2011 "For justice, there were no innocents."
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Investigates the corrupt judicial system under which Alain Mar'caux and his wife Edith were arrested on accusations of pedophilia horrific acts they never committed- and the years he spent fighting to get out of prison, clear his name and keep his family.

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Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Calum Hutton It's a good bad... and worth a popcorn matinée. While it's easy to lament what could have been...
soncoman Based on the facts surrounding the most infamous miscarriage of justice in modern-day France, "Guilty" grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go - much like the French legal system.A husband and wife - Alain and Edith Marecaux - are rustled out of bed early one morning and thrown in jail, accused of heinous crimes against children. Separated from each other and their children, the film tells the story from the husband's point of view. This brilliant storytelling choice prohibits us from seeing anything that he doesn't see - none of the legal wrangling outside of his lawyer's visits, none of the wife's legal situation, none of the children's separation. We see only his experiences in prison, his communication with his lawyer, his end of phone conversations, his growing despair. We find ourselves just as much in the dark as he does. His frustration and anger and feelings of hopelessness become ours.Philippe Torreton gives a tour-de-force performance in the lead role as the accused Alain. Torreton's physical and emotional transformation is revelatory and deserved of any and all recognition he receives for this work. As the film is from his character's point of view, he is on screen 100% of the time. Admirable support is given by Vladimir Yordanoff as his defense attorney.The original title of this film was "Presume coupable," which translates to "Presumed Guilty." That happens to be the name of a 2008 Mexican documentary that tells the story of an incredible miscarriage of justice in the Mexican judicial system. What little solace there is to be had in the knowledge that breakdowns in the criminal justice system are not unique to our own country. I take more comfort with the knowledge that there are filmmakers, both documentary and narrative, that are willing to expose
Sindre Kaspersen French screenwriter and director Vincent Garenq's second feature film is based on the memoirs of Alain Marécaux and the screenplay was written by Vincent Garenq, Alain Marécaux, Serge Frydman and Hubert Delarue. It tells the story about Alain Marécaux, a middle-aged bailiff who lives in France with his wife and their three children. One day Alain and his family gets an unexpected visit by the police who tells them that they have been accused of child molestation. Alain and his wife is taken to custody and their children is sent away to foster homes. During the interrogations of Alain, he is confronted with a young judge who sees the case as a pathway to his own success and deliberately ignores the fact that there are no evidence to support the allegations against Alain and his wife.This emphatic and realistically portrayed study of character about a man who becomes a victim of false accusations and a corrupt justice system, depicts essential parts of a scandalous real-life criminal case which took place in France 2001 where seventeen people where wrongly accused of paedophilia and incest. Vincent Garenq goes into the core of Alain Marécaux' heart-wrenching struggle for survival and exoneration in this well-paced, tightly structured and engagingly directed French-Belgian co-production, and emphasizes the fatal consequences of false accusations and miscarriage of justice. A condensed and compassionate drama with an austere atmosphere and a gripping acting performance by French actor Philippe Torreton which gained, among other awards, the Label Europa Cinemas Award at the 68th Venice Film Festival in 2011.
GUENOT PHILIPPE It seems absolutely unbelievable but this story is true. It is based on actual events that occurred in France ten years ago. Nationwide events which made an earthquake in the justice world, and not only...The tale of a district attorney assistant falsely accused of child molesting and sent in jail for several years. And not only him, but a bunch of innocents too...A disgusting but real story that makes you puke.Philippe Torreton gives here a powerful, terrific performance as the poor petty district attorney assistant. For the making of this picture, he lost more than 50 pounds of bodyweight. He looks like a Auschwitz survivor.It's a solid, intense drama where the characters are more than convincing. Even a cold minded judge to whom every one would like to spit at the face.
dbdumonteil Based on a true story of pedophilia which was widely talked about at the turn of the century ,it is a deeply moving work which shows how ruthless adamant justice can be.What happened to Alain could happen to anyone .The judge is all the more frightening since he looks nice ;he has got a book of laws in lieu of heart .He makes me think of the magistrate in Dylan's "Percy's song" -"too late too late for his fate it is sealed ,would you kindly leave my office please sir".The movie owes a great deal to Philippe Torreton ,one of the most brilliant French actors .His emotional commitment to his character is extraordinary and his performance is Cesar caliber:we know from the start he is innocent and we can easily identify with him ,feel his extreme despair :hateful humiliations,insults,death of a mother,estranged from his children who are penned in strangers 'place,depression,several suicide attempts,hunger strike,nothing is spared this distraught man.The true Alain has revealed he had lost everything.This man was punished for something he had never done and it's one of the biggest miscarriages of justice of the last ten years .The viewers who are looking for brilliant lawyers who will save an innocent in the nick of time will be disappointed:it's the story of a victim of the lack of heart of his fellow men;the judge is asked if he can feel the human side before getting a light reprimand .André Cayatte ("Les Risques Du Metier") is re-born !We realize today how much we miss his kind of cinema !Most moving moment:Alain is lying on his bed and singing an old folk song called "Le Galérien" ,with pictures of his family all over his chest..."Je Me Souviens Ma Mère Disait (...) On Te Mettra Des CHaînes T'En Auras Les Reins Brisés Et Moi J'en Mourrai De Peine"