Magic in the Moonlight

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Set in the 1920s French Riviera, a master magician is commissioned to try and expose a psychic as a fraud.

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Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
Steineded How sad is this?
Maidexpl Entertaining from beginning to end, it maintains the spirit of the franchise while establishing it's own seal with a fun cast
Brendon Jones It’s fine. It's literally the definition of a fine movie. You’ve seen it before, you know every beat and outcome before the characters even do. Only question is how much escapism you’re looking for.
oOoBarracuda Magic in the Moonlight was an especially good-looking outing for Woody Allen in 2014. Despite its brilliant cinematography, however, the film didn't have much else to offer. Woody Allen explores well-traversed territory here when he follows a 1920's magician in his plot to expose a fraudulent spiritualist. His magician Colin Firth is an atheist, of course, and has no patience for reveling in the company of frauds. The spiritualist, Emma Stone, nearly has Firth's character convinced until he is brought back by his stubbornness which kept him from believing in anything more than the life we have on this earth. Magic in the Moonlight is certainly one of Woody's fluff pieces, but it's not as fun of a fluff piece as some others, most notably, Scoop. The film is notable as the only time Woody Allen comes close to giving into some kind of religion, though.
Ian (Flash Review)This was a picturesque little movie that lightly touches a world- renowned magician who exposes fraudulent magicians and fortune tellers. He comes across on young woman who is very clever and needs to spend more time to figure out her illusions. If he can't figure her out, will he believe she is real and of course she is attractive so will a romance form? The story was OK but for me the climax was muted and the romantic angle a bit unbelievable. It was a visual pleasure and the illusions used were….nifty. Decent acting but the story was average and already slipping from memory.
Eddie Cantillo Magic In The Moonlight(2014) Starring: Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Hamish Linklater, Marcia Gay Harden, Jacki Weaver, Erica Leerhsen, Eileen Atkins, Simon McBurney, and Catherine McCormack Directed By: Woody Allen Review Hello Kiddies your pal the Cupid Critic here, with a magical romantic comedy from Alvy himself Woody Allen with my future wife Emma Stone and Colin Firth. Chinese conjure Wei Ling Soo is the most celebrated magician of his age, but few know that he is the persona of Stanley Crawford(Colin Firth) a grouchy and arrogant Englishmen with a sky-high opinion of himself and an aversion to phony spiritualists' claims. Persuaded by his friend Howard Burkan(Simon McBurney) Stanley goes on a mission to the Cote D' Azur mansion of the Cateledge family: mother Grace(Jackie Weaver) son Brice(Hamish Linklater) and daughter Caroline((Erica Leershin). He presents himself as a businessman named Stanley Taplinger in order to debunk young clairvoyant Sophie Baker(Emma Stone) who is staying there with her mother(Marica Gay Harden). Sophie arrived ate Cateledge villa invitation of Grace, who is conceived that Sophie can contact her late husband, and once there, attracted the attention of Brice, who has fallen head over heels for her. The film was that of a novelty I like the way it is, the way it feels, I would just be listening to Colin Firth and think to myself I hope he doesn't debunk her. It would go on with many scenes with him and stone and when they were on screen I adored it. It's goal here is to supply that the world is a mystery and I believe it is. In the opening of the picture you see Stanley's Wei Ling Soo performance which he believes is all a set of trickery, he believes in science and prefers to analyze and Debunk those worship God and see's life as cruel, short and un-meaningful. The direction from Woody Allen is taking with that same approach he took with Blue Jasmine where he tried to direct a picture about a sad and non pessimistic character who views life as one tragedy after another and I hope he keeps making films with characters like those I sometimes feel life is that way. Magic in The Moonlight doesn't have that magical touch as some of Mr. Allen's other pictures it brings in an interesting story of wit and charm with the ordains of sadness in life, I give Magic in The Moonlight a three out of five.
Robert J. Maxwell A decent and droll comedy of manners about a skeptic (Colin Firth) investigating and falling in love with a spiritualist (Emma Stone) during a summer of the French Riviera in the 1920s.The first decades of the century were a time when magic was in the air. Chung Ling Soo, a fake Oriental, was performing magic tricks on the state to much applause. Little girls took photos of tiny fairies in their gardens. A spiritualist movement swept up Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, anxious to reach the son who had been killed in the war, and Harry Houdini, anxious to demystify the whole business. The chief cause of all this confusion was probably Charles Darwin, Esq., who had all but removed God's influence over the human condition. Surely there must be more to life than just -- THIS! The most interesting and amusing part of the movie is the first half, in which Emma Stone seems to actually come up with visions that she couldn't have known anything about. At first, Firth is full of dismissive quips that are often funny in a British way. George Sanders could have pulled them off, and maybe William Powell.But Firth is converted and then an on-and-off romance begins with everyone filled with hope and doubt, a familiar template. Firth still has his bon mots and they're still amusing.In fact, Firth in his tweedy outfits delivers throughout. Emma Stone is a pretty, pale, slender slyph who resembles Mia Farrow with gigantic blue eyes. Eileen Atkins is the elderly aunt. She's damned near perfect in the role. She and Firth, just the two of them, would make the film worth watching.I'm not sure I'd want to watch it for the evocative location shooting. What with the limpid pools, the drooping willows, the varicolored flowers, the benign sunshine, and Emma Stone's rufous tresses, I'd be whisked away to a pre-Raphaelite place I would regret ever having left.This most closely resembles Allen's earlier "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy," but it's funnier and more pointed. It still pits the intellect against the heart, and there are earnest discussions of what it's all about, but except for the mid-film split it holds together better. Woody Allen hasn't made a truly successful film in more than a decade, but this one is pretty good.