2021 "Their search for answers led them to each other."
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Released: 13 October 2021 Released
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Follows the story of three American teenage girls—each adopted from China—who discover they are blood-related cousins on 23andMe. Their online meeting inspires the young women to confront the burning questions they have about their lost history.



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Amanda Lipitz

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Found Audience Reviews

PodBill Just what I expected
Dirtylogy It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
Dana An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.