Halloween: 25 Years of Terror

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A documentary that follows the evolution of the 'Halloween' movies over the past twenty-five years. It examines why the films are so popular and revisits many of the original locations used in the films - seeing the effects on the local community. For the first time, cast, crew, critics and fans join together in the ultimate 'Halloween' retrospective

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Stefan Hutchinson

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Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
AutCuddly Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,
Kaelan Mccaffrey Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.
Platypuschow Recently I binge watched all of the Friday 13th movies I hadn't seen (Which was most) followed by the documentaries. I always found them underwhelming but watchable.Halloween however I've never liked, not a single one of the entries did anything for me at all so what chance did a documentary stand? Crystal Lake Memories was the pinnacle of Friday 13th documentaries standing at 5hrs and was a fantastic piece of work. 25 Years Of Terror emulates that but on a smaller scale.It covers the first 8 movies, gives you a small background on each before moving onto the next so it might not enlighten you as much as you'd hope.With backstage footage, horror-con access and more there is certainly plenty of material for fans but nothing as ground breaking as they did for Friday 13th.Essentially viewing for fans? Not really, but it's harmless enough if only for the Danielle Harris interviews.The Good: Danielle Harris Some interesting background on each film The Bad: PJ Soles narration is awful Some of the fan videos are cringe inducing Things I Learnt From This Documentary: Halloween fans are lunaticsMichael Myers was a lot funnier as Austin Powers
kylehaines96 Day 28 Of My 31 Days Of Horror.Director Stefan Hutchison gives Halloween fans a well deserved Halloween Documentary titled Halloween 25 Years Of Terror. This has got to be the best documentary I have ever seen It is well made and every time I watch the film it just keeps getting better and better. The film is just basically the cast crew and fans of Halloween stating how much they love them. I definitely recommend this if you are a Halloween fan such as myself.Not Rated.1hr 24min/84min.4 uses of the F-word.****/****
Quentin Stuckey As many horror fans now, a new sub-genre (if you will) has started in the horror genre.The retrospective documentary on famous horror franchises.There's been one for Friday The 13th,A Nightmare on Elm Street,Psycho and there's even one in production for Hellraiser.But it all started with Halloween:25 Years of Terror.Production for this documentary started back in October 2003 when the H25 convention was happening.It's great to have footage from the convention to go along with the documentary.P.J. Soles does a great job of narrating.She has a natural speaking voice that is nice to listen to.With this documentary you get tons of interviews with cast and crew from all 8 films.Even all the actors who played Michael Myers!! It's an entertaining and informative documentary that every Halloween fan should see.Even the hard core fans will find something new.As great as this documentary was, I think it should been way longer than 84 minutes.I also felt that they could have spent a little bit more time on Halloween 3 and 4.But besides that it's a fantastic documentary that lets you explore 25 years of Michael Myers and the Halloween movies!!
jwtrox08706 ***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*** This DVD was definitely worth waiting almost three years for. Actually I only was aware of its release date for no more than six months or so, but it was definitely worth the wait. The documentary narrated by P.J. Soles, the footage from the convention held in South Pasadena in 2003, and the interviews were all well done. I loved seeing all of the cast members from all of the different Halloween films come together to answer fan questions and reunite with each other as some of these cast members hadn't seen much of each other for years. If you are a Halloween fan, I definitely recommend this DVD for you. Also check out the Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 Special Edition DVDs also released the same day as this one was as well (July 25, 2006). 9.9/10 stars.