatic then you expect from a regular Digimon episode. The fights had a lot more action in it, and were much more "scarier". If I was a little kid, I could actually get nightmares from it. The sound effects also play a big role, because they sound a lot more destructive. But what really makes it awesome, as I call it, are the virus-kind Digimon, like Diaboromon.Man, those guys are scary. Those eyes, bodies, colors... Everything on them is freakin' weird. But that's what makes it so cool. It's the horror in the monsters what makes it so cool to watch. "The hell with nightmares, as long as I can watch this movie!". Not that I would say that of course if I was like 7 or 8.There are some other points like the length that surprised me. The movie is 88 minutes long, which means (duh) it's 1 hour and 28 minutes long. That doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it is. It's mostly because there's always something going on. Humor or action, it doesn't matter. By the way, most animated movies are as long as that, but most of them have those stupid unnecessary scenes in them. I won't give any examples.Okay, some flaws are in this movie, I will sum the stuff up: -The drawings are a bit simplified. -The endings a bit cut-off and strange -The story went a bit off, there were some things not mentioned in the series who were mentioned in the movie only, which makes the story a bit twisted, but still nice.And some good things: -Kickass animation! -Nice storyline -Dramatic awesome fighting scenes. -Lots of humoristic parts.I think that's all I need to say about this movie. It's fun if you like anime, but even if you don't, give it a try. I'm not a real Digimon fan, but I just love anime.PS: My personal downside is the fact that they're using a Windows rip- off, and even mention Bill Gates! As an Apple-fan, I don't really like that. Although it's an old movie of course.
Tim As an adult re-watching the TV show and movie since he was a kid, I have to say that it holds up rather nicely.The movie is split into three parts, which were actually three separate movies in Japan. There was some editing in America so Willis would be a plot device to tie the three stories together, but it is clear where the movie breaks up.Overall, I have to say I like this a lot better than the Japanese versions. It has a much better soundtrack and dialogue that makes you laugh.The main downside is how much was edited out of the third segment. The Japanese version of it moves a lot smoother.The second segment is definitely the best. It has great effects (I just love watching them running down the tunnels past the screens of the Digidestined), great new Digimon, and a great story.
jafakin06 my sister used to always for some oddly reason get mixed up between Pokémon and digimon and every time i were watching digimon she would always be like can we change the channel from Pokémon?and i would be like no it's digion.hahahahaha.but i would always watch the show on t.v. i thought the movie was great i'not gonna lie. i liked it better than the t.v. show.all the action and digimons and everything and i'm also glad they started from when tai and his sister were younger because i was wondering how his sister got a digimon.no lie.and then David liked tai's sister it was funny and he would alway try to impress her every time but it usually never worked.i just wanted to give the movie some praise though that's all.