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Released: 11 August 2017 Released
Producted By: Broken Road Productions
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Following a wild night out with his Best Man, Rob Anderson wakes up to find himself naked in an elevator on the morning of his wedding day and is forced to relive the morning over and over again.



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Michael Tiddes

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Broken Road Productions


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Naked Audience Reviews

Precisett This movie is magnificent!
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Numerootno A story that's too fascinating to pass by...
Staci Frederick Blistering performances.
Gordon-11 This film tells the story of a man who wakes up in an elevator naked, on his wedding day.It is a very funny film. I like the fact that he has ample opportunities to get everything right! Life sometimes does not give second chances, but in here it offers hope and second chances. It is incredibly sweet and romantic as well. I really enjoyed it.
decaluwedieter Same basic principle, inferior execution.I could see this movie being mildly entertaining for kids (teens at best), but it's too dumb for adults.Marlon Wayans is playing the same role as he did in the Wayans Brothers, this is a pity, he seems to be a talented actor but stays too much in his comfort zone. Tiring to see the same old attempts at humor. I like Marlon the most when he's not trying to be funny.The only refreshing thing about the movie is that they changed the time limit to 1 hour instead of 24 hours.Might have laughed one time during the whole movie (at most). Avoid, unless you're into masochism.
twiswall-26421 So for needs not be said (though everyone else said it)...its a groundhog day ripoff. However, I liked the was just different enough and there were so many aspects that were (despite the nakedness) wholesome. However I felt like the movie about half way through started getting extremely boring...somehow it needed to be sped up a bit. Now I will add that in an age where race is jammed down our throats at every turn...I did find it a bit racist that of the only 5 white characters, two were bad guys and one was a hooker (albeit a nice hooker?). Then in an age where hands up don't shoot is the mantra, the only good white guys were the cops...but I can't help but feel there was a gay undertone to I guess thats how they got away with having "good white cops." Anyway the movie showed promise in the beginning and I actually liked the ending...but I had to skip 20 minutes or so to get to the ending as I was dying I was so bored with the middle.
Christian Carlsson As many of you might have figured out, this is a remake. Though it's not a remake of Groundhog Day, as many seem to think. It's actually a Swedish flick from 2000 by the same name.It's not a remake in the traditional sense though, they only took the basic premise. A man wakes up naked in an elevator on the morning of his wedding day, no clue how he got there, where his clothes are or how he is supposed to save his wedding, especially since it's already started.Aside from that, almost everything is different from the original. They give a few nods here and there, like letting a lottery ticket play a big role, but they use those nods to do something different with it.They also made it a lot more family friendly. In Sweden, especially before online streaming, you could afford to not care about the rating as the audience is much smaller either way, but obviously they had to aim for a PG-13 to get back the huge amount of cash spent on the film.And it shows that they put the big bucks in. The acting is stellar and the direction is spot on, doing what few films have managed to do for me in the past decade or so: have me glued to the screen and forget it was a film.Whether you've seen the original or not, this film is a blast to watch.