In Security

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The owners of a failing security company start robbing houses to boost business.

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Evan Beamer, Adam Beamer

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Steineded How sad is this?
Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
Kien Navarro Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
Tymon Sutton The acting is good, and the firecracker script has some excellent ideas.
Fathantheratesfarum Ratesfarum In Security(or Armed Response) is a comedy, action movie about two guys, Bruce(Michael Gladis) and Kevin(Ethan Embry), who owns a security service in the safest town in America. When business are going down, Bruce decided to start robing the houses in town so the people won't feel safe and own security systems. Things were going great until the rob the wrong house.The movie wasn't so bad. It reminded of a TV series that i used to watch called "Hustle". I like the idea of the plot, the movie wasn't that good but still enjoyable. But what the movie really lack the most is comedy. I don't really see the jokes. I get that they're trying to make the movie funny, but i just don't see it. Another thing that they lack of is action. I though there would be a hand to hand combat, wrestling style between the bad guys and Bruce since he was mentioned to be a wrestling Champion, but he in the end, he didn't do much. The only real action we could see in the movie was at the final few minutes. If they could just extend that by another few minutes and add more jumping and fighting kind of action, it would be great. I get that the directors tried to make the movie more to the comedy aspect, but they didn't really do a good job doing that.My final verdict is, the movie's not that good but still enjoyable. I enjoyed it as a movie but not as a comedy. The movie would be better if they add more 'funny' jokes or moments and action aspects into it. The movie wasn't horrible but in the end it wasn't that good, but since i enjoyed it, i gave it a 6 out of 10.
bowmanblue 'In Security' (aka 'Armed Response') is about two guys who own a home security firm which is slowly failing. Therefore, they hit upon the idea of robbing houses in the area in order to boost their business. It's a simple enough premise and in works... to some extent.Okay, so it's never going to be a classic, but it has its strong points, namely the two main guys play off each other well and are a believable pair of 'normal' blokes. The story is also solid and has a lot of potential and you may be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be a comedy. It has all the makings of one, but, somewhere along the line, it was like the writers never bothered to include any actual jokes.I watched the whole film without laughing once. The first half may raise the odd half-smile, but that's about as close as you're going to get to any hilarity (in fact... during the first half there was a bit that actually made me jump – something that doesn't even happen when I watch horror movies!). But, like I said, the story rolls along and, despite the lack of humour, it's still entertaining.Then, in the second half, things lose all hints of comedy and actually get quite dark (think murder and torture). We're introduced to quite a nasty villain, but, if you saw either Ving Rhames or Vinnie Jones' names in the cast list – don't go expecting them to burst onto the set and save the day. Their addition amounts to little more than extended cameos.By the time I got to the end of the film I'd forgotten that the whole thing was actually told by one of the guys in a bar. This all seemed a bit pointless by this time as it's never mentioned during the film's runtime. However, I didn't feel like I'd wasted my time watching the film. It's an enjoyable enough little film, just don't go expecting too many laughs and be prepared for when it goes dark about half way through.
leonblackwood Review: I wasn't that impressed with this film. The storyline is ridiculous and really hard to believe. The acting wasn't anything amazing and I was surprised to see Ving Rhames, Alan Arkin and Vinnie Jones making an appearance because the script couldn't have been that good. The director didn't show the true ending so he left it up to the audience to make up there own mind about what really happened, which was a bad choice. As I didn't hear that much about the film when it got released, I wasn't that disappointed, but I was expecting something slightly interesting and entertaining. Disappointing!Round-Up: I haven't heard of the main characters before so I can't comment on there previous work and after seeing this movie, I'm sure that I won't be seeing them again soon. Ving Rhames hasn't really starred in any big blockbusters since Pulp Fiction and he seems to be popping up in small independent movies every now and again. I've always rated Alan Arkin as an actor and he's really come to light in the latter part in his career with movies like Little Miss Sunshine and Argo. He only makes an appearance in one scene, which was a shame, but Cary Elwes, who plays the baddie, showed some professionalism in his role. Overall, the movie isn't that funny and it's very unrealistic. I recommend this movie to people who are into there crime capers about a couple of security shop owners who steal from people's homes to get business. 2/10
ladcrooks-26-192893 looked at the reviews here and know for sure how they can be bumped up falsely. However having Vinnie Jones in the movie made me think twice. Not an Oscar performer, but he normally plays in good films and hence took the chance and watched this. The funny thing is you don't see much of Vinnie Jones in it.A good plot, something different from cops and robbers and yet not so, ha! Not into American comedy much but this made me smile and laugh. The 2 main characters gelled well and were right for the script. The film starts of lightly and gets darker and gruesome towards the end. I am a hard man to please and don't give brownie points away that easily. But rest assured I speak my mind and can say any film i give a review is an honest one, yep, do allow for different tastes, but a bad film is a bad film. And a good one is good one.Glad to say I did not waste my time, this is a film worth watching.