1984 "They ain't afraid of no ghost."
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Released: 08 June 1984 Released
Producted By: Columbia Pictures
Country: Lebanon
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After losing their academic posts at a prestigious university, a team of parapsychologists goes into business as proton-pack-toting "ghostbusters" who exterminate ghouls, hobgoblins and supernatural pests of all stripes. An ad campaign pays off when a knockout cellist hires the squad to purge her swanky digs of demons that appear to be living in her refrigerator.

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Ivan Reitman

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Columbia Pictures


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Colibel Terrible acting, screenplay and direction.
VeteranLight I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Comwayon A Disappointing Continuation
moviemattb "Ghostbusters," is considered to be one of the greatest sci fi comedies of all time, and it has endured by many generations as they had grew up with this movie and still cherish it til this day. This movie was definetly a childhood of mine, as I watched this on an old VHS that was recorded on TV before having an actual copy of the movie; then it came to DVD, and now we have Blu Ray. Now I'm an adult, the question is: does it hold up? Well, here is my review. The movie is about these three scientist: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler as they all got fired from the university, so now all they have left is to start a business of their own by catching ghosts. Furthermore, we have Dana Barrett, who has a ghost problem as the building she lives in is being taken over by the evil Gozer as her minions known as the Terror Dogs to posses both Dana and her nerdy neighbor Louis Tully as they are about to bring the end of the world. Its up to our heroes to kick some ghost, and to save the world. Its as ridiculous as it may sound, but it works and definetly well executed. The movie's screenplay is written cleverly by both Dan Aykroyd and the late Harold Ramis, and they both have given great performances. Ernie Hudson, who plays Winston Zeddemore, doesn't show up into the second half of the movie but he does he give a good performance too. Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis are both excellent for the roles they were given to play. Annie Potts does fine for playing the secretary. William Atherton plays Walter Peck, as you really love to hate him. The villain Gozer is definetly a real threat, and really has a strong presence in this movie. As for Bill Murray, he is the man! He really steals the show, and his lines of dialogue are outstanding. Speaking of dialogue, the movie is definetly quotable for such great lines like "Nice shootin' Tex," "Nobody steps on a church in my town," "He slimed me," and of course "Back off man, I'm a scientist." The movie itself is really funny, and all thanks to its cast as they know how to make the comedy work. Even Ivan Reitman's direction is really well done as he balance it really well for mixing both the comedy and horror elements into the movie. The movie does go at a very good pacing as it feels tighter, and doesn't drag too long. The ghosts in this movie are memorable as you have Slimer, Gozer, Terror Dogs, Librarian Ghost, Stay Puft, as well as the Dream Ghost which I'll get to. The gadgets as everyone remembers the PKE Meter, Ghost Trap, Ecto Goggles, and the Proton Packs. Cannot forget the Ectomobile! Elmer Bernstein's music is definetly one of his greatest scores, and does have a great soundtrack such as the theme song by Ray Parker Jr., "Cleanin' Up The Town," "Magic," and "Savin' the Day." The special effects may have some bad ones that don't age well, but for the most part, they are really good as this was all done practically without any use of CG at all. That is minor issue, but the major issue, which I am not a fan of is that dream scene where Ray has sex with a female ghost. I thought it was totally out of place, and should've been left on the cutting room floor. That is just my personal opinion. Nevertheless, "Ghostbusters," is still a classic as it is funny, exciting, suspenseful, creative, and has a good heart. I am giving this movie a 9 out of 10!
Tigerbai1 I like Bill Murray especially in Groundhog day. Don't look for substance in a comedy. I think many people who rate these type movies low are looking at them from a different lens. I admit from any other angle this movie is stupid and childish, but from the comedy lens its exceptional. So many great quotes in this one. I laughed often and out loud. So don't take it too seriously and enjoy it. The public - the ones who actually go to movies and spend money - are the true test and this one has passed with flying colors. Great cast
elgichuhi I used to watch the Ghostbusters animation as a kid.I liked it but never thought much of it.Didn't stick with me unlike Johnny Quest,Scooby Doo, the epic DCAU. So when I first came upon a ghostbusters movie,I expected disappointment.Boy was I wrong.I don't think a more entertaining movie has ever been made.It is instantly and endlessly rewatchable.It has such a smart and sophisticated script that puts recent movies to shame (Pixels).The 80s was a period where filmmakers took a lot of risks,movies were made with a lot of passion and not zombies ripping off stuff that has come before and as a result we got gems like Ghostbusters,E.T,Back to The Future ,Terminator and many others.God Bless the 80s.Movies that not only wanted to entertain you but stay etched in your heart forever.
filetransfer Does anyone else find it strange that Dr. Peter Venkman, while on his first date with Dana, just happened to have on his person 300cc's of Thorazine? Dr. Venkman first arrives at Dana Barrett's apartment to find she has been imbued with the spirit of Gozer and now is calling herself the "Gate Keeper" and is awaiting the arrival of the "Key Master". There is a scene that shows her animal tendencies (floating above the bed, panting rapidly, deep and growling voice). Then the scene cuts away and returns to a phone call between Peter and Egon. Peter Venkman states that he injects her with the dosage during a phone call with Egon.So we have to assume, since Dr. Peter Venkman did not show up with a briefcase, medical bag, or any other piece of science kit or gear, that he showed up to Dana Barrett's apartment with a syringe filled with 300cc's of Thorazine in the breast pocket of his blazer.I could see a surgeon walking around with a set of scalpels or clamps in case he or she is called upon to perform an emergency appendectomy on the street or other minor surgeries in life or death situations, but Dr. Peter Venkman is a psychologist/parapsychologist. Walking around with a set of syringes filled with sedatives is just plain creepy.