Nyc Underground

2013 "One wrong turn could be your last"
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Wealthy, Manhattanite brothers Dylan, Logan and a group of their friends head to Brooklyn for a concert when they meet notorious gangster, Simon and make an ill-advised deal with him. Soon, things go wrong and now the group is desperately running from Simon's crew through New York City's labyrinthine subway system in a terrifying life-or-death race.

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Janae Milner Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.
Ezmae Chang This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Kamila Bell This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
Mathilde the Guild Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.
kapelusznik18 ***SPOILERS*** There's these preppy collage boys & girls who've got everything going for them who decide to spend a Friday night at a sleazy Brooklyn disco to score drugs and have a good time. It's the upper East Side's Montgopmery's hard up for money chauffeur Ernie, who hasn't gotten a raise in 15 years,who introduces looking for a good time spoiled brat Dylan Montgomery to his drug dealing connection Siman at the disco. It's that in return get for all his efforts Ernie gets the hell beaten out of him by Siman's goons for being a suspected plant by the FBI. That in the money strapped Ernie in getting paid by them to improve his middle to lower class lifestyle.With Dylan and his collage friend witnessing Earnie's murder in him being thrown, I guess just for fun, by Siman's goons on top of the Montgomery family limousine it's off to the races or New York Subway System with Siman & co. hot on their tails in order to keep them, as if they would, reporting them to the police. If Siman and the morons who works for him just left the murdered Earni where he was, on top of the disco's roof, and didn't dump his body right on top of Dylan and his friends there was be no reason for him to have them murdered! The rest of the movie has Dylan and his his not so bright, with the exception of his big brother Logan, friends on the run from Siman and his bumbling goons in the rat and roach infested NY Subway System where being murdered by Siman and his goons would be an improvement. It's when it looks like the end with Siman who found the job of knocking out Dylan & co. far more difficult hen he ever expected that the local bums or cave dwellers who make the NY Subway System, together with its rats & roaches, their home sweet home come to his and Logan's aid. Lead by chief Moleman Kevin Cannon they massacre Siman and what's left of his gang before they can do any more damage.A bit too crazy even for an on location movie "N.Y.C. Underground" does give it's audience a tour of the N.Y Subway System on foot not rail that keeps it from conking out in just how ridicules and a bit insane the movie is. What made the film so unbelievable is why a major drug dealer like Siman would go through so much to murder a bunch of collage students, how the hell they ever got into collage is another story, and in the end getting whacked together with his gang of low-IQ goons by the students and their cave or subway dwellers allies. When he could have just left them alone knowing, if he in fact had a brain, they'll never report his murder of Ernie to the police much less be able to identify him!
M MALIK Before i saw this it got me thinking that it must be a famous film and so many critics and people might have seen it when i came to IMDb & rotten tomatoes there were only few reviews i mean why this is such an underrated film set in dark tunnels of subway system in new york city i have seen many films like this before like money train even they failed to surprise me there is a film called judgment night 1993 i have not seen that so i cant say it seems similar or maybe this is a remake of that film but regardless of what anyone says this film is good i mean the suspense,realism and direction was real amazing thanks to director Jessy Terrero.The Plot:2 rich brothers along with there friends are going to a concert but soon at the club Dylan runs into Simon for drug deal the meeting goes wrong as Simon kills their limo driver and now he also wants all of these guys dead these 5 guys now run for there lives to nearby underground subway station which leads them into a dark world.These people were going through subway tunnels and there is really a world hidden inside these areas the place is heaven for bad guys let alone ninja turtles or max Payne,this film is a lesson for all the young teenagers who think that its cool to be hip & lie to their parents and hangout at night meeting gangsters.The cast:it does not have big names all of them did great acting i liked the villain played by Clayne Crawford and i remember Arille Kebbel from aquamarine she looked nice here.I don't know about others but i liked this film for what it was provided some good entertaining it was a direct DVD release so don't expect much it has flaws but the story,suspense and acting is great to see also the soundtrack is nice the music in credits is nice to listen Overall N.Y.C Underground 2013 should be watched at least once this is not a film suited for everyones taste its a very simple film includes no twists my rating is 6/10:Recommended
blaq-iron-302-255916 The males in the movie didn't have any wits and they lacked bravery The females in the movie were too girly in a way that was just ridiculously, I mean continuously screaming unnecessarily, it made me want to come through the computer and smack the hell out of women to shut them up. Screaming like that would make the enemy know exactly where you are in the real world.The movie was just stupid and a waste of time and money, good thing I watched it for free because I would have been highly upset if I had paid money.In all fairness it's clear to why none of the actors or actresses in this movie ever made it big in the business, heck can't none of them act
doug_park2001 After some uptown Manhattan teenagers find themselves crossways with a gangster drug-lord at a party in Brooklyn, they flee to the darkened subways and are pursued by the drug-lord and his cohorts.I rented NYC UNDERGROUND, thinking it would probably turn out to be just another seedy-corny ultra-violent thriller. While it fits that description in many ways, this film immediately immersed me in its realistic acting, script, and cinematography. The teenagers, wild and somewhat privileged, are nevertheless convincing and defy the stereotypes so easily attached to characters of their sort. Though quite suspenseful, NYC UNDERGROUND follows a simple and fairly predictable storyline with small but effective surprises in certain key spots. It's not as satisfying as it might have been, and they could have been a little more creative with the ending in particular. Still, crime thriller fans who aren't too demanding should find it a compelling experience and may even really, really like it. This film is a superb example of "low budget appeal." SEMI-SPOILERS BELOW!NYC UNDERGROUND might have been enhanced with some brief midway glances at the outside world, i.e., the discovery of the body on the limo and what happens with the friend they leave behind at the party. There are also a few unlikely stretches, e.g., the crackheads' intervention at the end. Finally, though I realize that it would have complicated things and is probably something we're supposed to speculate upon for ourselves, I would have liked a quick peak at the aftermath of all of this.