Jackass 3.5

2011 "Warning: The stunts in this movie were performed by professionals, so neither you or your dumb little buddies should attempt anything from this movie."
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Johnny Knoxville of 'Jackass' releases unused material of stunts, tricks, antics and shenanigans shot during the production of 'Jackass 3D' that didn't make it into the film, as well as the hilarious outtakes.

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Jackass 3.5 Audience Reviews

Plantiana Yawn. Poorly Filmed Snooze Fest.
Artivels Undescribable Perfection
Ava-Grace Willis Story: It's very simple but honestly that is fine.
Fleur Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.
Hellmant 'JACKASS 3.5': Three Stars (Out of Five) Like 'JACKASS 2.5' before it, this direct to video (and internet) sequel compiles most of the scenes that didn't make it into the theatrical release 'JACKASS 3D'. All of the gang is back including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Dave England, 'Wee Man', Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey and the late Ryan Dunn. The co-creator of 'JACKASS' (with Knoxville and Spike Jonze) Jeff Tremaine (and director of all the other 'JACKASS' films) returns to direct. The film plays more like a collection of deleted scenes and commentary than an actual movie but it's still a lot of fun if you're a fan of the franchise (and more of the usual).The movie mostly consists of stunts that didn't go off as planned or were less effective than desired (which is the major reason it's not as good as the theatrical release). It also contains interviews with the cast and crew discussing each stunt/scene and what they liked about it as well as what they thought went wrong. It plays out more like an actual documentary than the theatrical 'JACKASS' films (sort of like an extended extra feature from one of the other DVDs. It's still pretty funny though and like I said a lot of fun.If you've seen the other movies and TV show you obviously don't need a review to tell you what to expect, like I said it's more of the same. There's plenty of vulgar and crude humor as well as a ton of male nudity (definitely not for the homophobic). I've read some rants discussed with how gay these films are (as well as the cast) but it seems like someone who would complain about that sort of thing has got some issues to figure out themselves. Like all 'JACKASS' films it's all done in good taste. It is somewhat emotional to see Ryan Dunn again on film after what happened to him. There's some great scenes of him and Bam bonding that really capture the humanity of both men (in a more rare way than the other films, it seems to me, maybe it just appears that way now though). The film, like all the others, is a great tribute to Dunn but it would be nice to see a collection of all his greatest stunts and scenes (I'm sure one is coming). Anyway the film is worth checking out just for him. F--- Roger Ebert!Watch our review show 'MOVIE TALK' at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_gpux8_tZ4
Tyree Webster 'JACKASS 3.5' is the latest and greatest of the entire movie series, it's certainly funnier that 'JACKASS 3D', and way funnier than any other recent comedy film of the year. Johnny Knoxville leads the group in the finale of the funniest movie series ever made!PROS: The movie is certainly an improvement from 2.5, the other direct- to- DVD release because it has more funny skits and stunts and less interviews. I'm not saying that I don't like the interviews, truly, I do. It's just that with the interview aspect of the movie it seems like an 84 minute movie length version of 'The Office' (the one with Steve Carell, with all the stupid characters). The phantom camera scenes were also very funny, but I'd actually rather not talk about them. The gang is as lively as ever and are never tiring to watch.CONS: The only bad part about the movie is that it wasn't released theatrically, if they did that, then more people would have watched and enjoyed it.Overall, if you're a 'Jackass' fan, watch it. If not, watch it anyway. You'll love it. I certainly did.See the movie! 10/10Rest in Peace, Ryan DunnStarring: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve- O, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, Chris Pontius, Ehren Mcghehey, Dave EnglandDirector: Jeff Tremaine
georgegrant12 I loved this movie! The stunts are hilarious, i was in fits through out the whole movie! For me, I found Jackass 3.5 Way better than the other 4 movies. 2.5 disappointed me as all it was was interviews and stunts that just made you giggle slightly. But 3.5 is a whole other story... the opening is great and drags you in straight away, it starts of with tons of painful stunts, including Stevo being bit on the ass by a snapper turtle and the fat f**** falling from a tree! The first three quarters made me laugh my head off but the last 10 minutes disappointed me a bit, so the movie doesn't end well, but that doesn't matter. A great movie, definitely worth buying for the price it is! A must have for all stunt loving people and all Jackass fans! Love it!
nielsboex I can honestly say this is better than Jackass 3D. The main commentary I keep hearing about Jackass 3D is that it felt forced. The stunts were too far-fetched and although it was still a cool movie, it just wasn't as funny as the old stuff. I liked the movie and laughed at most bits but I personally got the feeling that it was over, the novelty had worn off and it was the end of Jackass. But Jackass 3.5 is different. The pranks are back, the feeling of comradery is back and they went back to the style of stunts that made them popular many many years ago. The stunts are simpler and dumber than in Jackass 3D, they're the kind of stunts we got to know them with, and it's that style of stunts we love. The group is back together, and I'm sure all Jackass fans will love it. This movie brings back a lot of memories. There isn't much else to say, see it for yourself and laugh your *ss off !