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Film geek Josh is looking for the subject of his new documentary when a chance meeting puts the perfect star in his sights—Dylan, his school's most popular junior. But Dylan's hopes of using the film to become Blossom Queen don't quite match with Josh's goal to make a hard-hitting exposé about popularity. Will Josh shoot the film as planned, or show Dylan as the truly interesting person she is?


Drama, Comedy, Family

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Jeffrey Hornaday

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Geek Charming Audience Reviews

Mjeteconer Just perfect...
Comwayon A Disappointing Continuation
KnotStronger This is a must-see and one of the best documentaries - and films - of this year.
Gary The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.
Reno Rangan I'm one of those guys who does not believe chick films are for girls alone, actions are for men, as well as magic films for kids. I watch them all, well, at least I admit that. So, not in my childhood, but overall I've seen many DCOM and I've liked many of them. This film came half a decade ago, I was aware of it, but only now I had watched it and it got me by surprise.I thought it would me another mean girl tale, that's where I was wrong. Well, in the initial few minutes, that's how it looked, but everything has changed since the beginning of the second act. That was the biggest plus point of this film. Even though predictable scenes, still it felt good enough. The character transformation, the way it was done was very smart. At one stage you hate, then a soft corner develops.It is a television film, but that's not how it looked. The quality of the story was like a theatrical film. If they had risked on that, they definitely would have succeeded. I would say a bad decision by the production house, but still the product delivered more than its expectation. The casting was good, All of them were new face to me, except Sasha Pieterse.Expecting a sequel for a good/successful film is so common with its fans. I thought about the same, but seems they are not interesting in one which was kind of confirmed in the end itself. Even though if they decide to make, it won't be as good as this one. Because the main story, all happened in here. Just like 'Taken' which is very powerful original film, not suitable for followups. This is a silly concept, but very nice film. I totally suggest it.8/10
SnoopyStyle Dylan Shoenfield (Sarah Hyland) is the popular girl. She's the queen bee in Mean Girls. However she faces a challenge from an up-and-comer for her title. Josh Rosen (Matt Prokop) is a film geek. He is desperate for a subject for an upcoming contest. Then he comes up with an idea to shoot a documentary about Dylan and her campaign for the crown. Dylan agrees because she figures that it will be nothing but praises of her beautiful life. Then things happen to change everything.This is a standard overly broad Disney fare. But Sarah Hyland is proving herself to be a good little actress. She is the center and the highlight of this movie. She's able to play the mean girl with likability. The guy isn't quite as good.
Irma No I think that this is the worst movie I have seen in my life. Where to start: It has absolutely no narrative, it starts from nowhere, nothing happens and then there's no result. I'm not sure what was the intention behind the absolutely horrible jokes, for example the 'spelling every word out', did they plan to start a new trend? What was the meaning behind that movie at all? How did it even made it to the screens is what I don't understand. I wouldn't go on about it if the review wouldn't have to be 10 lines long, i basically said what I wanted to say in the first sentence. Please Hollywood, don't waste space like this. another line, and another line and another line and another line OK, I loved that girl in Modern Family, but in this movie it was just sad acting. And the guy was also a really bad actor.
bkoganbing Geek Charming is an innocuous but all together impossible tale of the nerd who woos the diva with the technique of making a film documentary about her. Matt Prokop is the film geek and Sarah Hyland is the diva whose biggest ambition in life is to be Blossom Queen of her high school. Even over 40 years ago I well remember about how high school was so regimented into a caste system of cliques. A lot of kids are going to see this teen comedy from Disney Studios and start thinking the barriers are not so impossible. Prokop has his set with other film buffs of which I could have been one and hits on the idea of making a documentary that will gain him a scholarship to film school. He decides to do a documentary exploring the secret of popularity with Hyland as the subject. She's thinking this will help her in her campaign to be Blossom Queens which is what they must call Homecoming Queen in her high school. The crowning achievement of her life? She reminds me so much of the equally vapid Mila Kunis in That Seventies Show who said that nothing would deter her from her ambition to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.And as these films go both start to change each other just by being in close association. It's the Disney Studios so their product is usually limited in the directions they go.Propkop and Hyland are decent enough leads and attractive. But nothing terribly out of the ordinary here.