Identity Thief

2013 "She's having the time of his life"
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Released: 07 February 2013 Released
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When a mild-mannered businessman learns his identity has been stolen, he hits the road in an attempt to foil the thief -- a trip that puts him in the path of a deceptively harmless-looking woman.

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WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
SunnyHello Nice effects though.
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
Isbel A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
kariann-marti I love movies that go from bad to worse, which this is. And there was great chemistry between Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, two very funny people.
candy_dreamscometruefilm While this film came out in 2013, I just saw it in 2018 so yeah, I am really late to the game. This film had some great things going for it. For example, I loved the plot. It was a really cute storyline. It also had fabulous acting in Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. What I did not like about this film was all the unnecessary "F" bombs and a handful of sexual innuendoes. Literally, there was no need for them but I am a big girl and have heard it many times before. The only thing that just about made me turn it off was the taking of the Lord's name in vain. As a Christian, this is so hard for me to swallow. There is absolutely never a good reason to take the Lord's name in vain, especially in a film. I cringed every time I heard it and think I heard it about three times. But it was three times too many. However, because I had wanted to see this film for so long, and because I bought it on DVD, I decided to see it through. At about the 45 minute mark the two leads are in a bar and Melissa McCarthy's character began to act inappropriately. The next thing I know there is a motel scene in which she brings another man into the room and there is a disgusting sex scene. It was absolutely horrible & vulgar and I could not wait until the scene was over. But once I got through the first hour, the film took a turn for the better. The "F" bombs still flew, but the story began to turn and I could tell this character "Diana" was not as bad as she seemed. The film had great production value and great DP work. The editing was also top notch. But what I liked most was the acting from Jason and Melissa as well as the plot. By the last five minutes of this film, I knew I was going to cry, and when a movie makes me cry it is a winner in my book. I love for my emotions to be stirred. Because I am a Christian, someone told me I would absolutely hate this film, but I had already purchased the DVD, so I thought I would see it through. He asked me why I didn't read the reviews and the parental warnings before I bought it. Honestly, I had never thought of it. I watched the trailer and was hooked and wanted to see it because it looked very funny. My friend was wrong, I didn't hate it. While I didn't like the a lot of the dialogue in the script, I loved the story and the chemistry between Jason and Melissa was fantastic. Next up, I'll be watching "Tammy" which also stars Melissa McCarthy. There must be a reason why she is rated 27 on IMDb right now.
duaneincali This movie has action, humor, melissa and the side parts of tip y genesis is really good. bateman and melissa play off each other very very well. I highly recommend this movie. to the point re script logic: well, i won't say it is the most logical script in history, but it is very funny and entertaining. and melissa really stretched on this one.
deafjeffdaref This movie is... um... Okay. Some laughs, but many more smiles . It's "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" in 2nd gear. Jason Bateman is the Steve Martin clone. There are some scenes that rip off the F-bomb counter scene. Melissa McCarthy is John Candy in drag. Her character is more ruthless, but she plays the likable unlikable.