Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler

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Released: 07 March 1992 Released
Producted By: Toei Animation
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Cooler has resurrected himself as a robot and is enslaving the people of New Namek. Goku and the gang must help.

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Daisuke Nishio

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Toei Animation


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Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler Audience Reviews

Pluskylang Great Film overall
Chirphymium It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional
ChanFamous I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.
Philippa All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Eric Stevenson Next up for Anime Month we're starting to look at the "Dragonball Z" movies. There might not have been as many of them as the "Pokémon" movies, but still a lot. This movie features the return of the villain from the previous movie, Cooler. It's great to see a villain with relatively large importance to the mythology make a return. I really do like his new appearance, given how shiny he is. I do wonder why he didn't model his robots after his most powerful form. Was that supposed to be his third form out of four? I guess he just chose the one he was the most well known for.It's actually kind of a pity, because his final form was the coolest (hey, I made a joke!). This features Vegeta making his first movie appearance. I admit it doesn't make sense how Vegeta got there in the first place, but he's as awesome as ever. I found out how to pronounce Yajirobe's name! This is what I get for reading the manga first. I do love that little robot that talks about how everyone's going to die. We get some fairly good action in with a lot of the side characters too. It is however hard for me to love this given how short it is, but it still got its message across. ***
talarisw I'm a big fan of Dragonball Z, it's my favorite anime. This is the 6th of 12 dbz films. This is the 1st direct sequel to a dbz movie, and the 1st dbz movie to reprise a dbz movie villain. I'm glad that out of all the dbz villains to be brought back for a sequel film, it was Cooler because he's the best villain. Fans will debate which dbz movie is their favorite but this is by all account the best made dbz movie ever! It has a really well constructed story, animation is top-notch and the action/fight scenes are excellent. In fact you don't have to be a dbz fan to enjoy this, if you like great action or sci-fi this movie's for you. The film is a follow-up to the 5th dbz film but this film is a whole new story and not a continuation of the last one. In the last film Cooler came to earth upon hearing his younger brother, Freiza(a major villain from the TV series)have been killed by a surviving Saiyan, Goku(the star/hero of dbz)and he wanted to avenge his family's honor and kill the last Saiyan, the rest were killed by Freiza decades earlier. However in this film there's no mention of Freiza or Cooler's relationship with him and this time it seems Cooler no longer wants revenge for his brother's death and is out to avenge his own defeat at the hands of Goku. The story, however, is beyond awesome, possibly the best plot of any dbz movie. Cooler attacks planet new Namek, first they were attack by Freiza and now his brother, but it's a little complicated and the movie's full of plot twist. Goku and the Z fighters go to Namek upon hearing a mysterious mechanical, machine like planet has attached it self on to Namek like a giant leech and dispatched robots drones called Cyclopean guards to enslave the Namekians. The Z fighters get there and to their surprise they find the guy who's running the show, Cooler, who came back from the dead and now has a machine body but same evil brain. This would be a great surprise if the title & advertisements didn't give it away. They give a great explanation to how Cooler came back, his dead body parts were floating in space when the mechanical planet called the Big Gete Star(cool name) rescued him and with his brain parts they were able to bring him back to life with a machine body. First of all Cooler looks awesome, he's in his 3rd body form from the last film but I love the animation on his new body which he calls "meta-cooler". The animators did a excellent job making his body look like real metal, it looks smooth, shiny and even has reflection. Cooler's English voice is also awesome here. Most of the movie are fight scenes but they're some of the best fight scenes I ever scenes. The fight between Cooler and Goku was epic. Cooler is much stronger here then in the last film, Meta-Cooler is one of the strongest and most powerful villains in all of dbz. Even in his super Saiyan form Goku struggled to even slow him down and fan favorite super Saiyan Vegta makes his first appearance in a dbz film to fight meta-cooler. It's never explained how Vegeta new what was going on and came and I never was a big fan of the Z fighter Vegeta, I like him better when he was a villain. But the main thing is even with two super Saiyans they couldn't stop meta-cooler but it does help that he can regenerate his body parts if damaged and the best part is when meta-cooler duplicates himself so there's 100 meta-cooler vs two Saiyans but unfortunately we never seem them fight the Coolers. In a great plot twist we find out Cooler is the big Gete star, that his brain parts merged with mechanical junk in space and created the machine planet, his brain acts as a main computer for the planet and he is a giant head and plans to devour each planet one at a time. I don't want tell you anything more but this is really great. Cooler comes off as really evil and threatening and this might be the darkest and most violent of all the dbz films. Meta-cooler is one of the greatest villains in all of dbz. I also love the theme music. This is Dragonball Z at it's best!
Aaron1375 No stupid pointless henchmen dubbed with french accents, yay! I suppose that is probably a stupid reason to enjoy a movie, but man that was rather dimwitted to the people who dubbed the previous DBZ movie featuring Cooler. This DBZ movie is rather good though and not only for that reason. This one also marks Vegeta's first appearance in a movie. Granted it could have been better, but for a while there this one was shaping up to be one of the most action packed installments yet. To bad they ended the movie rather weakly, basically in the same fashion they ended the first Hulk movie. The story has our group of Z fighters going to new Namek to try and help the Namek's on their new home with a bit of a huge problem. Seems some strange metal planet is essentially trying to unit with the planet and bring it within itself. A bit like the planet eating Unicron I suppose combined with the Borg of Star Trek fame. Well after fighting some robot fighters Cooler appears and now he is metal and stuck in the final form of Frieza rather than the cool version he was able to turn into in the first movie he was in. Well Goku and Vegeta must fight him and then a whole bunch of him. It is rather cool, that is until they are captured and then the movie fizzles a bit.
Son Goku-3 I loved this DBZ movie! It has hard hitting fast paced fighting and has a simple storyline. The animation is great. Kooler is back and a whole lot tougher than before in his new cyborg body. I love the way Metal Kooler is shiny all the time. The Japanese dialogue is also good. I just love Gokuh's voice. It also has Piccolo kicking some serious butt! Big DBZ or any anime fan will love this movie. If you are able to find the subtitled version of this movie, then I highly recommend that you get it!! I give it a 10 out of 10.