Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

2013 "An ancient hero returns with a vengeance."
6.2| 1h35m| R| en| More Info
Released: 27 December 2013 Released
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Fight everyone and trust no one: it's the code of survival practiced by martial-arts master Casey Bowman after his life of domestic bliss is shattered by a savage act of violence. Vowing revenge, the fearless American stealthily tracks the killer from Osaka to Bangkok to Rangoon with the help of a wise and crafty sensei. His only clues: a series of victims whose necks bear the distinctive mark of strangulation by barbed wire. Fighting to avenge as well as to survive, Casey must sharpen his razor-like responses and take his battle skills to the next level, even using deep meditation to fake his own death. His target: the sinister drug lord Goro, who is flooding the streets with deadly meth cooked at his remote jungle factory. To prepare for his ultimate confrontation, Casey must finally become an invisible warrior worthy of the name Ninja. But just when his prey is cornered, an unexpected twist shows Casey that his battle is only beginning: he truly can trust no one.

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Marketic It's no definitive masterpiece but it's damn close.
FeistyUpper If you don't like this, we can't be friends.
Curapedi I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.
Hattie I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.
fcabanski The fighting is top notch, and that's all that matters.The plot is just a framework to get from fight to fight. Such a plot doesn't have to be terrific. It just has to be good enough.The acting isn't bad. It's good enough to carry the movie from fight to fight. That's all that matters.There's hand to hand fighting, sword fighting, gun fighting, knife fighting, chain fighting, locket fighting, kick fighting, throw fighting, fighting, fighting and more fighting.I would have liked to see the jungle bad guy, Goro?, say, "I didn't have your wife killed." Guess what? Instead, he fights!
ivo-cobra8 Disclaimer: If you are a viewer that mainly prefers art-house-type movies, then you might as well ignore this review. In addition, if you're not able to take an action cult classic martial arts film, ignore this review, as well. We'll both be better off.Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear (2013) is the best film of the two, It is a cult classic action martial arts flick, that I really enjoy and Love. I consider it as a classic. I am going to be honest I hate the original film Ninja which was a copycat of numerous films, that I counted. Watching this film on Blu-ray, I have highly enjoy it, this film seriously surprised me. I heard good things about this film, so I gave it a chance and it was a great flick. It is fast paced and highly entertained. It become one of my favorite martial arts film of 2013, along side with Skin Trade (2014) another flick that I love. Not the biggest fan of Scott Adkins, I got introduced in him by watching him in Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2006) as Yuri Boyka which I have enjoyed that flick. I hated Ninja, but liked Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning and I remember him as a villain in The expendables II (2012). Still Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear is classic sequel that I love and the acting performances was good, but the fight choreographer was outstanding! The fights and the story for me were realistic. I Am considering alongside with Skin trade and of course Rambo IV (2008) Stallone's action flick that I love. Plot: Ninjitsu master Casey is back and out for revenge when his pregnant wife is murdered.Of all the Ninja films my favorite films are: Revenge of the Ninja (1983), (This one Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear), Ninja III: The Domination (1984), Ninja Assassin (2009) American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) and American Ninja (1985). Those are my favorite Ninja films and this one is one of them. The fights are realistic and also the plot is original and it is realistic, I love that Casey Bowman (Scott Adkins) is one man an only hero who fights of a drug cartel, he has no sidekicks, he is alone. That is what I love in action heroes on screen, that they have no sidekicks. "ranks among the GREATEST ACTION MOVIES of our era" says Ed Travis, Cinapse and he is right it is great. About the cast: in this film is also Kane Kosugi son of a real Ninja martial arts master and sensei Sho Kosugi. He also started as Sho's son in Revenge of the Ninja and Pray for Death. Mika Hijii reprise her role as Namiko, Casey's love interest from the first film. She was the only cast to reprise her role from the first film. Shun Sugata did outstanding performance as Goro the drug kingpin in Burma. Tim Man was just awesome as Goro's (Shun Sugata) henchman. I know a lot of people wanted to see a lot of Ninjas in this film but there was only one (Scott Adkins), which I didn't care as long the action is entertaining and fun. The film isn't long or boring or lame, it is what is a great action martial arts flick a true classic! Isaac Florentine directed the film well and did a great job, better he did the first time. The fight scenes are excellent and for a revenge movie its really very good. Harks back to those classic 80's films. I liked it. Best scene: when he does some crack and takes out some bad guys. What more do you want! Full of martial art scenes giving you the same excitement when you saw the classic action movies such as the Matrix. A little difference: Chinese Kung Fu fights are more often unarmed. As for Japanese Ninja fight, I prefer sword fighting since there are so many different Ninja blades who kills! I love how Casey makes his own weapon after he takes down the drug dealers, I love how he cut Cobra's head a real snake to pieces. The opening scene gives us a brief history of the ninja and several scenes are based on reality. Rather than ninjas being shown as almost cartoon figures, we get to finally see them as the deadly warriors they really are. There are almost too many awesome fight scenes in this movie to pick a favorite but I think it has to be the fight sword fight between Casey and Goro by the end of the film, which the sword fight was set in flames, awesome! It's easily the best fight scene I've seen this year; no shaky cam, no CGI, just Scott Adkins showing us what he can really do. This is his best movie since the Undisputed series and I really hope we get a third entry.Overall: Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear get's a solid 10 by me which is clearly my favorite action martial arts film of the year!Ninja: Shadow of a Tear (also known as Ninja II) is an American martial arts action film directed by Isaac Florentine and starring Scott Adkins, Kane Kosugi, Mika Hijii and Shun Sugata. It is the sequel to Florentine's 2009 film Ninja. 10/10 Grade: Bad Ass Seal Of Approval Studio: Nu Image Swingin' Productions, Millennium Films Starring: Scott Adkins, Kane Kosugi, Mika Hijii, Shun Sugata, Vithaya Pansringarm, Jawed El Berni Director: Isaac Florentine Producers: Boaz Davidson, Frank DeMartini, Tom Waller Screenplay: Boaz Davidson (as David White) Rated: R Running Time: 1 Hr. 35 Mins. Budget: $2,600,000
Tiago Calixto Finally!!! After watching ten or fifteen martial arts movies, in the last 4 or 5 months, finally I've watched a great one. One of the best martial arts movies I've ever seen, awesome. Loved the twist on the end, didn't expect that, brilliant. As a die hard Scott Adkins fan, I've loved Undisputed, but to me this is his best movie ever. The story may not be as good as Undisputed, but the action is ten times better, just brilliant. I hope he continues down this road, because to me, it is a good one. In Portugal people call him the next Jean Claude Van Damme, also someone I admire because of his fighting skills, but to me he is just SCOTT ADKINS, and he's on his best. Cheers.
jimlacy2003 This movie is plain boring and very predictable.For starters, from the beginning, there is no real hook to get you that interested in the movie. Then a bunch of seemingly unconnected mediocre fights ensue.It had had an obvious 'B' movie feel to it. The plot was the typical and very stereotyped "revenge" type; which granted probably describes like 90% of all martial arts movies. But then done well it wouldn't have been so obvious.The worst of it through the whole movie it pivots around the staring actor glaring at you with some over the top, cheesy, and insincere scowling grimace. I felt as if I was looking at a tiny narcissistic body builder flexing for attention. No this didn't instill any kind of fear/grit/toughness to me, it just made me want to reach out into the screen and slap this Hollywood uncle tom of the Japanese Ninja world silly.Typically in such a movie you need a strong lead (think Brice Lee, Chuck Norris, in other genres like: Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Steve McQueen, etc.) but this actor sadly just couldn't carry it.Only mildly entertaining. Skip it unless you want to be bored and insulted to tears.