Our House

2018 "The dead are sending you a signal"
5.3| 1h30m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 27 July 2018 Released
Producted By: Senator Film
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.ifcfilms.com/films/our-house

Ethan is suffering enormous guilt after his parents are killed in a car accident. He quits a promising future at MIT and work on a revolutionary experiment in order to care for his younger siblings.

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Anthony Scott Burns

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Senator Film


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Micitype Pretty Good
Numerootno A story that's too fascinating to pass by...
Brainsbell The story-telling is good with flashbacks.The film is both funny and heartbreaking. You smile in a scene and get a soulcrushing revelation in the next.
Gary The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.
maureenfox-19518 Better than anticipated about losing someone you care about when you least expect.Those that you think will live forever and will always be there then they pass.Then the pieces that you have to pick up afterward even when you don't really want too but must. This film has all this and then some the main star who makes a machine by accident that opens the afterlife and the tapestry this weaves throughout the movie.A slow melodic build up culminates into the crushendo at the end plus the little extra as all in this genre seem to have these days.Slow burner of a movie but one for a quiet night in.
ManchesterMatthew I've just woken up from this film having just bored me to sleep. After around 20+ minutes of absolutely nothing happening and metronome music it was impossible to stay awake.If you want to watch three boring people repeat the same boring day, desperately wishing you were being entertained in even the slightest way - this is right up your street.
beorhhouse Watch this and it'll be sort of like watching a Brady Bunch episode about ghosts. Well, sort of. I expected it to be tons scarier than it was. But that seems to be the new 2018 trend--promise but then don't deliver. And weirdly enough, I like it that way. I'm tired of jump scares and extremely evil Mama/Devil's Backbone/Hellraiser characters. It was time for something fresh, and this new crop of Ghost Stories seems to be doing the trick.
djsin I approached this movie with somewhat apprehensive thoughts, however it wasn't quite as bad as some of my fellow staff members had described. The story is a bit here and there, the characters have about as much depth as a saucer of milk and the actors that play them are almost monotonous and dreary but they occasionally have points to shine. This is one of those films you don't go out of the way to watch but if it's on you should give it a chance.