2021 "There's no time for mercy."
6.8| 1h46m| R| en| More Info
Released: 10 September 2021 Released
Producted By: Clubhouse Pictures
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.netflix.com/kate

After she's irreversibly poisoned, a ruthless criminal operative has less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her enemies and in the process forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

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Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Producted By

Clubhouse Pictures


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CheerupSilver Very Cool!!!
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Geraldine The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.
Jenni Devyn Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.