Edge of Seventeen

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Released: 14 May 1998 Released
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From Toni Basil to the Eurythmics, from friendship bracelets to whip-it's, the summer of 1984 was about as 80s as the 80s ever got. Stuck right in the middle of it is Eric Hunter, heading towards his senior year, and passing the summer working at a local amusement park in the fast food restaurant. He is joined by his long time girl/friend Maggie, as they don their ugly brown polyester uniforms and face the world.

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Clevercell Very disappointing...
Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
LouHomey From my favorite movies..
Micransix Crappy film
filmalamosa The story seemed very choppy....I apparently completely missed the part about going to NYU...(since when was that an academic status symbol??) The main character starts to wear mascara dye his hair 4 colors and imitate I think David Bowie.Then there is the inevitable scene I dread in coming out movies where a young female love interest is told and is devastated usually in an understated suffering way. All of the hurt female love interest stuff and suffering parents is like torture for a gay male....who needs it? I honestly don't know why I rent these things, I know better. A movie like this is mostly boring. Make some movies where gayness is incidental to the plot not central to it and make them with entertaining heroes that would be nice. No rehash of the white picket fence please... nor yuppie marriages between a lawyer and doctor in a tasteful apartment....maybe someone along the lines of James Bond...Now we are talking liberation.
Franco-LA The better things about this movie were some of the performances (I would agree that Tina Holmes as Maggie was one of the best, a proved rationale for the reason that she, among all the principals, has the far larger list of credits), but the plot had many weak moments, and many predictable ones (such as the mother waiting all night for the boy to come home) and some unrealistic ones (that the father would be either oblivious, uncaring or unconcerned about his son's dress, demeanor, or potential homosexual. This would not be a very realistic response for a father in a small Midwest town in 1984, particularly over an 17 year old son and the older son at that. While predictable that the Maggie character would not merely be the best friend of the gay lead but also be in love with him, this was played true to life for the most part and among the better parts of the movie. What would not be as plausible would be that she would be so in love and so enamored that she wouldn't question the boy's sexuality either, until she saw him actually kissing someone. Nor would it be realistic that they would have their tearful meeting in her bedroom well before the "shock" of the kiss in a gay bar, a tearful meeting during which he would confess to having fooled around with an older gay boy, and that she would be forgiving, then go ballistic over a fully clothed kiss on the dance floor where the two men were not even doing anything like grinding into one another.I would also agree that the movie has a good point in not wrapping up all the resolutions at the end: does he go to New York, does the mother deal with his homosexuality or not, how does the father react, what happens with his childhood friend, Maggie, etc. However, contrary to what someone else note, the filmmakers did go for a feel good happy ending in the bar scene, more so underlined because they dragged an older, Ohio State boy (the Jonathan character) back to a bar on coincidentally the same night that Eric finally decided to reappear. It would have been sufficient to have the Lea Delaria dedication and the gay boy be happy, but the filmmakers obviously had to add the possibility of true love on top.As for the music, I do agree the soundtrack could have been so much better. This was no so much New Wave as it was Top 40 80s music with some GLARING omissions (Depeche Mode), Cars by Gary Numan, the Human League, ABC, Soft Cell's Tainted Love, and the most glaring omission of all was absolutely no Eurthymics music on the soundtrack, in his bedroom or the gay bar. If they couldn't get permission for their music or afford the rights, REWRITE THE DAMN screenplay and use a different tee!!!
ianmichaels I saw this movie many moons ago, but have not been aware of this medium for commenting on it. I adore this movie, it was my life. Eric's discovery of his sexuality one summer while working at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio is almost exactly how I discovered mine. I thought as I watched it that someone had stolen my journal, wrote a script about it, and then silently returned it without my knowing. Eric's first love. His making friends at a bar he was not old enough to be in. His developing style, in the way many of us did in the 80's, bad hair and worse clothes, but great music.I could relate to this movie on so many levels. I think that any gay man that found himself in the 80's should watch this film and see where they fit into it. If this movie doesn't remind you of yourself, it is sure to remind you of someone you know.Loved it!
revelinit Can't relate to Sixteen Candles? or Pretty In Pink? Well, here is your movie. A bit racier than a John Hughes film, but more REAL. No dream hunks (Michael Schoeffling mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm), no grand gestures, and no wacky sidekicks.Sure, the characters are a bit "stereotypical", but remember back to when you first came out, didn't they all seem like stereotypes? Weren't the only people you KNEW were gay the ones that were OBVIOUSLY gay?This movie captures the angst and the uncertainty perfectly. And those of us who were in high school then, we can relate to how hard being labeled the "Queer" was. These kids all do a great job of acting these parts. Awkward girl with a crush on a gay guy, gay guy trying to figure out why he isn't straight, and the cast of other "Misfits" who befriend the gay guy and show him the "ropes". Don't forget the predatory gay men who take advantage, and the Mother who just wants to "understand" and be there for him.If you were ever a teenager coming to terms with who you are, this movie will speak to you. Like they have read your mind. I don't think enough honor has been paid to whomever wrote this movie. I am amazed to see someone hit the nail that directly on the head. Worth the watch for any gay person (especially boys). You are not alone!!