Lego Atlantis: The Movie

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Released: 15 January 2010 Released
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Come join an epic adventure to discover hidden underwater treasure and the lost keys to the Portal of Atlantis!

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Hellen I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much
TinsHeadline Touches You
VividSimon Simply Perfect
Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Horst in Translation ( The title "Lego Atlantis" summarizes pretty well what this 2010 animated short film is about. It is a modern take on the old tale of the sunken city of Atlantis fit into slightly 20 minutes. Mark Baldo and Robert Henny came up witha little movie here that is not worse than most other Lego stuff in film, but honestly I am generally not a big fan of the animation style and also probably because I never really played with Lego myself, so I'd say that this tale (love the Donovan song) deserves better probably. The voice actors (e.g. Bruce Boxleitner and Seth MacFarlane's sister) weren't bad, but also not too great. The story is at its worst when they suddenly get in fart jokes about eating less beans. Oh well, this should tell you the general level of quality here. I cannot say I am impressed. There was not one component or production values that was at least slightly memorable to me. So as a consequence I'd only recommend this one to the very biggest fans of Lego animation style. Everybody else can and should skip this one and they won't be missing much. Thumbs-down.
bryce-deziel I mean this was short but it was all around fun, the characters are memorable even if they are somewhat stereotypes to previous shows that had team stereotypes like Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers or X-men, the animation is sweet, spot on and is so stunning to look at, the dialog is hilarious that had me laugh out loud and remember those liens from when I saw this in 6th grade, and was just an all around fun adventure this actually made a lot more sense than Disney's Atlantis and you can tell Lego was having fun while making this and I'm really sad that this never got a spin off series because I would be really happy to see the Atlantis crew again so OVERALL: AN EXCELLENT MOVIE THAT CAN MAKE A FUN ADVENTURE IN A SHORT TIME!