Maigret Sets a Trap

2016 "If I can understand the killer, I can find him"
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Released: 28 March 2016 Released
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Country: United Kingdom
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A serial killer strikes in post-war France and it's up to Jules Maigret, a dedicated police commissioner, to hunt the murderer down.

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Glimmerubro It is not deep, but it is fun to watch. It does have a bit more of an edge to it than other similar films.
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
Wyatt There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
thegulls1 This is new interpretation of of the old French Series 'Maigret' (featuring Michael Gambon as the great Detective). This entry has Rowan Atkinson reprising the role of the chief Homicide investigator in Paris. For those of you who think (or have heard) that Atkinson, a great comic actor (albeit in some very dark comedies) is unsuited to play such a role, may I give you some precedents: ** Robbie Coltrane (chubby, comic actor) was brilliant as the 'Cracker', a troubled forensic psychiatrist ** David Jason played Inspector Jack Frost for over 10 seasons (Jason previously played a cockney con-artist in the 80's (Only Fools & Horses) ** Jeremy Brett played Sherlock Holmes in the great BBC series, with the only real notable on his acting resumé being the role of 'Freddy' in My Fair LadyIt was pointed out to me that British casting directors will choose and transform a particular actor into a more dramatic role, and that they, thereafter, own that role for life. So, if Atkinson wants the job, he can have it. I think he does an excellent job, but I won't compare him to Gambon yet, since I only caught a few of those some time ago. This story, about setting a trap for a serial killer, was well-produced and acted. Britbox, the new streaming BBC 'kid on the block', has only 2 episodes, this one and Maigret's Dead Men, which was also quite good. All supporting cast are excellent, including Aidan McArdle from Mr. Selfridge, who (again) plays an arrogant turd, just like in Mr. Selfridge, only this time he has a bit of authority as Maigret's non-supportive supervisor.I don't know if these 2 were just pilots, and more are to come: depends on whether Atkinson and the Producers were happy with the results, I guess. Both shows feature strictly PG-13 content: no cursing or explicit scenes (Tnx!).8/10
shaktithakur-15321 One must see it for the realness and crime faced by normal human detectives not sm1 like holmes depicted now a days
dunfincin I was very disappointed with this. Atkinson is a brilliant comedy performer but not a serious actor. His performance here was just passable. I wonder how many fine British and dare I say it French actors were passed over to give him this opportunity. I just couldn't take him seriously. However no doubt if Hollywood had made this film it would have starred Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn so musn't really complain. The direction and production values were very good notwithstanding that the film was shot mostly in Budapest as you could tell when occasionally the camera would pan across a wall trying to evoke early post war Paris but instead showing us posters clearly written in Hungarian. What totally ruined the film for me was the decision to use primarily English actors with a variety of English accents. You would see portrayed a French bar and obviously great lengths had been taken to add a genuine air of authenticity so much so that you could almost smell the stale wine and the aroma of Gauloise cigarettes then someone would come in and order a "sous-citron" with an unmistakable mancunian accent.Very effective what Brecht called "Stimmungsbrechung" - mood breaking.Far better, I think, to have used French-speaking actors possibly with subtitles or at least some form of franglais a la Hercule Poirot. In fact, some of it was so ridiculous that it would only have needed Atkinson to roll his eyes or start mugging to camera and I would have fallen off my chair. I am ready to suspend a modicum of belief for the sake of drama but not my my entire intellect.
mac-33983 I will highly rate this film for several reasons.First, this is George Simenon, a 1st class writer. Second : Rowan Atkinson understood the role, the character and the script.This is a Filme Noire at it's best. The fact that it involves murder is of little consequence, this is about character portrayal, this is a look into the reasoning and understanding of the personas of people and their solitudes, their anguishes, their souls, their darker depths..In my personal opinion Rowan Atkinson nailed Maigret in a contemporary format. He was subtle and did not overplay. My image of Rowan has completely changed, this man can act, he feels, sees and behaves his role.....But the film was not just Rowan Atkinson, it was an entire cast, it was a Mise En Scene as it should be... This is exemplary of what can still be done today outside of the glamour of Hollywood..Living in France I have obviously seen the Maigret films and episodes and this film in no way undermines not fails the originals...Well done to the screen writer, director and cast for producing a down to earth and deeper portrayal of what has become customary, well done for taking a step aside and giving us something to watch that goes beyond the superficial...Although this will never become a classic, it is definitely worth adding to any repertoire...