2013 "Earth is a memory worth fighting for"
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Released: 10 April 2013 Released
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Jack Harper is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed on Earth. Part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with a terrifying threat known as the Scavs, Jack’s mission is nearly complete. His existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a beautiful stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a chain of events that forces him to question everything he knows and puts the fate of humanity in his hands.

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Joseph Kosinski

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Acensbart Excellent but underrated film
Konterr Brilliant and touching
Freeman This film is so real. It treats its characters with so much care and sensitivity.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
trevorh-96288 I absolutely love this movie. It feels realistic and doesn't follow the trends of being a dark gritty sci-fi. I'm also huge M83 fan so for me this was a sensory overload
FreedomWatchTower I watched the Film half a decade after its release, mostly for the reason of it's Score Composers and of it's Sci-Fi origins (rare breed these days). My expectations where non existant for the simple reason for me not caring about this flick when it originally released to theaters. First up the positive: you are mostly in for a visual treat, you have beautiful landscapes, sets and designs, this is especially fascinating because of its nature. Most SciFi films about a planet where War nearly eradicated most of its inhabitants tend to look destroyed and rather ugly (not in a cinematographic sense). The Orchestral Score is outstanding, especially it's Leitmotiv, french Electronic band (here Kosinski the director goes again, choosing a french elctro band as he did with Daft Punk on Tron) M83. Also some cool ideas, i won't spoil, youll get near the end of the story concerning the whole premise (which also is its weakest link at the same time).Next up the Negative: You have not enough information about what is going on which results in you as a viewer just blindly follow the protagonists, which perse is not a bad thing if done right (Great examples 2001, Moon,.....). The saying "less is more" seem'ed to be the Mantra of Kosinski, because you get barely any information in the begining of what was going on before the Earth went exterminated and right after that you follow Cruise and his companion along the ride where you'll get tidbits of some random scenes which get explained in the end but in reality dont make any sense, because the character of Cruise doesnt remember them, so it just is for us the viewer which doesnt make sense because why show us something the main protagonist doesnt remember if we as a viewer dont know anything about what is shown to us if it only gets revealed in the end ?. If you set up scenes in the editing you have to take care that in the context they make some kind of sense for the character or the viewer, even both if the story demands for it, you cant just pull in some random scenes and in the end say "well that was the whole reason". As i said in the positive aspects of this film, the sparse story elements, which go down a pretty fascinating idea in the end, it also is its weakest link. The most interesting idea of this SciFi story gets revealed in the End and than it stops, Cruise saved the day and "kumbaya me Lord". If youd describe the film in short sentences it'll be "Cruise is rediscovering stuff on earth and gets objectives to hunt for some stuff, there is some stuff he isnt to touch or bring back and then he finds out the truth ...the end". Another big problem is the Action, while it has some cool action setups they also are pretty boring mostly, infact the whole film felt like a Video Game, but the bad kind of Game in which the variety of enemys is reduced to 1, it goes even further the Film reminded me a lot of a Game called "Destiny" (not my taste btw), the story has some similar elements and even pretty simmilar visual styles. The whole experiene felt flat with some ups but mostly downs, it felt like a franchise starter but the worst kind. What happened to the good old days where even if a film gets a sequel you still focus on making a great film and not holding of stuff for the Sequels (We'll guess we are in the Age of TV where even Movies are becoming big budgeted TV Mini Shows).
cinemajesty Movie Review: "Oblivion" (2013)Fully-received as original storyboards by director Joseph Kosinski in shape of a splenidly-outlined graphic novel, attracting Tom Cruise spending summer of 2012 to play out as patrolling clone soldier on deserted "Planet Earth" as science-fiction action scenes seem to amaze in high-gloss detail, especially in a massively thrilling drone attack scene.Supports as actor Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko have easy play in an well-crafted screenplay in favors for a Universal Picture quality April 2013 release, unfortunately not appreciated enough by U.S. American audience, who have the chance to experience this truly moving science-fiction movie now on VOD.Cinemajesty Entertainments 2018
charles000 Surprisingly well done. Not an entirely original concept, but the story had enough unique features to still make it compelling and interesting.I freely admit to being a bit skeptical going in with Tom Cruise as the lead role, but that was tempered by knowing that Olga Kurylenko would be there. OK, I could watch her in just about anything (and have seen almost every film she's ever been in), and was not disappointed. This is a film where you will want to pay attention to details. Understanding who (and what) Tom Cruise's character is will become apparent as the film progresses, so am not going to recite the details of that plot thread here, but it does require a willingness to follow those details as they emerge. As for Olga, this may be her best performance yet. She has progressed remarkably since her early days in films like "the Assassin Next Door".That's not to take anything away from Andrea Riseborough, who played the complex role of a highly intelligent woman, but one who is conflicted and confined by specific belief boundaries that had been programmed into her. Morgan Freeman, of course, fits his part exactly, as will become apparent later in the film.No spoilers here, but I might offer that in the genre' of post apocalyptic, earth is in dire peril and who we are destined to be as a type of species plot formats, this one is a bit different. There is considerably more to this production than just eye candy, though the CGI is quite well done. Unlike some films of a quasi similar genre', the CGI is beautifully done where relevant, but does not overpower the details of the plot threads as they emerge. This is one of those rare examples where the balance between technically stunning visual content and pace of story actually fit remarkably well together. Kudos to Joseph Kosinski for maintaining that balance in this well crafted production.A very solid 9 stars for this one.