Evanescence - Anywhere But Home

2004 "Zenith in Paris, France on 25 May 2004"
8.5| 2h20m| NA| en| More Info
Released: 23 November 2004 Released
Producted By: Wind-Up Records
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://evanescence.com

Famed music video director Hamish Hamilton (Madonna, U2) captures in this spectacular 14 camera shoot the energy of Grammy-winning rock group Evanescence in a live performance from the band's concert at the Zenith in Paris, France, on May 25th, 2004. The set list includes: "Haunted", "Going Under", "Taking Over Me", "Everybody's Fool", "Thoughtless", "My Last Breath", "Farther Away", "Breathe no More", "My Immortal", "Bring Me to Life", "Tourniquet", "Imaginary", and "Whisper". Also contains music videos "My Immortal", "Everybody's Fool", "Bring Me to Life" and "Going Under" as well as behind the scenes documentaries "Life On the Road", "Showtime", "Bloopers", "Evanescence Unleashed" and End credits: "Missing" as well as "Bring Me to Life" (Live in Las Vegas, included as an easter egg).



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Hamish Hamilton

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Wind-Up Records


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Evanescence - Anywhere But Home Audience Reviews

Borserie it is finally so absorbing because it plays like a lyrical road odyssey that’s also a detective story.
TrueHello Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Claudio Carvalho Evanescence is probably (or certainly) the best group that has recent arisen. This concert in Paris is excellent, with a vibrating Amy Lee singing all the successful songs of their recent album. Unfortunately the frantic edition of the images makes impossible to see the live performance of the band, since the images changes in such a frequency that the viewer is not able to watch the group on the stage. Further, the DVD was released without subtitles of the lyrics, showing the usual lack of respect of Sony with Brazilian costumers. Evanescence and their fans deserved a better director and distributor of their DVD. My vote is eight.Title (Brazil): "Evanescence: Anywhere But Home"
goingunder-1 this DVD absolutely kicks ass the music vid's is great and the live video is even better as the music is great and you really get to feel the euphoria of the live show from the crowd screaming, but by far the best part of the DVD is the live whisper the song is the most amazing version i have heard as the crowd go wild when it is played and it is heavier than you could believe as the song is heavy anyway. the behind the scenes stuff is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! the bloopers are great but watch evanescence unleashed to see the best part!!!!! to anyone who likes bands like within temptation or lacuna coil should listen to this DVD!!!
amyleesbiggestfan This DVD is really excellent, the quality of performance mixed with the hilarity of their backstage activities add up to a really great DVD that i know i wanted to watch time and again. It is filmed in Paris and the audience are amazing, they really enjoy the show! Amy Lee is an excellent song writer with really haunting lyrics, and no matter what some people might say, her voice is amazing live, she is a real performer, she really makes the audience feel the music, her facial expressions and the way she moves around the stage and moves her body a lot, in the afore mentioned 'haunting way' really grip you. It is not one of those concert dvds that you watch once and then put it away and never watch again, Amy makes it interesting to watch, she really, i don't know, acts! Their performance is gripping! Last night i was watching it over and over again! Plus the extras, with what goes on backstage, and it is a couple of hours long! i was so surprised when i kicked back to watch the extras, i thought i would only be sitting there for about half an hour at the most, but 2 hours later, i was still sitting there! but those two hours weren't boring at all! As a true evanescence fan, i was interested to see not only how they performed live, but also what they did back stage, and i wasn't disappointed! They really do have fun! I really enjoyed this and i think any other true evanescence fan would as well! I recommend this to any Amy lee fan as she looks fantastic in it.