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2002 "There's one in every family."
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As Stitch, a runaway genetic experiment from a faraway planet, wreaks havoc on the Hawaiian Islands, he becomes the mischievous adopted alien "puppy" of an independent little girl named Lilo and learns about loyalty, friendship, and 'ohana, the Hawaiian tradition of family.


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Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois

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Lilo & Stitch Audience Reviews

XoWizIama Excellent adaptation.
Contentar Best movie of this year hands down!
Siflutter It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.
Allison Davies The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
divyanka This movie was nice in the message it portrays, but the characters are bad-looking. Better-looking characters would have made the movie more fun to watch. The focus on the relationship between Lilo and Stitch is very sweet and enjoyable. They have a friend-like relationship, and also, the girl's relationship with her older sister also becomes likable when they patch up after things become serious. The large focus of the movie on sisterly and friendly relationships is rejuvenating and the unique location of the hawaiian island also adds to the story. The white girl in Lilo's dance class is extremely annoying and disgusting to the core. Lilo is right to want to hit her, but she gets in trouble for it. It's over the top when the disgusting child tells Lilo she won't ever be 'as good as her mom'. The movie is emotional and flows naturally.*7/10*
FilmBuff1994 Lilo & Stitch is a great movie with a well developed plot and a terrific voice cast. It is certainly one of Disney Animation's riskier films and I believe it proves people like different. The main protagonist is a dog like alien creature, Stitch is not a flawless character, nor can he even speak English, and yet he is lovable all the way through. I did feel that there could have been a bit more sentimental moments, there are not many running gags or aspects of characters that we are taken back to later on, things like that bring us closer to the characters and help us form a connection with them more. It is relaxing and fun to watch, the Hawaiian theme, the Elvis music, the whimsical characters and the heartwarming relationship that develops between the title characters are just several aspects that make this film worth your while. Funny and sweet, Lilo & Stitch is a great watch for all ages, would recommend to anyone looking for a good family film. A young girl adopts a dog, unbeknownst that it is actually an alien creature who has crash landed on earth.
Matteo Fossi Which are the Disney undisputed all-time classics? Why The Lion King and Aladdin or course. sure, The Lion King is stellar and Aladdin has the genie... and uh... it has the genie. anyone will say that Disney's golden decade was the 90's which to me is the one where they all started singing for some reason to the point where I was relieved when Phil Collins would do the singing in Tarzan and Brother Bear. To me, the two golden decades of Disney was the 60's (101 dalmatians, The Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats) and the early 00's. yeah, sure, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Brother Bear where kinda mediocre. But The Emperor's New Groove, Treasure Planet and Lilo & Stitch was Disney waking up from there 90's musical/princess/cheesefest trip. Emperor's New Groove was more self-aware and fourth-wall breaking than anything else, Treasure Planet was more ambitious and refreshing than anything else but Lilo & Stitch was just nothing like anything else in the Disney catalog. Then, drawn animation officially died in 2003 when Finding Nemo came out but let's not be resentful of the past, shall we. we're here to talk about Lilo & Stitch.The movie starts of in the extra-terrestrial world where Stitch (currently called experiment 626) and Dr. Jumba are both on trial. Jumba is accused of having created Stitch and Stitch is accused of being Stitch. From this very first scene, everything works beautifully, you feel engaged and sucked into this super cool setup and it's characters including the grand councilwoman (yes, that's her official name) and Captain Gantu. Then, Stitch escapes effortlessly, flies away with a ship and then crashes on our favorite little blue planet. The galactic government peeps decide to send their own version of Laurel & Hardy (Jumba & Pleakley) to Earth to destroy Stitch. Jumba, because he created Stitch and Pleakley, because he's the alien nerd who knows stuff about Earth. What's so great about Jumba and Pleakley is that they're not evil and stupid because they have to be as Disney antagonists. They're actually very likable and are carrying this mission because Stitch is actually a threat during the beginning of the movie. And the reason they keep failing to catch Stitch is not because they're stupid and clumsy but because Stitch is just impossible to catch, which makes it so brilliant.We then get to the good people of Kauai, introducing Lilo and her older sister, Nani. And that's where this wonderful little Disney feature get's very heavy and emotional. Lilo and Nani are orphaned sisters and Nani being the young adult, has to take care of Lilo all by herself, under the supervision of the harsh but fair social worker, Cobra Bubbles. They are all introduced in that first infamously heart-grabbing scene that some will remember having cried to back in the day and maybe still today. The wonderful yet heartbreaking connection that Lilo has with Stitch is that Lilo, too, acts like a strange and destructive alien and can't fit in with anyone due to the troma of having lost both her parents and only having her caring sister left as a parent figure who yet is patience-limited at times while going under the stress of her little sister's odd behavior and finding a job so that the social worker won't have to take Lilo away from her (yes, it's a Disney movie we're talking about). I don't think I have ever seen a film or animation that shows a truer and rawer depiction of sibling relationship, while struggling under the burden of living as a broken family.Eventually, Lilo meets and adopts Stitch in a dog adoption home, as he makes himself look like and act like a dog to stay undercover while trying to get Jumba and Pleakley off his tail. From the point Stitch comes in the picture with Lilo and Nina, he starts of acting destructive and careless while Lilo constantly finds an appeal to him and tries to tame him and soothe him all while Nina is very skeptical of Stitch.Why I think Lilo & Stitch is the best is because it's made for everyone and has the power to move anyone. Everything feels so true and organic, the attention to detail when it comes to timing, dialogue, comedy, little actions and mannerisms, character relations and personalities and the loyal attention to Kauai's culture when it comes to the dancing and the music makes Lilo & Stitch's quality the same level as an award-nominated live-action movie and if Lilo & Stitch was adapted perfectly as a live-action movie and it could be (even though, I don't want it to be), it would still be amazing but of course not as amazing as it's original form. go watch it.
Taylor Kingston This movie is so ridiculously cute. It's amazing and awesome and funny and adorable, all at once. It was one of my favorite childhood movies, and is still currently one of my all-time favorite movies. I just love it so much. If I could bring things from movies to life, Stitch would definitely be in the Top 3.In this movie, Experiment #626 escapes from Galactic Federation, after being captured. He is an illegal, genetic experiment, that is highly intelligent, strong and nearly indestructible. Dr. Jumba created it, and is sentenced to jail. But after #626 escapes, Jumba and Galactic Federation Earth expert Pleakley are sent to find him, after he lands on one of the islands of Hawaii. #626 ends up being taken to a pound and adopted by Lilo, a sweet girl who needs a friend. She calls him Stitch. They bond and when Pleakley and Jumba fail to capture him, Captain Gantu is sent to capture the rogue alien. Eventually, a lot of stuff goes down, but everything works out.Overall, I give this movie a 10 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Freaking Ridonkulous.