Not Another Teen Movie

2001 "They served you Breakfast. They gave you Pie. Now we’re gonna stuff your face."
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Released: 07 December 2001 Released
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On a bet, a gridiron hero at John Hughes High School sets out to turn a bespectacled plain Jane into a beautiful and popular prom queen in this outrageous send-up of the teen movie genre.

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Rijndri Load of rubbish!!
Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
Curapedi I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.
Sameer Callahan It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.
John Brooks This film is to its genre and comedy more largely as essential as the films it makes fun of or references throughout its playtime. The jokes are actually funny, the caricatures, the dialog, the's just really funny stuff if you know what they're making fun of. The humor isn't over-the-top trying hard to force you to laugh, it's over-the-top in how it makes blatant, unadulterated fun of the movies it spoofs, and it does it really, really well. It also, ironically, serves as a fantastic cinematic catalog or compilation that reminds us of all those teen movies, that late 90's/early new millennium era, cheesy as hell, with all the nu-metal bands and Britney Spears, American Pie, the seminal days of the internet and that teen culture that expressed itself ever so awkwardly and vainly. The cool cliques at school, the nerdy feminist girl, the white guys who think they're black or Asian, the utter idiocy and thickness of the teen's all there, and in good taste and strong satirical work - and however one may be biased in a generational way, this film for what it is, in its context, is really a gem.
SnoopyStyle It's a parody of all the teen movies with some great insightful jokes. Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh) is a plain unpopular girl who is the subject of a bet by the popular guy Jake Wyler (Chris Evans) as a send up to 'She's All That'. It also parodies every other teen movies as well.I just can't figure who would like this movie as I do. Basically you have to watch every teen movie. How many people remember 'Lucas'? You have to watch them all, and willing to laugh at them. It seems like a small group of moviefiles who can understand all the jokes.The best and most insightful gag has to be the transformation of Janey. After that big hit, the movie rambles on a bit with the big game and the rest. The last half just flails around a bit. I just wish they had more gags to fill the prom with.
Raul Faust Well, this movie began with quickly and funny jokes, made me presume it was going to be a hilarious one. The spoof about Cruel Intentions was quite funny and the girl who played "Catherine" did a great job, she was identical to the original character played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. The kissing scene was professional and didn't look amateurish as I thought it was going to look (and also funny).I think I missed many spoofs since I haven't watched many of the movies spoofed here, so I don't feel able to say which parts weren't funny. Comparing it to the others "Something Movie", I consider this weak. Meet The Spartans, Scary Movie (all), Superhero Movie and Disaster Movie were funnier in my humble opinion, and this movie seemed to be a little racist to me. Still not a bad movie, it's entertaining until 50 minutes, we have some easy laughs and lots of pretty faces to look at.Edit: it's interesting to notice how the pattern of woman's beauty has changed in the last years. In "Not Another Teen Movie" we can notice how skinny the girls considered sexy were, and we all know that in nowadays' pattern women are heavier and have more muscles in the sexy parts (I don't know if I can say that words here).
Floated2 I've watched this film on TV because one of my pals told me about it. I remember this a while ago but never got the chance to see. So I decided to watch it...and it was a huge waste of time. Not another teen movie is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. If you think that this is the "BEST MOVIE EVER', well I'm sorry but I think that you don't know how a good movie -or just a movie -is supposed to be I've heard so many people, preferably younger teens say this movie was "hilarious, outrageous, and the best movie ever" If I ask you supporters of the movie "Why does this movie is the BEST?" I don't think I'll get a satisfying answer . If you say jokes ;I've seen all of them before (didn't like back then either but that's another story) ,so why should I watch this movie or what makes this film that unique? The spoofs in this movie are just annoying and horrible. Also so many things are quite disgusting, disturbing and just plain unfunny.Some gross and disturbing scenes, were how the sister cheer-leading was trying to attract her own brother. That was plain wrong. There are so many scenes in the movie that whose sole purpose is to spend some time to expand the movie to at least 90 stupid. Its just about a bet that the main character (Chris Evans) does which is take a girl into his school and turn her into prom queen. Everything from there goes wrong. After a while the movie just felt like a script as if they were just free-styling. Honestly those movie is horrible and one of the worst films I have ever seen. Stay away from this piece of crap.==================================================================== ====================================================================As a rewatch (08/22/17') Not Another Teen Movie remains an unfunny comedy. Too much toilet humor and forced jokes for satire. We understand the jokes and the films they are spoofing but the jokes aren't funny and feel very forced. This film is more crude and sexual than remembered, and just as predictable. Not Another Teen Movie has not aged well, and overall is just not a good film, but of course there are people who have found and will find this type of humor amusing.