2010 "His brain is off the chain."
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Bumbling supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.

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WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
Griff Lees Very good movie overall, highly recommended. Most of the negative reviews don't have any merit and are all pollitically based. Give this movie a chance at least, and it might give you a different perspective.
Erica Derrick By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
victoriar-41031 The movie, Megamind, tells a story of a an alien villain who learns that he has the power to do good, despite what circumstances he is in. The theme of the movie highlights the duality of human nature, illustrating that a person can choose whether they do good or bad. The main character is an alien man named Megamind. Throughout the movie, his goal changes multiple times. His first goal is to be the best villain he can be. Because he was always outcast, he wants to show his peers what a monster they created. Eventually, Megamind switches his goal to win his love interest. In the end, his goal is to save the world and actually go against his first goal, showing the city he can do good despite how they treated him. Megamind's adversary is actually a villain Megamind himself created. His name is Titan. This person was created to be a hero, but faced the same bullying that Megamind experiences, and therefore turned into a villain. Megamind has the ability to defeat his adversary, but Megamind's biggest flaw is that he believes in roles and labels too much. He believes that his only real skill is to be evil, and that he will always be evil. Megamind hits rock bottom when his villain turns evil, his love interest hates him, and his hero does not want to help him. Luckily, Megamind gets his chance to fight his adversary one last time. He is able to defeat him by outsmarting him and reverting him back to a regular human. Megamind's change in attitude was caused by his revelation that he could do good. Society is not what decides one's fate, but the person themselves. After discovering this, Megamind is able to take down the villain. He finally believes in himself and does not care what others think about him. The movie teaches this message by showing the actual change in Megamind. He had everything against him, yet he still was able to change. The movie shows the theme by having two opposite characters: one good and one bad. The choice between the two is evident. Megamind learns his lesson that he is free to choose between the two.he realizes his freewill and ability to make his own destiny. The good guy, Metroman, realizes the same thing even though he was always the good guy. Very unhappy with his life, Metroman realizes he is the only one that can change his future. He decides to follow his passions rather than do what people expect of him. The theme, that one can make their own destiny, is one that I agree with. I believe that, no matter the circumstances, a person is control of their own actions and future. I don't disagree with any part of the theme or moral message. I would not portray anything differently because this movie did a great job of showing how goodness can come out of the worst situations. The redemption seen in Megamind's life reflects biblical redemption because anyone can be saved. The worst of the worst can still turn their lives around and do good. No matter how unworthy one might feel, they can choose to pursue a better future. The only place this message strays from biblical truth is in who this redemption comes from. In Christianity, only Jesus can offer that redemption to turn one's life around. In the movie, it was all about how an individual can redeem themselves through further actions. This movie definitely condemns evil. The entire movie is about how the evil side always loses. Megamind wants to be good, but just cannot find a away to achieve it. "Good" in the movie is put on a pedestal as something to be desired. That is how it should be, but not actually realistic. In the real world sometimes evil looks a lot better than good. As for this movie though, evil is always made to seem like the wrong choice. The movie Megamind most aligns with the secular humanism worldview. The movie reflects this by nit focusing in a god and giving a lot of power to humans as makers of their own destinies. The idea that humans are on an upward trajectory is shown in the city's desire to progress. The city is upset when the villain is ruling over them, and making life worse than it was before. People had a general idea that life should be getting better not worse. Humans deciding right from wrong is shown the entire time Megamind is growing up as a kid. So many social standards were set by kids in school that made Megamind an outsider. Those were rules the kids made up, not a god or higher power. Then, from his own experience, Megamind went in to decide what was right or wrong for him. He pursued a life of evil because he believed that was the right path for him. He thought evil was his skill and something he could become an expert in. Even Titan, the guy who changed into a villain, decided what was right for himself based on his experience. Rejection caused him to believe that the right thing for him to do is to rule over the city. I think the writers used this worldview to illustrate what many people think. Lots of people like to blame their circumstances for what it caused them to do. People most often use their experiences to judge good from bad in the future. Rather than there be one objective moral compass, everyone has a different story and can act differently. The writers seemed to only include this so that people would be aware that this worldview is not correct. The entire message of the movie is that someone can change their own destiny despite what they have been through. One's personal experiences do not change the morality of something, and anyone can still choose to do the right thing. This agrees with the Bible, because like I said earlier, anyone from any background can redeem themselves. This movie portrays Christianity in the fact that good will always win. Christians believe and know that Jesus will prevail no matter how bad the world gets. It is as if we know the ending to a great story before anyone else does. This movie also portrays hope in the same way Jesus gives hope to all. Even the worst of the worst can change for the good. There is always hope that change can happen. The positive elements of this story are that anyone can change for the good. In the end, Megamind had friends, love, and support. Even though he started off with none of these these things, he was able to work hard and achieve them. The negative aspects of this movie are how unrealistic it is. In real life, it is extremely hard for someone from bad circumstances to see any hope, let alone change their life around. On top of that, the movie is unrealistic because evil is always caught. Good does not always win in real life, but people must keep pursuing good. The only side the movie portrayed is that good always wins. I would recommend this movie to everyone because it is kid friendly and teaches the lesson that anyone can change. This movie is hopeful, funny, and a good lesson to everyone.
grantss Megamind, a super-intelligent alien villain, at long last destroys his nemesis, the super-hero Metro Man. Instead of being satisfied, he feels empty, so creates a new super-hero. Unfortunately the super-hero turns out to be a super-villain, and Megamind has to assume the role of super-hero in order to stop him.Very good, and surprisingly so. I thought this was going to be another comic-book-hero/animated kids movie. Kids will certainly enjoy it, but so will adults. Good plot, snappy dialogue, very funny, unrelenting pace. Action sequences are a prop, not the main idea, which is always good, and the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. Heaps of fun.Great casting and performances - voices are spot-on.
gavin6942 The supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.Of the animated films in the last ten years, "Megamind" does not seem to get a lot of love. Which is a real shame. Because although it may be basically a Superman spoof, it is a very clever and very funny spoof. And with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, it's hard to beat. (Jonah Hill could have been replaced.) Is it too late for a sequel? Because there really ought to be one, even if it seems that "Despicable Me" has the animated villain market covered.
aristotle61 A super hero movie with a "You've Got Mail" type love story. It is both heart warming and hilarious. The cast is great. The voice acting is great. The animation is great. The story is great. The music is great. Well, you get the picture. Another plus is the movie is not laced with political messages like Zootopia. That movie was ruined for me by annoying politics. Megamind has broad appeal and has something for almost everyone. I will confess that I am inclined to like this type of movie, but even after deducting points for bias, this movie would get a high score. I really wish they had done a sequel. The worst thing I can say about this movie is that it was over too quickly.