Missing William

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The story follows Abby, a thirty-something artist living in Rhode Island caring for her husband William after he's tragically injured in a bar fight. As she attempts to coax him back to health, James, her childhood sweetheart and unrequited love, attempts to coax her back into living life again herself. The complicated love triangle that ensues is touching, poignant, and concludes with a realization that's as profound as it is beautiful.



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Kenn MacRae

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Missing William Audience Reviews

TrueJoshNight Truly Dreadful Film
Precisett This movie is magnificent!
BootDigest Such a frustrating disappointment
GrimPrecise I'll tell you why so serious
Kaleen Two youth friends, who had to separate against their own will, come together as adults, again and have to face and handle with a tragedy. Made with a lot of empathy and without stereotypes, this movie tells about this topic, and ultimately about what deep real love and responsibility can hold out and how it makes people ready to give more, than they ever thought they could. Courtney Ford and Brandon Routh give this film an almost unknown depth of despair, helplessness, love and affection. They show very subtle what it means to be always there for each other. By far, one of the most painful, silently flowing and best movies since a long time. It captivates with its soft narrative style and delicate cautious pictures, out of which the intensity of the action steps out even more strongly and more clearly. It includes a deeply shocking and touching end. Despite all this tragedy and grief there lies a glimmer of hope and of deep real love.
sara2520 I only checked this movie out because Brandon Routh was in it and wanted to see his acting outside of Superman Returns and Arrow. It was a cute, little movie about a man named James who returns to small town from his childhood after he was laid off from his job. When he was a preteen, his mother took him and fled their home because his father was abusive towards his mother. They moved to a small town where James is bullied with no friends and he meets Abby who befriends them. They spend their childhood exploring the small town and hanging out with each other even sharing their first kiss together. When James' father shows up off scene and finds them and takes them away, James promised Abby that he would return one day. Many years later, James return to the small town where he meets Abby. He finds out that she is now an artist and engaged to a man named William. The night that Abby marries William, James meets Jill, a local gym instructor,at a local bar but her character is unnecessary, adds nothing to the plot, and probably only was added to give James someone when it is quite obvious that he is still in love with Abby to both Jill and William. A year after Abby and William married, they meet James at the same bar he met Jill to celebrate his birthday. When Abby and William arrive at the bar, a drunkard sexually harasses Abby. William jumps to her defense. When the drunkard refuses to back down and apologize, James sucker punches the drunkard down to the floor and the bar owner kicks the drunkard out. When the foursome leaves the bar, the drunkard is waiting for his revenge and ends up sucker punching William and knocking him to the ground and hitting his head on a steel truck ball. He is taken to the hospital bleeding and losing consciousness. The second half of the movies focuses on William now a mute and Abby who stops living her life and painting in order to take care of William because she feels guilty about what happens to him. The final few minutes of the movie takes a cute twist that strengthen a movie that is otherwise another generic love story. I enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed the cute love story between Abby and James as both children and adults and how powerful their bond is even though years of separation. It's a cute little romantic movie to waste a couple of hours watching. Routh was amazing and so was his co-star Courtney Ford as Abby. Great movie and cute romantic drama.
Clare Din I didn't know what to expect when I watched this film. At one point, I did have an idea of what was really happening but the story was so moving that I just let my theories go. Brandon and Courtney are great. I love the idea that love is forever. An amazing, beautiful film.*** SPOILER ALERT *** *** DO NOT READ PAST THIS LINE IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS!!! ********** ********** ********* ********* ******* ******** ******** ********* * * * Okay, the pill bottle kind of gave itself away, esp when James * looked at the bottle and took a pill. Why would someone do that? * I figure it was some sort of anti-anxiety, calming medicine that * was safe enough for him to take since he was probably all mentally * drained from being there and helping Abbey. * * Then the scene with the milkman where the milkman just stared into * space caught my attention. I was like, "Why would anyone be so rude * as to just stare at someone like that?" I know it's possible, but * this second clue added to the first led me to believe that I was * going down a path where Abbey was hallucinating William. * * Then I saw the movie title again and I was like "Yeah! That's it!" * Still, I enjoyed the ride in this movie and will tell others about * it. It's very much the same idea as that ghost story with Bruce * Willis, but with a love theme.
joshgold28 I am not sure if I should be writing a review or not. This is my first one, but I was fortunate enough to get an advance screening of this film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and I can't wait until this film is released. The movie is extremely engaging and the emotional performances by all the lead actors are some of the best I have ever seen. I am a huge Superman fan and I can say that Brandon's performance in this film is the best pure acting he has ever done. I only found out later that the lead actress is his real life wife (she did an amazing job as well). The performances were so believable. But above all else, the ending absolutely blew me away. Can't wait to see it again!