Ong Bak 3

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Ong Bak 3 picks up where Ong Bak 2 had left off. Tien is captured and almost beaten to death before he is saved and brought back to the Kana Khone villagers. There he is taught meditation and how to deal with his Karma, but very soon his arch rival returns challenging Tien for a final duel.

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Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Moustroll Good movie but grossly overrated
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Raymond Sierra The film may be flawed, but its message is not.
phanthinga Ong-bak 3 take right after Ong-bak 2 left Tony Jaa as Tien after failing to use brute force to revenge now he has to find his inner piece to face off with a out of no where villain.The writing is bad but one again i came here to see Tony kick a lot of ass and he do it with style while rocking a long hair.The action scene is well choreographed by Tony himself although not as memorable as previous Ong-bak movies.Strangle stuff like during the final battle Tony pull out Nicolas Cage power in Next (2007) may upset many people other than that this movie is a great watch don't let the poor IMDb score fool you
neildyhouse Can anyone tell me what is actually going on in this film?? Firstly, and this is key, the fight sequences are top notch and I come to expect nothing less from Tony Jaa. Having seen the prequels to this film (Ong Bak in particular is fantastic) and Warrior King this doesn't quite live up to first Ong Bak but it has a good go. There is no question that Jaa's physical prowess is phenomenal, a serious Jackie Chan if you will. Jaa's directorial style in places is snappy with some interesting tricks. Lots of long tracking shots in the fights really help to prove that there are no Wires, CGI and certainly no stunt men. Secondly, and this is the problem, the film is a classic case of style over content. The storyline has more holes than a string vest and what bits you can understand are silly, out of context and flat out odd. I have watched this twice and I feel no more clued up. Can anyone explain the man with the wicker basket on his head?To sum up - this is one of those films that you will want to fast forward until there is a fight which means it will take you about 20 minutes in total to watch this film. Great fighting but not much else. If you want to watch a fantastic martial arts film in the last 5 years then when you have skipped to the fights in this, go out and get yourself RAID and RAID 2: Berandal, then you will have to opportunity to watch two modern classics of the martial arts era!!
SnoopyStyle After the second movie, Lord Rajasena is holding Tien (Tony Jaa) prisoner as he is beaten to a pulp. Just as he is about to be executed, he is given a pardon from King of Ayothaya. He is handed over to the villagers and close to death. Pim (Primorata Dejudom) lovingly cares for him. Master Bua heals Tien's spirit. The evil Bhuti Sangkha defeats Rajasena and beheads him. When Tien returns to the village, he finds that the cruel Bhuti has destroyed it taking the survivors into slavery.The acting is horribly stiff. There are a lot crazy Thai spiritual fantasy that is hard to follow. It doesn't have as many fights and it suffers because of it. All anybody wants from this is some outrageous acrobatic fighting action. Tony Jaa takes way too long to get back his grove. It takes almost an hour before Tony Jaa starts kicking butt. At least, he still does it well, but it's too late.
Spike Having sat through the confusing jumble that was Ong Bak 2, I figured I should see the third one to complete the story. Big mistake.Ong Bak 3 picks up where the second film left off, not only in the story but in the confusing, jumbled mess of rubbish that spends most of its time posturing. Seriously, how many slow close-ups and intense stares can an audience put up with from a lead who says so little and has no expressions other than angry, sad and happy?This third installment is, in short, awful. The story is almost non-existent and horribly contrived: the crow guy, the sudden haunting of the evil king, Tien effectively turning into a Buddhist monk in short order, blah blah blah.There's also the issue of boredom. You know how action movies have those slow, supposedly emotional breaks in them so you can recover from the intense action? Well, this one consists of about 90% breaks and 10% action... which really isn't that intense even when it does happen. The advantage of DVD is that you can fast-forward through the painfully long pauses and all that intense staring and get to the bits where something - anything! - happens.All in all, OB3 is the final descent of the trilogy. After a glorious start, it turned to poop in the second installment and finally fell headlong into tedium and pointlessness.My advice? Watch the opening fight scene, then fast-forward to the ending fight scene. Catch the crow fight if you like. Everything else is redundant.