Get Real

1998 "School's out. So is Steven Carter."
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Released: 16 August 1998 Released
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Steven spends his school days longing for all-star athlete John. But John has a gorgeous girlfriend, and Steven is still in the closet about being gay. The only one who knows the teenager's secret is his friend Linda. After a curious run-in with John in a public restroom, Steven starts to wonder if the jock is straight after all. When they start a romance, it threatens to expose the truth about both of them.

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Simon Shore

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Hellen I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much
Unlimitedia Sick Product of a Sick System
Steineded How sad is this?
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Bene Cumb I was "linked" to this film from a place I can't remember, and although both my age and sexual orientation do not make me a typical member of its target audience, I tend to watch diverse films from time to time. I want to believe that I am able to apprehend a good film (well, not too artistic, please, i.e. static and protracted...).Anyhow, Get Real had everything in place, emanating from my taste and wishes: smooth and logical plot, splendid performances (particularly Ben Silverstone as Steven Carter and Charlotte Brittain as Linda; Brad Gorton as John Dixon was a bit too much Ancient athlete type), scenes with twists, paving the way for a versatile ending.Moreover, I liked that the general mood was nice, there was a balance between good and bad, laughter and tears, truth and lies, and the gay topic was dealt with homage and without sensation. That is why I am sure, that Get Real is worth watching, unless you are a hard-core conservative, or a person willing to see only "normal" people around.
Keno Forest I become a fan of this kind of movies after I watched "The Way He Looks" and so far, the two are pure masterpiece.The story was just about a gay guy named Steven who is looking for love and accidentally found it on John, the guy in school who still confused about his sexuality.SPOILERS!Although the two didn't end happily ever after and I can understand the reason. Steven knows he is gay since he was 11 years old. he accept it to himself that's why he is looking for a guy to get along with. On the other hand, John is confused. He had almost experienced with gay when he was a kid yet he still declining because he can't accept it.In the end, he still chose to be with her girlfriend but told Steven that he is the only person he loved and he is the perfect guy for him. Steven understand the situation and just moved on to face his problem dealing on how his Dad will react about it. though his Mom understand it.It ended just like that and I was hoping for more explanation. The best scene of all would be his speech when he come out to everyone in school. He is right about gay thing. Its just love between two person. He still a person who needs to be accepted and loved by their family and friends which people nowadays should be open about this situation.
Arcadio Bolanos "Be realistic, demand the impossible". Why not? Sometimes being realistic means, indeed, to have no creative freedom and above all no real desire to escape ideological imprisonment.When Steven, a 16 year old student, starts frequenting public toilets hoping to hook up and have random sex with unknown men, he looks aloof and somehow emotionally unattached. His only confident is Linda, a girl somewhat ostracized because of her weight, and they come to a conclusion: no matter how hard they've tried, love has not been a part of their lives.One day, in one of those public toilets the British seem so keen on visiting, he runs into John, another student from his high school. Except that John is not just another student, he happens to be the Golden Boy, not only is he the best athlete and the most handsome boy, he is also rich and very popular. Of course, John neutralizes possible misunderstandings by explaining that he just happened to be there. When Steven, disappointed and embarrassed, decides to depart, John asks him if his parents are home.In Steven's home, the game commences, or rather, what was already there comes to the surface. When John makes fun of a teddy bear in Steven's room, that soon leads into physical contact as Steven tries to retrieve the object from John's hands. Then, after being on top of each other, breathing hard and unmistakably excited, John proceeds to unbutton Steve's trousers and when they're about to kiss things get interrupted.The interruption is a symptom of society's intervention, which in this case does not take the form of an angry mob but rather the moral constraints that are deeply rooted in John's mind. If the gaze of the other defines us completely, then what must we do to be successfully inserted in society? For traditional psychoanalysis homosexuality has been a perversion, a mental illness, a condition that could be remedied, but it has also been the abject, id est, the vilest, the very lowest of the human condition. I would like to believe that much time has passed since then, but it's undeniable that some people, perhaps more than I would care to admit, continue to think as if they had been raised in the Victorian age.On the contrary, Steven has come to terms with his sexuality since he was 11. He has no doubts, no regrets. He feels only angry at the prejudiced people surrounding him at home, at school and everywhere in between. As his relationship with John progresses, they thrive to keep the secrecy, but the clandestine rendezvous and the constant hiding takes a toll on Steven. As John explains to him, they can do anything they want as long as no one else knows about it.Although at first this is hardly a limitation, soon the nature of the relationship will demand openness. Steven wants John to feel proud of them, of their relationship, he demands John to acknowledge him in school, not only outside. How long can they go keeping the secret? And is it really impossible to declare their love to everyone else? Be realistic, sometimes the impossible simply cannot be demanded for the very reason that it shouldn't have been deemed impossible in the first place.As the impossibility of accepting homosexuality is firmly placed in John's head, things will not be easy. But when other school kids start making enquiries and deductions, the entire relationship could come apart. Does this couple have what it takes to surmount seemingly unconquerable obstacles or was this a doomed affair from the very beginning?
ste03uk i think its a really good film about 2 young lads - one is totally confused about the way he feels and he's scared to admit it - its a real confidence booster to young gay males who are scared of coming out to people. the acting is great, especially for not very well known film actors - really good film - i'm so angry i didn't see it at the cinemas - going to watch it now - Ben Silverstone was really good playing Steven - especially because he's straight playing a gay character - it gives people an insight to their child's sexuality - not everyone is how you think they are - again - an excellent movie - excellent acting - great storyline - i can watch it over and over again - i don't know why people are a bit disappointed by the ending of it all - its a good way to end it - Steven coming out to the whole school while on stage wen supposed to be receiving an award. i like it that he leaves john after the whole coming out scene - john beat him in the locker room just to make it look like he wasn't 'into' Steven - John was so confused - the best part of the end is when the 'bullies' are bullying Steven and his mum walks behind them - she says something like - 'ill tell you who he is - he's my on and i'm very proud of him - and if you do anything to hurt him i'll err... have your bollocks for ear-rings - its so funny how she says that. think there should b a get real 2 (the sequel) about Stevens love life and how his school react to him being gay. would love to see john grovel as well